Can you bring Scissors on a Plane?

Can you bring scissors on a plane

For people who love to travel, whether it’s for vacation or a business trip, one of the things that you need to know is whether you can bring certain objects or not. Scissors and other sharp items are one of the things most people would want to know if they are allowed to be carried on the plane.

It is very important to know whether or not the items you will be bringing are allowed to bring on the plane. Read below if you have questions in mind about whether scissors and other things are permissible to carry inside a plane.

TSA on Scissors In Carry on Luggage or Checked Luggage

TSA on Scissors In Carry on Luggage or Checked Luggage

Scissors and other sharp and pointed objects can be used as weapons to hurt people. That is why to prevent situations like this to happen, TSA or the Transportation Security Administration, made some rules about carrying scissors on a plane.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, scissors are allowed on the plane as long as the blades are less than four inches from the hinge point to the tip of the blade. You can carry them on your checked baggage or carry-on bags.

You cannot pass security if the x-ray machine detected scissors that are four inches long and above. Your hand-carry bag will be set aside and inspected and the scissors will be confiscated.

However, if the scissors are in checked luggage regardless of the blade size, they need to be securely wrapped to avoid harm and injuries to the baggage handler. 

Cuticle scissors and tweezers on a plane

Cuticle scissors and tweezers on a plane

The Transportation Security Administration allows most nail care tools in your carry-on bags. These include tweezers, toenail nippers, cuticle scissors, and other nail tools. But you still need to maintain safety practices when carrying these types of things. Make sure that they are properly wrapped. 

Cuticle scissors should be less than four inches from the pivot point if you want to carry it in the plane and they should be securely wrapped if you plan to check it in. You can also bring tweezers inside your handbag or checked bag. The size of the tweezers that you can bring is not specifically cited. Better place it with your other toiletries and wrap it properly to avoid unnecessary injury.

For other nail products such as nail polish and cuticle remover, they will fall under the liquid category. This means that you need to only carry the maximum amount of liquid which is 100 ml and put them inside a quart-sized transparent bag.

Manicure scissors on a plane

Manicure scissors on a plane

For most manicure tools, the TSA does not prohibit people to carry them except for manicure scissors that have over four inches of blades. If the blades are over four inches, you can put your manicure scissors in your check bag and make sure that you securely wrapped them for safety purposes.

Kid scissors on a Plane

Kid scissors on a Plane

Kid scissors are definitely allowed to bring on the plane. These small scissors are the safest compared to other types of scissors because they have smaller blades that are less than 4 inches. They cannot cause any damage to the airport security or other passengers. This the perfect small scissors if ever you will be needing or using them during your plane trip. Remember to wrap it properly if you want to check them in for safety reasons.

Almost all scissors have pretty much the same ruling. This means that all other scissors such as hair scissors, kitchen shears, small gardening scissors, nail scissors, and small garden pruners are all okay to put on your carry on bag as long as they are less than 4 inches and all have no restrictions for checked baggage. On the other hand, scissors larger than four inches from the pivot point must all be checked in.

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How To Pack Your Scissors Properly When Flying?

How To Pack Your Scissors Properly When Flying

Packing your scissors properly is very important to ensure that no one will get hurt and no items will be damaged while you are on an airplane. Whether you are bringing your small folding safety scissors with you in your handbag or checked baggage, the best way to pack them is by using a small scissors sheath or cover or you can use scissor holders especially if you will be carrying more than one pair of scissors. If you are hesitant to bring regular scissors, portable electric scissors will be the ideal option because they are very handy and have smaller blades. Avoid bringing long blades to avoid inconvenience.

Other Things You Should Pack or not Pack With your Carry on Baggage

Other Things You Should Pack or not Pack With your Carry on Baggage

Scissors and other sharp objects are not just things that you should pack with caution when riding in an airplane. To make sure that all you have packed in your carry-on baggage are allowed and will not be confiscated, here are some other things you should not pack with your carry-on baggage.

Liquids or GEL over 100 ml

If you think you can bring a big bottle of lotion or toothpaste to the plane, then you are mistaken. The liquid restriction is almost the same as in any country but still, it may vary in some places. The TSA rule for liquids is that all liquids should be in containers that are no larger than 100ml and that all containers should be placed in a transparent, one quart-sized zip-locked plastic bag. Don’t use bigger bags because they still won’t be allowed even if the liquids are not full or no more than 100ml.

Remember to buy travel-sized containers for your toiletries such as your shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, spray deodorant, etc that you want to bring on your trip. Avoid the hassle of getting things like that confiscated by airport security.


Sporting Equipment

Sporting equipment such as golf clubs, hockey sticks, baseball bats, ski poles, pool cues, bows, and arrows, or other sporting equipment that has poles or bats are not permitted on the plane as carry-on baggage.

It is better if you just rent these items at your travel destination or if you are very attached to them, you can bring them but you need to check them in. Oddly enough, roller skates and roller blades are said to be allowed in your carry-on as per TSA’s website.


Flammables such as plasma lighters, arch lighters, e-lighters, or electronic lighter cannot be checked in but can be carried in your carry-on bags, but with special instructions.

To prevent unintentional accidents of heating activation, you need to remove the batteries from the lighter and place them in a protective case or use a safety latch or any protective cover in the lighter’s activation switch.

 Also, lithium-ion batteries should not exceed a rating of 100 watt-hours. It is also not allowed to charge any battery or device while o board. 

Agricultural Products

If you are thinking of bringing fruits as your flight snack, you must be aware that there many countries that prohibit you from carrying agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, or plants. These items will get confiscated once you arrive in their country.

If you happen to bring fruit during your international flight, just make sure you eat and finish before going out of the plane because the last thing you want to happen is to deal with an angry security officer or border agents.

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There are also some very strict countries such as New Zealand and Australia which prohibits certain things like wooden souvenirs or snow globes you may buy have bought during your trip.


You can bring perfumes and other fragrances just make sure you adhere to the liquid rules. However, just be mindful of spraying perfume because it can be unpleasant to other people, especially to your seatmate. Some people even have allergic reactions to some fragrances so it is better that you spray your perfume before you board the plane or after you reach your destination.


If you are planning to bring powdered items such as spices, coffee, or even baby powder, make sure that they won’t exceed 12 ounces or they will be subjected to further inspection. If the security might find some questionable powders that may be judged as dangerous then you may be asked to surrender them to the airport authority.

Small Tools

Small Tools

There are certain small tools that you can bring with you such as pliers, wrenches, and screwdrivers. These tools are permitted as long as they won’t exceed 7 inches in length. Tools that are over 7 inches long should be properly packed and wrapped in checked baggage.

Sharp Object

Here are some items that fall in the sharp object category that are often asked about by many people who are traveling by plane.

Sewing and Knitting Needles

 If you love sewing or knitting to pass time during your plane trip, do not fret because these materials are allowed in hand luggage and checked bag. Just make sure that your knitting needles or sewing needles are protected to avoid injuring inspectors and luggage handlers.

Crochet Hooks

The TSA also allows crochet hooks in both your checked and hand baggage. Crocheting is a nice activity to do on the plane but just remember to securely wrap it if you want to have it checked in to prevent injury to the security checkpoint or baggage handler.


Bringing makeup has the same liquid and gel rules just like any other substance. You need to put your makeup such as your lip gels, mascara, and other liquid or gel items in a quart-sized plastic bag and the quantity must not exceed 3.4 ounces. Other makeup items that are solid like lipstick or lip balms are not subjected to the same rule and are okay to be carried in your hand baggage without restrictions.


There are different types of razors and most people are confused about which ones are okay to pack in their carry-on bags. Let’s enumerate various types of razors below.

  • Safety Razors 

The blades in a safety razor or straight razors are too easy to remove that’s why this type of razor is not permitted inside your carry-on baggage. You can carry it but you should remove the blades and pack it safely in your checked luggage. 


  • Disposable Razor

 There are two types of disposable razors, one type is completely disposable and the other type is where you can replace them with cartridges. All these are allowed in your carry-on bags with the blade and replacement cartridges.

  • Electric Razors

This type of razor is allowed in both carry-on and checked bags.

Swiss Army Knife

Swiss army knives except for plastic and round-bladed ones are not allowed in your carry on luggage. Any sharp items should be sheathed or securely wrapped to avoid accidents and prevent injury.

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Full-sized laptops, DVD players, and other console games will all be screened and must be removed from their casesand placed in a separate bin. However, for small gadgets such as cellphones and tablet devices, there is no need to have them removed during screening.

Medication and Medical Equipment

You can carry prescription drugs, solid vitamins and other medications on board. You can also pack in carry-on bags other medical equipment such as crutches, inhalers, canes, casts, blood-sugar test kits, etc. All these items must be declared to the screeners ahead of time before passing through security.

Safety Matches 

You can only bring one book or packet of matches inside your carry-on bag. Once the carry-on bag is checked, any matches inside it must be removed from the bag and must be kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin. Lighting the matches is extremely prohibited.

E Cigarettes

E Cigarettes

Electronic smoking devices or E cigarettes are permitted in carry on luggage. But always take preventive measures to avoid accidentally activating them while onboard.


Glasses are very dangerous when broken but according to TSA website, you can carry your glass on board in your carry on luggage. Glass frames and vases are also permitted both in your hand carry bags and checked bags. The size and weight of the glass depending on your airline’s restrictions. If it fits in your bag then you are probably good to go.

Always remember to wrap fragile items like glass properly to prevent them from breaking. It is better if you pack them in your carry on bag instead of checked bags because checked baggage slammed and crashed a lot.

Dry Ice

The allowable weight of dry ice that you may bring in either a checked bag or carry on bag is 5.5 pounds. It should be stored in a package that gives vent to carbon dioxide. You also need to ask for airline approval regarding this item before you plan to bring it in. The ice in your carry on bag must be in its solid state when you pass the security checkpoint. 


Guns are obviously very dangerous, therefore, are not allowed to carry them on an airplane. Empty guns are permitted in checked bag as but they must be in a safe and locked, hard solid container. 

Always check with your airline regarding restrictions and other additional fees you might need to pay when bringing a gun to an airport. Flares and gunpowder are also not permitted in checked bag.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are allowed but each airline has different restrictions when it comes to the size of your stuffed animal. You may want to check first with your airline to ensure that the stuffed toy you will be carrying will fit in the overhead compartment.

Illegal Drug

The TSA does not search for illegal drugs but if any illegal substance is found during screening, you will be referred to a law enforcement officer. If you are traveling internationally, you must be aware of the restriction of your destination. Better leave these products at home to avoid problems at the airport.


Many people are not sure if they can bring food on plane. TSA approves almost any type of food but liquid snacks such as yogurt, juice, jellies, spreadable, etc are all subjected to the liquid rule. Some items that are exempted from the 3.4-ounce rule include breastmilk and juice for babies and toddlers, baby food formula, and frozen ice packs used for cooling those items. 

However solid foods like sandwiches and pasta meals are all allowed so go ahead and bring them on board. If you are not sure whether certain food items may be allowed on the plane, just check or consult the airline before your trip.

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How are restricted items detected?

How are restricted items detected

Restricted items undergo a screening process at the airport. Your bags will get passed through an xray machine to make sure that there are no dangerous items inside your bag. If something is hard to be seen, then you will be asked to open your bag for a search. 

If you have restricted items you will be asked to take out those things by the airport security. If you decline to have them removed, then you will not be approved to go ahead with your flight and in some cases, penalties may be given. Remember that the final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether or not an item is restricted.

It is also recommended that you arrive as early as you can at the airport or at least two hours before a domestic flight to avoid hassles in screening items. If you are going on an international flight, then you may want to arrive much earlier.

What to Expect At the Security Checkpoint

Before you pass through the full body scanner machine, you must remove your shoes, jacket, jewelry, bags of liquid items, belts and other metals. Laptops, tablets and other electronic gadgets which are bigger than your cellular phones should be removed from their respective cases and will undergo individual screening.

 For your convenience, it is better if you put all your metal things into your carry on bag before getting to the checkpoint, take your electronics out of their cases and wear shoes that are easy to remove. This way it will save you time and less hassle when going to the security checkpoint.



What scissors can you take on a plane?

You can carry any type of scissors on a plane as long as the blades starting from the pivot point don’t exceed four inches long. If they are longer than four inches, then you must need to pack them inside your checked luggage. The best scissors to take for travel are folding safety scissors or kid scissors.

Are sewing needles TSA approved?

Sewing needles are TSA-approved. You can bring them in your carry on luggage or you may also pack sewing needles in your checked bag. Always ensure that these needles are securely wrapped as well as other sharp objects to avoid getting the security injured while checking them.

Conclusion: Can You Bring Scissors On a Plane?

Conclusion Can You Bring Scissors On a Plane

Almost all kinds of scissors are permitted to go in both checked bag and carry on bag as long as the blades are no more than 4 inches from the pivot point. Knowing the items that are allowed and not allowed to board the plane is very important so that you won’t get hassled once you are at the airport.

If you are planning to carry scissors or other sharp or fragile items inside your checked bag, then make sure that you properly cover them inside a piece of cloth, make up bag if you are carrying multiple scissors to avoid causing any possible injury to the baggage handlers or security officers when handling your bags.

Always make sure to check on TSA or the airline when you have questionable items that you may want to bring on your flight. Planning a hassle-free trip starts with packing your things correctly. Have a worry-free and enjoy safe flight!

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