What Types of Paintball Guns Do Pros Tend To Use?

What Types of Paintball Guns Do Pros Tend To Use?

Planning to go pro, or are you just looking for a marker that is recommended by professional paintball players? You’ve come to the right place. With so many markers out there, it’s hard to decide which one is best for you. Where do you even start? 

Professional Paintball Guns – Are They a Thing?

Professional Paintball Guns - Are They a Thing

When it comes to the professional playing field, pro players prefer to have their markers customized. After all, they all have different preferences. A customized marker is ideal because the player can adjust the trigger feel, the accessories, and the accuracy of the marker. 

Does that mean that all guns should be customized? Not really. There are paintball guns that need little to no customization because of their already high-quality construction. For a beginner, buying these markers is ideal because you know that they are professional-grade. Of course, that only makes sense if you plan to make paintball a part of your life or if you want to get into the professional playing field. 

What Makes a Paintball Gun Professional-worthy?

Steps to take in Starting a Paintball Business

There are many criteria that a marker hast to meet in order to becomes worthy of being used by professional players. After all, you don’t want your marker to fail you when it’s already game time. You don’t even have to be a professional player to want to avoid inconsistent markers. So what are the pros looking for in a paintball marker?


There’s no doubt that consistency is highly important for any paintball marker you’ll buy. Even if you’re just a beginner, a consistent paintball will help you get good shots continuously, assuming that you’re good at aiming. When it comes to consistency, what is usually talked about is the regulator and the velocity produced by the paintballs. 


What makes an efficient marker? There are two things. One is the design. For paintball markers, the design is more than having that sleek and minimalist look although those are part of what makes a good marker. Ideally, markers are made to be a right fit for their players. That means the trigger, handles, millings, and other parts should go together perfectly. 

Two is the use of compressed air. As you already know by now, a paintball marker uses compressed air to push out the paintballs out of the barrel. When your marker is efficient, you’re able to shoot out more paintballs without your marker running out of air. 


And then there’s comfort. Comfort is very important because you’ll be moving around the field. You will be running, hiding, and aiming most of the time. If your marker is uncomfortably heavy or bulky, then it gives you a harder time to be stealthy and agile. Look for a marker that fits well with your hands or at the very least, can be adjusted so that it’s tailored to your comfort.


Does your paintball gun allow updates? Even if it’s the most sophisticated marker in the industry, chances are that you will add a different barrel kit, electronic loaders, or a different circuit board. If your marker is not upgradable or customizable, then it makes it hard for you to improve its performance. As much as possible, look for something that is upgrade-friendly. 

Wondering why the budget is not part of the considerations? If you’re a professional player who makes a lot of money in paintball, then you’re most likely not bothered with how much these markers will cost. However, if you’re just a beginner, you might want to consider whether a high-tier price is worth it or not. 

Professional Paintball Guns for 2020

Professional Paintball Guns for 2020

Excited to know which markers are being used by professional players? Here are the top four markers for 2020 and why you might want to have them. 

Empire Axe 2.0 

Did you know that the Empire Axe 2.0 is just below $500? For people who are on a budget, this is one of the best things the Empire Axe 2.0 can offer. Its affordability definitely makes it appealing even for beginners. But the question is, is it professional play worthy? 

Fortunately, the Empire Axe 2.0 is. The Empire Axe 2.0 is the successor of the Empire Axe 1.0 and it has gone a long way since its first model. For example, the Empire Axe 2.0 has a better design in terms of milling and front grip. It’s sleeker and more comfortable to use. These two improvements are also responsible for making the 2.0 lighter than the 1.0

If those improvements aren’t enough, the Empire Axe 2.0 also has a rich background to it. While the Empire brand is not known for professional play, it was used by the Sacramento XSZ and Chicago Infamous in their games. Even as a mid-range marker, it proved to be up to par with professional paintball guns. All for less than $500!

DLX Luxe X

If there is one marker that is a favorite among professional players, it’s the DLX Luxe X or simply Luxe X. The Luxe X was first introduced to the market by none other than Daryl Trent, member of championship teams like All Americans and Ironmen. When Trent used the Luxe X, everyone immediately went with the Luxe X bandwagon. 

But Luxe X is more than just a hyped product by professionals. It does what it claims – it’s efficient and accurate. Shooting paintballs seem to be very smooth on the Luxe X that you’ll want to play paintball even more. And it’s not just the trigger that is smooth. The force of the air pushing the paintballs feels so flawless. Even if you’re using low-quality paintballs, you’ll feel how consistent the Luxe X is. 

Did you know that the Luxe X also has a talking electronic board? It seems so absurd, but you’ll find this feature very entertaining and helpful. The Luxe X is accompanied by a female robotic voice that guides you from powering the marker on to the mode of firing you choose. It’s helpful if you want easier navigation with your marker. 

To top it all of, the Luxe X has several charging methods. You can charge it with a USB-C cord or just a standard USB. You can charge this marker in your car or using your laptop’s battery (although that’s not advisable). 

The only disadvantage of the Luxe X is that it’s expensive. Compared to other models listed here, the Luxe X comes near the $1000 mark which can be pricey for a lot of people even if they’re already an intermediate player. Nonetheless, it’s a guarantee that once you use Luxe X, you’ll find every cent spent worth it. 

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100

Have you ever heard of Planet Eclipse? If you have, then you know that it has made its name for its efficiency and affordability. For less than $500, you can get yourself this mid-range professional marker. It’s one of the few mechanical paintball guns that has made it in professional paintball games. 

Why mechanical paintball guns? Mechanical paintballs guns may require you to reload all the time, but it is the simplest type of marker. It’s even simpler than automatic ones. The EMEK 100 is a great example of this simplicity. Nothing about this marker is complicated which makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate players. 

But what about for professional play? Fortunately, the EMEK 100 is made from high-quality materials and the famous Gamma Core Drive Train making it both reliable and consistent. Even professional players use this mechanical marker for its reliability. You’ll be able to shoot out balls consistently and without fail. 

Planet Eclipse Etha 2

And here’s another Planet Eclipse product – the Etha 2. The Etha 2 uses the Gamma Core technology which makes it very efficient in terms of using air. It also gives a smooth force on the paintballs, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking midway. 

How is Etha 2 better than EMEK 100? It mainly falls on the design. The Etha 2 is equipped with a grip design making it a lot asier to handle. If you’re a beginner, you’ll definitely find this small improvement very helpful. However, if you’re a professional, you will want more from the Etha 2 since it’s from Planet Eclipse

Nonetheless, the Etha 2’s unique selling point is on its comfort and weight. It’s very easy to bring because it’s so lightweight. The overall feel of the marker isn’t too shabby as well. For a starter marker, this is a great choice. You might just want to add a few upgrades as you go by. 


These four paintball guns are chosen by professional players have several things in common – consistency, creativity, high quality, and efficiency. There are a lot more paintball guns out there and some professionals may have recommendations that are not on the list. Nonetheless, when looking for a paintball gun for yourself, make these markers your starting point on what to look for in your paintball games. As with most of the expensive paintball gear, take your time, store the gear using best practices and most importantly, enjoy your game!

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