Ultimate Review of The Best Paintball Knee Braces in 2023

Best Paintball Knee Braces wrap up

Who knew paintballing would need so much gear? Of course, this is a rhetorical question. Paintball is certainly a fun game. But for it to be safe, you need to take necessary precautions both before and during the game. 

A professional player knows how important it is to use the right paintball gear. Wearing a mask to protect your face, gloves for the hands, paintball pants, boots, and now knee braces! 

Imagine crawling on a rocky surface through thorny bushes. Wouldn’t your hands and knees take the worst of it? Gloves can protect your hands, but what about your knees? 

Paintball pants with padded knees are good, yes, but not everyone wants to wear them. Some people find it uncomfortable to wear padded pants and prefer lightweight ones. If this is you, how will you protect your knees? 

You will need knee braces/ pads to cushion your knees and protect them during the game. Even if you are not going to crawl through the forest, your knees are a sensitive area of your body. 

Think how much it would hurt if a paintball hit your knee. Though players don’t specifically target the face, hands, and knees, you can never be sure that you won’t get hit on these areas. Being prepared is safer than risking an injury in the field. 

Now that we’ve established why paintball knee braces are a must, let’s move on to the next logical step. You know what it is, right? We need to find the best paintball knee braces on the market. 

A simple search will show a wide range of knee braces meant for various purposes. Paintball braces are different from construction-safety braces or knee braces to provide support for a weak knee. 

But, even in paintball knee braces, we have famous brands with multiple models vying for our attention. It can be challenging to choose the best from so many options. 

Check out our list of the top five best paintball knee braces listed below. Read more about their features and benefits. And then, let’s understand the factors to consider when buying paintball knee braces. 

All this should give you enough information about this essential safety gear for a paintball game. Shall we start? 

Quick Comparison Table!

HK Army Crash Knee Pads- HSTL Camo


Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads


Planet Eclipse Paintball Knee Pads – HD Core


Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads


Damage Tampa Bay Knee Pads



The Best Paintball Knee Braces For The Money

Best Paintball Knee Braces FOR THE MONEY

#1 HK Army Crash Knee Pads - HSTL Camo - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The first pair of paintball knee braces we suggest is by HK Army, one of the popular brands that sell an array of paintball gaming supplies. The Crash Knee Pads have been designed for safety and flexibility. These durable and reliable knee braces are made for professionals, using high-quality materials. They are available in different sizes, ranging from small to extra large. Shall we see a few more details about these knee braces? 

Features & Benefits 


With a slight curve to suit the shape of the legs, the Crash Knee Pads are worth the money. Yeah, they are a bit expensive, but are a great option for professional paintball players. The knee braces are dual-layered for added safety. 

However, they are not the least bit heavy. The material is lightweight and four-way stretchable. The braces have Neoprene material, which ensures that your knees will not feel the impact of hitting a hard surface. 

Key features
  • These are long knee braces that provide ample protection and support from mid-thigh to the shin. 
  • Despite the length, they are highly comfortable and flexible, allowing you to move around with ease. 
  • The pads remain firmly in their place. They have Velcro straps that are an integral part of the design. 
  • The mesh lining ensures that your skin can breathe. There is enough airflow to keep you cool even during hot days. 
  • The four-way stretch material ensures that you don’t need to keep tightening the knee braces throughout the game. 
  • You can wear these knee braces all day long and still not feel stiff or uncomfortable. 
  • They might take a little time to get used to (due to the excess padding), but they are easy to wear and use during an intense paintball game. 



#2 Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads - Best for Padding


The next best paintball knee braces are by none other than Exalt. The FreeFlex Knee Pads have been designed to provide complete protection for your knees, even on the roughest terrain. If you are used to sliding and crawling on gravel, you will know how much it hurts your knees and palms. These knee braces can absorb the impact and protect your knees from any discomfort. They are also lightweight and easy to wear. Let’s look a little further into these popular knee braces by Exalt. 

Features & Benefits 


The USP of these knee braces is the molded padding that absorbs most of the impact. The knee cups have been created with memory foam to cushion your knees and add a protective barrier. If you are a paintball player who often crawls or slides, close your eyes and pick this one. 

You might be wondering about the comfort levels, right? There’s nothing to worry about. The knee braces have been designed to keep you as comfortable as possible. The braces are not thick and are flexible enough to allow free movement on the field. 

Key features
  • The straps ensure that the braces do not slide or slip from their position. The retention straps are easy to remove and rotate until you find the perfect way to wear them. 
  • The Velcro straps are concealed behind the knee pads so that the edge can’t catch on anything and rip off midway through the game. 
  • There is additional padding to protect the back of the knees as well. That’s a sensitive place too. 
  • The knee braces come in sizes from small to extra large and have a perfect fitting. We have seen few people complain about ill-fitting knee braces for this model. 
  • They are a bit pricy though. But professional paintball players swear by these, and we are very much inclined to agree with them. 



#3 Planet Eclipse Paintball Knee Pads - HD Core - Best Value for Price


Planet Eclipse is yet another well-known paintball company in the market. The HD Core Knee Pads by the company are known for their stylish looks and comfortable design. If you prefer shorter knee braces that don’t cover half your upper leg, this model would be suitable for you. They provide ample protection on the paintball field and are flexible enough to let you move around with ease. Here’s more about these knee braces. 

Features & Benefits 


The HD (High Density) core padding is the highlight of this model. These are pre-formed knee braces with an EVA design and a good choice for beginners. The padding is neither thick nor thin. But some players did feel that it was on the thinner side. 

The knee braces are affordable and easy to use. They provide the required comfort for your knees without costing a bomb. While they are not entirely perfect, you will love these knee braces just the same. 

Key features
  • The secondary foam in these knee braces can be removed and replaced. Instead of investing in a new pair, you can repair the existing one and use it. Cool, right?
  • The lifespan of these knee braces increases considerably due to this feature. 
  • If you play in really rough terrains and the knee braces are subject to a lot of wear and tear, you can still use them by spending a few dollars on repair. 
  • The Neoprene construction gives the braces the necessary durability and reliability. 
  • They have tiny holes that allow free airflow and let your skin breathe. 
  • People with wider knees and bigger legs find these more comfortable to wear for long hours. 
  • The knee braces are available in sizes from small to double XL. 



#4 Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads - Best Construction


The next best paintball knee braces on our list are from Dry Precision. These braces are famous for their open-cell foam construction that can absorb a lot of impact and protect your knees from being hurt during the game. These are a bit expensive, so are not exactly a budget-friendly model. But, these knee braces have superior padding and high comfort that make them one of the best on the market. Shall we see the features and benefits of this model in detail? 

Features & Benefits 


These knee braces are also pre-formed like the previous model. They are flexible and mold around the knees to provide an awesome fitting. The actual size of the braces is smaller than what the advertising says. You might want to be careful when choosing the size. 

The foam pad is shaped like a cup and bends at the back of the knees to allow free movement. The airepene body is durable and comfortable. Coupled with the adjustable straps, these knee braces will stay in the place and not slip down your knees once you strap them on. 

Key features
  • The knee braces are a lightweight model. The design is simple yet effective. 
  • The Velcro straps are highly convenient and cause no trouble at all. 
  • They come in numerous sizes, from small to double XL. 
  • The knee braces are 11.75 to 12.75 inches long and cover the knee from top to bottom. 
  • The material is sturdy and can sustain wear and tear. They should last for a decent time even when you wear these knee braces in rocky and rough conditions. 



#5 Virtue Paintball Damage Tampa Bay Knee Pads - Best Supportive Knee Braces


The last best paintball knee braces on our list are by the Virtue Paintball company. These are called Damage Tampa Bay Knee pads and are one of the best models that provide extra support to the knees. They come with unique padding that makes them a reliable model. Since these are affordable and come within most budgets, professional paintball players tend to often pick these knee braces. Let’s look at a few more details about these knee braces, shall we? 

Features & Benefits 


These are tight knee braces with soft elastic straps. You don’t ever have to worry about the braces slipping down your legs. However, this extra-tight feature is also a disadvantage. Some players find it uncomfortable to wear these braces despite the support, protection, and flexibility they offer. 

The leg straps are convenient and easy to adjust. Just make sure to buy the next size up from what you normally wear. The braces are smaller than the advertised sizes. It’s a good thing that they come in varying sizes, from small to double XL. 

Key features
  • The dual-layer gel foam padding cushions your knees from hard impacts during a paintball game. 
  • The braces are made of moisture-wicking material. They absorb sweat and keep your skin dry. 
  • The ventilation feature is another advantage. The braces provide free airflow and keep your skin cool. These are a good choice for hot days. 
  • The molded curvy shape of the knee braces makes them a suitable model for most players. 
  • The knee braces are durable and come with Neoprene sleeves for better protection and sustainability in rough conditions. 



Buying Guide for the Best Paintball Knee Braces

Best Paintball Knee Braces buying guide

You sure have a better idea about paintball knee braces now, don’t you? Of course, if you are a professional player, you will already know most of this. It’s time to check out the buying guide and see which factors play a role in choosing the best paintball knee braces. 

But hey, before that, shall we tell about how to take care of your knee braces? It is obvious, right? You need to keep them clean and fresh. Just as you take care of your paintball gloves, boots, and pants, you have to ensure that the knee braces are also in good condition. Well-maintained knee braces will last for longer. (Psst! You can follow the same instructions for your elbow braces as well.)

How to wash knee braces 

When you wear knee braces all day long, they will be exposed to your sweat and dirt from the surroundings. You can wear the knee braces either inside or outside your pants. Either way, they are going to end up grubby and dirty after a game. 

Always wash your knee braces and keep them ready for the next game. You don’t really want to wear muddy and sweaty ones on a new day, do you? 

  • You can easily wash the knee braces in a washing machine. Just place them in a mesh bag so that the water can go inside the bag. 
  • Throw in a couple of towels and sheets along with the knee braces. These will cushion the braces from hitting against the walls of the machine. 
  • Choose a gentle washing mode. This is the slowest of cycles and will not harm the braces. And yeah, do not add strong detergents. Pick the milder ones. Even a mild shampoo should do. Stay away from bleachers and baking powders. 
  • After the washing is done, take out the knee braces and dry them in the shade (never in direct sunlight). Do not put them in the dryer; the fibers will start to split and reduce the lifespan. The braces could also end up out of shape. 

Factors to Know When Buying the Best Paintball Knee Braces 

Shall we check the factors to consider when buying the best knee braces on the market? Some factors are based on personal preference and comfort. There are no specific rules to follow in such aspects. 

Material used 

You will wear the paintball knee braces for long hours at a time, so you need something that will let your skin breathe without compromising on protection levels. Choose braces that have mesh linings for airflow and breathability. 

If the knee braces stick to your skin and don’t let it breathe, you will end up with sore knees and reddish skin. Your knees will hurt despite wearing braces to keep them safe. 

Also, it is a good choice to buy braces that dry fast. Quick-dry knee braces are useful when you have to walk through pools and shallow water. If the braces soak up water, they’ll get heavy and uncomfortable and make it even more difficult to move around. And, don’t forget quality. The material shouldn’t tear and rip apart after a few uses. 

Construction and durability 

The paintball knee braces you choose will depend on how frequently you participate in the game and where they are held. If you are an outdoor paintball player, you are likely to get exposed to more rough terrain and surroundings. 

In such instances, you will need knee braces with hard protective shells. The hard exterior will prevent rocks and sharp edges from injuring your knees. 

If you play on level grounds, you will need braces made of softer materials during hotter days. That will increase the airflow and keep your skin cool. 

The durability of the knee braces depends on the quality of the materials used. Knee braces made of Neoprene and polyester and a mix of other synthetic materials tend to last longer. 

Design and shape 

Did you know that not all knee braces have the same design and shape? Yes. Even if it looks like they are similar, they are not the same. Some models have special vents at the back. Some come with an extra curved design to mold them to your knees and thighs. A few models are slim and worn directly on your skin, under your pants. And as mentioned in the previous point, knee braces made for rough outdoor conditions have harder shells. You will need to choose your pair of knee braces based on what you prefer and where you play paintball. 

Closure type and fittings 

The fastenings of the knee braces are also an important factor. Since paintball is an active game, you will need to keep moving around the field. You definitely wouldn’t want to wear braces that slip down your legs each time you bend or jump. Choose knee braces with more than one type of fastenings. The hook and loop system is quite effective. But Velcro clasps are the best. Once you have secured Velcro, not much can displace it. 

Length of knee braces

This is essentially your choice. You can choose either short or long knee braces. While the shorter ones allow a much freer movement, they also tend to slip down more often. The longer knee braces might feel uncomfortable but are secure and do not move once you have fastened them. 

Availability of sizes 

As always, sizes are a big headache for many of us. While most companies sell paintball knee braces in varying sizes from small to large or extra-large, only some of them include XXL (double XL) braces. If you need larger ones, make sure that the brand and model you shortlist has knee braces in your size. Remember that one size too small is not a good option when it comes to knee braces. You don’t want them so tight that you can’t even walk, let alone run or crawl. And tight knee braces are not good for the skin and blood circulation either. 

Knee padding and thickness 

Do you need knee braces with thick padding or light padding? Both kinds are available on the market. The thicker braces are naturally more expensive as they can absorb more impact and protect your knees better. However, thicker knee braces with dual layers of foam can be bulkier and take time to get used to. You might initially find it a bit tough to move around in thicker knee braces. 

Comfort and ease of use 

Ultimately, the knee braces you buy should be comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. You may or may not get the right model the first time, especially if you order online. That’s the reason research is vital. Make a checklist of factors that affect you and your game. Also, consider your budget and then make the final decision. But ensure that you don’t compromise on comfort. That comes first. 

Customer reviews 

What are users of paintball knee braces saying? We cannot ignore customer reviews. Read reviews with all ratings from 5 stars to 1 star. This will help you compare and understand the pros and cons of the knee braces you want to buy. If too many users complain about the knee braces being too small or tearing up too soon, you know you’ll be better off investing in another model. 

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Paintball Knee Braces wrap up

Are you still feeling a bit confused? Would you like a recommendation from our side? We suggest choosing the HK Army Crash Knee Pads – HSTL Camo model for a great fitting, flexibility, comfort, and protection. 

These are lightweight and durable and have various other benefits that make them one of the best on the market. HK Army Crash Knee Pads – HSTL Camo are worth the price. 

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