How to Plan a Road Trip: The Ultimate Road Trip Planning Guide

How to Plan a Road Trip

For the best road trips, it’s so so important to understand the foundations of planning in advance. First, mull over, discuss and evaluate how long you will be on the road. Consider the best time of day, duration and the reasons you so desperately want to do it. Should you arrange a hotel stay or a day trip? Do you want to stop at a certain point or view everything along the way? See there will be countless thoughts that will start doing rounds in your head.

When people go on impulsive trips without worrying about planning their accommodation, details of itinerary, food etc, unless you are on a romantic getaway surprise of course, you will struggle to make the most of the trip and enjoy the pleasures of a road trip away from home and experience thrill and adventure. If you plan ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy your trip without being surprised along the way. 

Based on my numerous expeditions, battle scars based on impulsive travels, I’ve put up this ultimate road trip planning guide, which hopefully will help your travel and make it more enjoyable!

Choose a location for your road trip. 

Choose a location for your road trip

This ultimate guide can come in handy when deciding where to go on your first road trip. It is best to select a location that is close to your home. For your first road trip, consider a city about two hours away. You’ll take a pleasant travel to your destination, spend some time there, and then return home. 

If you choose a difficult road trip, you may never want to go on another one. Most people know where they want to go when they plan a road trip. They make a list of all the places they want to see. If you already have an idea, double-check it on your own time. 

Need more assistance deciding where to travel on your next adventure? Why not consider what you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy being outside? Then, take a drive to a national or state park. People I know enjoy taking road vacations to baseball games and waterfalls. 

Considerations when selecting a road trip destination 

Road trips allow you to explore your surroundings and experience all types of things while having fun. When deciding where to go, I took a lot of factors into account. Road vacations may be time-consuming, so knowing the top road trip destinations is vital for anyone considering one. 

In addition to the important criteria, such as whether or not you will enjoy this route or if you have enough time in your schedule, consider the following aspects when selecting the ideal road trip destination: 

road trip considerations

The Trip’s objective 

What is the purpose of your trip? Your road trip could be for recreation, research, shopping, or sightseeing. If you want to relax and enjoy your vacation, you should visit attractive places such as islands and other tourist sites. 

Rather than moving, you might simply observe nature’s grandeur. You might also go to some off-the-beaten-path tourist sites for some eye-opening sightseeing and to learn about a different culture. 

The Journey’s duration 

The amount of time you have available for your road trip will influence your travel budget and location. Longer journeys are sometimes more expensive than shorter ones. My goal was barely two hours away on my road journey. If you want to go on a short trip, say for a week, choose a road trip near your home. 

Travel Companion 

Choose your travelling mates wisely. With a good travel partner or group, the excitement and pleasure of a road trip can be significantly increased. You can attend with a family member, a college friend, or a coworker. However, be cautious because a bad relationship might ruin the entire trip. 

I had previously gone on solitary road trips since I was unsure of my alternatives and urgently wanted to go on a journey. Solo trips are also possible. The encounter may appear nerve-racking at first, but it’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

more trip considerations

The Weather situation 

Consider the weather when planning a road trip. I typically go during spring break to avoid the hottest and coldest months. Traveling during a busy or quiet travel season has a noticeable influence. 

Would you prefer cold or hot weather? Is it summer or winter? Traveling during the off-season can save you a lot of money and even be advantageous. 

If the weather is inappropriate, it might have a huge impact on your road journey. From December to March, for example, Goa resorts are busy with vacationers seeking refuge from Europe’s harsh weather. As a result, if you visit Goa between mid-June and October, you will have a terrific road trip experience. 

Budget for a Road Trip

Setting budgets is something that everyone strongly believes in doing in order to stay accountable. How does one make a budget? When I go on a short trip, I don’t budget for lodging or meals. I prepare my meals and return home to stay the night. If remaining within a budget is important to you, plan your road trip budget ahead of time depending on the type of journey you’re on. 

The Mode of Transportation to be used for the journey 

Consider your car. When planning a road trip, look for vehicles that are intended for long distances. You can save money on road trips by selecting vehicles with high gas mileage. Convertibles and sports cars provide great gas mileage, but tiny crossover SUVs are ideal for road trips. 

SUVs and minivans are ideal for family or large group road excursions. Because you will be inside the automobile for several hours, you will appreciate the space with your family or friends. 

mode of transportation

What are your road trip Objectives? 

You may have many various goals for your road trip routes, such as learning new things, experiencing a new area, or simply taking care of yourself. I took my path to find inner peace in a peaceful setting. I appreciated the fresh air and the tranquilly of the secluded setting. Determine your major goals before you leave so you can make the most of your road trip. 

Setting objectives when planning a road trip may appear weird. If you know what you want to gain from the experience, planning a road trip will be much easier. Make a decision based on your goals. Perhaps you’d like to drive all of the gorgeous byways, visit all of the national parks, or visit a desert and play in the sand. 

Make a road Trip Itinerary based on your research. 

While road trip planning and researching for a road trip vacation can be fun, it can also be exhausting. Research is useful when establishing road trip itineraries since it notifies you to the need to make any special preparations before travelling to your destination. 

A “start and end point” location is necessary. I evaluated the length of my excursion before creating my itinerary; I was planning a 350-kilometer journey. Remember to select many sites to visit and conduct road trip planning research for each location. 

The amount of time depends on how many days you expect to spend on the road. It is great for shorter trips of less than five hours, allowing you plenty of time to take it all in. Road trip plans can help you plan your activities and budget for your journey. 

The first step in planning a road trip is to create a schedule and choose when you will leave and how long you will stay. I organise my vacation itinerary by making a table that includes the date, destination, and planned activities for each day. 

make an itinerary

Plan ahead of time for your lodging and food. 

To maintain the social events entertaining, keep them flexible. Driving a long distance is much more enjoyable if you have some tasty road trip food and a comfortable place to stay at the destination. I enjoy travelling with fruits such as apples and grapes. 

Don’t, however, leave things till the last minute. I saved a lot of money by bringing cold water with me. 

Consider what you want to do on your road trip as you plan it, and choose the best location for your lodging. If you plan on going to the beach or swimming in pools, look for accommodations that provide both swimming and change facilities under one roof. If you wish to go sightseeing, you should also book lodging near the area’s major attractions. 

Plan a road trip with the Google Maps App. 

Which road will you use to get there now that you know where you’re going? Using the Google Maps App, you may arrange a beautiful picturesque route. Will you stick to the highways? When planning your first road trip, use Google Maps. 

When looking for a destination, I just type it into the Google Maps app and receive various suggestions. I may tailor the results by avoiding toll roads or freeways, for example. I can also see the actual distances between locations and the open road I’ll be travelling on. 

Furthermore, when travelling in rural areas, keep an eye on the road because there are various areas with wildlife. If you plan to travel late at night or in the evening, this may slow you down. Keep this in mind as you plan your road trip route. 

importance of google maps

Google Maps is Extensive 

To begin with, the maps are comprehensive; you can find practically any city, road, and neighbourhood on the planet. It may take a little longer for new areas and estates to appear; but, the maps are usually accurate and up to date. Before travelling to, I was able to make an informed decision. It is important to note that you can see how others have rated the restaurant or rest stops to places you intend to visit

If the firm you searched for is made available, you may also find the phone number, website, open working hours, and peak times. 

Displays a Visual Presentation of Your Journey 

If you learn best visually, Google Maps will be your best friend. Using Google Maps to design your road trip route is the easiest way to become acquainted with a location’s layout. It allows you to see how much space and everything is found around one another. 

Understand how much time you spend at each site. 

When I’m on the road, I use Google Maps to save my locations. If I make an overnight stop, it displays the location of the stop. It’s quite useful because I can see how much time I spend at each location and plan accordingly. Do you have a pin collection in one place? Or is it possible that the placement of your pins on the map has become dispersed? If this is the case, you may want to focus on a more manageable location or prepare for a lot of driving. 

Maps that work offline 

While using Google Maps, my favourite feature is the offline maps. It allows me to store cities or smaller sections of the map to my laptop. I can use this map even when there is no signal. It is a function available on mobile devices such as IOS and Android apps. 

When you login in to offline maps and sync your stored locations, they will appear on your offline map. The app is excellent for road trippers because it makes travelling much easier. 

Map-Building Options 

Also, consider using the map-creation option. You’ll enjoy it, especially as you add different layers to each map. When I use the map construction option, I may divide a plan into day chunks and add other layers to the same map. If my travel team dislikes it, I simply give them access to the map and allow them to add new sites to the itinerary. 

It can be used on any device and shared with your friends. 

Google Maps is fantastic since I can use it to design an ideal road trip itinerary on any device or platform. So it makes no difference if the guy who created it has an iPhone and a friend has a Samsung. It works in both directions. I could still use Google Maps on tablets using the web browser rather than the App, which is just as easy. 

Aside from Google Apps, there are several other excellent travel apps for road trips. You can utilise the Best road trip planner apps listed below to make your next road trip easier. 


App for Roadtrippers 

Roadtrippers is a road trip software that will help you plan your itinerary while also allowing you to discover intriguing places along the way. Add a new location to your itinerary to incorporate it into your travel. You can add up to 150 stops to your route planning with a Premium subscription.

Look for lovely places to stop along the road with family or friends, such as hotels, grocery stores, national reserves, and other landmarks. The Roadtrippers app is available in both free and premium editions. The paid premium editions include extra built-in features for travellers. The free version is available on the web, as well as on iOs and mobile operating systems. 

Waze is a navigation app. 

The Waze app is a great roadside assistance programme that can help you plan your travel ahead of time. The software helped me organise my road trip and even reminded me when to start. It made it simple for me to begin my journey the instant I got into my automobile. 

The Waze road trip planner app will advise you on the optimal time to leave and begin your journey in order to arrive on time. The app’s push sends me notifications early enough, which is important because it can help you avoid getting stuck in traffic. 

The app integrates GPS with route information, real-time traffic reports, gas pricing, and speed trap warnings. Waze, one of the most popular navigation apps, gets its core information from other drivers. Viewing the destinations I had saved online is simple for me. All I had to do was type something into the search bar, and the results appeared. 

When using the App, you will not always be required to provide your address in order to display a location. These new features are now available on both iOS and Android smartphones. 

App for gas station

App for Gas stations 

If you’re curious, how much will the gas for my journey cost? I calculated the quantity of gasoline required for my trip using the gas road trip estimator by inputting my beginning and ending points as well as the details of my vehicle. It made it simple to arrange your road vacation. 

Users of the free GasBuddy road trip planner app can modify petrol prices, and each list will show when the most recent modification was made. Unlike in rural regions, gas prices in cities are routinely revised within a few hours. The GasBuddy App may save your life if you run out of gas in an unknown location by displaying nearby gas locations based on your GPS data. 

If your fuel light is on and you don’t know where the nearest gas station is, it can be useful. Using the map feature of the GasBuddy App, you may view filling stations along your road trip itinerary. 

Interstate Exit App 

iExits displays a list of the restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other facilities available at each exit. The iExit Interstate Exit Guide will take the guessing out of long-distance car travels. You may find yourself guessing a lot about road journeys. What are we going to eat? Whether you’re looking for fast food or something more localised, iExit has you covered. It also includes Yelp ratings and reviews to help in decision-making. 

navigation in trips

Do you need a place to stay the night? It lists all hotels within three miles of an offramp. You can compare the pricing of several hotels and make your choice. It makes it easy to plan a stop ahead of time rather than waiting until you’ve just passed a sign advertising an exit with a lot of motel or fast restaurant branding. 

National Park Service 

What can I anticipate? A stop at a park is an absolute essential on any road trip. The National Park Service App allows you to search for any park and also provides basic national park information such as what to see and do, where to rest, and where visitor facilities are situated. 

This road trip itinerary software includes self-guided tours. With self-guided excursions, you can explore noteworthy spots on nature reserves. Explore both well-known and off-the-beaten-path locales. It’s like having a ranger by your side to help you organise your road trip and recommend destinations. 

Maps. Me App 

Are you travelling somewhere with spotty internet? Maps are required. App for planning my road vacation. The app offers quick, detailed offline maps with turn-by-turn guidance. I downloaded the app and quickly connected to the internet! 

Maps is used by about 140 million individuals. Me internationally since it provides good guidance and allows you to save crucial travel time. Categories come in handy when trying to find anything nearby. For example, the location of the nearest drugstore, ATM, or public transportation system. When you search, you will receive suggestions. 

Accommodation, shopping, health, transit, finances, food, business, education, entertainment, and attractions are among the categories included in Maps Me’s default search option. 

If you use an app to monitor the weather along your travel route before and during your road trip, you will be able to avoid stressful driving situations and arrive at your destination safely. 

App for Highway Weather 

weather highway

Highway Weather will display the weather for the duration of your journey. I was fortunate to go on a beautiful day, and it displayed the weather as “sunny weather” during the trip by combining navigation and weather. 

The software recommends the best departure time and allows you to choose your mode of transportation—such as a car, motorcycle, or small truck—because these factors affect your trip speed. 

PackPoint’s Travel App 

The PackPoint travel software creates your personalised road trip packing list based on gender, destination, travel dates, length of trip, and type of travel (leisure or business). I mentioned that I was going swimming, so it suggested that I pack a swimming costume and a swimming cap. I just confirmed that I had packed the items and I was ready to travel. 

Travelers with short attention spans will benefit the most from it, as will those packing for multiple people or prominent families. Even if you’re a great packer, the App can help you easily keep track of all the items you might forget to pack, such as business cards, spare key snacks, and feminine products. 

The software uses the Internet to obtain weather forecast data for your upcoming travels and suggests warm or lightweight clothing options. The app requires device and app history access to function properly. 

The Driver Application 

Drivvo is best described as a finance manager for your automobiles when you’re on vacation or a business trip; you can use the App to monitor your gasoline, refuelling, expenses, income, and maintenance; and you can use the App to make registration, payments, and fines. 

The app also provides detailed fuel efficiency estimates broken down by fuel and petrol station to help you choose the best bargains for your vehicle. 

It even maintains track of auto service bills and tells you when your vehicle requires servicing by keeping daily and monthly records, allowing you to create a budget or plan ahead of time for your scheduled travels and auto maintenance. 

AAA mobile app

AAA’s Mobile App 

The latest version of the AAA Discounts, TripTik® Mobile, and Roadside apps are now available on iPhone and Android-compatible devices, making it the ideal travel companion for any driver. AAA Mobile offers members a fully mobile experience, with a focus on roadside assistance, vacation planning, and finding the best deals at your favourite retailers. 

Use the AAA Trip Tik Travel Planner and AAA Travel Guides to get directions, avoid traffic, and research popular vacation destinations. Add route breaks and stops like hotels and restaurants, or choose more scenic roads, then save, share, and print your route. You can register to receive severe weather notifications by email and text for up to five areas using the AAA Mobile app. 


MyScenicDrives is an easy-to-use road trip planner that provides important benefits in addition to its list of scenic routes. It assisted me in identifying the scenic road I wanted when I searched by its name or location, which was really helpful because I already knew where I wanted to go. 

If you aren’t sure where you want to stop and want to look at other possibilities, simply click on the search bar position on the map along your route, which will bring up an additional menu with towns, hotels, campgrounds, and points of interest to choose from. 

Save Money

Ways to Save money on a Road Trip 

Once you have a general idea of how much your road trip will cost, you may want to make some budget cuts. There are strategies you can use to save money on your next excursion; follow these suggestions for a fantastic experience while saving money! 

Efficiency of fuel 

Remember that by making a few simple changes, you can save money on gas while travelling. Limit your cargo and store items in your car’s trunk rather than on the roof to conserve gas. 

Limit your cargo 

If you have a choice, buy a vehicle that is large enough to be comfortable while also getting the best gas mileage. Keep items in your car’s trunk rather than the roof to save gas. 

Costs might be shared with others. 

When two people share a car, it’s much easier to figure out how much money to spend on gas, food, and lodging. The trip will cost roughly half as much as it would have for just one person by sharing the cost, and you can also go in on snacks, meals, and lodging. 

Book your accommodations ahead of time. 

Making hotel reservations ahead of time will save you money on a road trip because hotels frequently list cheaper rooms ahead of time. I have always booked for shelter while travelling based on the information I had about my trip. Booking accommodation ahead of time ensures that a room is waiting for you and that you get the best deal. 

Prepare and transport your meals 

Food is an unavoidable expense when road touring, but preparing and transporting your own food can help you save money while also eating healthier and better. Bringing food on your road trip provides people freedom while driving and exploring. 

I avoid eating at petrol stations by bringing road trip snacks with me. This allows me to enjoy my excursion while saving money for other things. 

Making Reservations for a Road Trip 

You may schedule a nice night’s sleep while on a road trip by selecting a luxury hotel, joining their rewards programme, and receiving fantastic hotel room discounts. You can also utilise Google Maps to search lodgings along your route. 

Booking by midday is the quickest way for me to obtain a hotel room while on the road, but in more rural regions, I may be able to secure a room later in the day. 

Quick suggestions for arranging Lodging when Planning a Road Trip 

lodge for travel

Booking a hotel before a journey can be difficult if you don’t know where to look or what to seek for; my advice in this guideline will help you get through the process of preparing a road trip lodging more quickly.

Before you confirm your reservation, double-check the dates.

Don’t be fooled by hotel names; before booking a hotel, make sure it’s the one you want in order to receive the services you require. 

When possible, book your travel with a credit card to take advantage of more bargains and sales. 

Use shifting hotel costs to your advantage by checking prices frequently and making reservations when you locate the best offer for the room you want. 

If you reserve a hotel stay through a third party, whether online or in person, you should always phone the hotel to double-check that your reservation was successful. 

Meals for a road trip 

It will be fantastic if you prepare your food as you prepare to go on a road trip. I have more time on the actual drive when I prepare my road trip meals in advance. Long-distance car trips necessitate plenty of snacks, so I never leave the house without them! Sometimes you need to eat something to stay awake while driving, balance your blood sugar, or get a slight energy boost. 

Driving your Own vehicle or renting a vehicle for your road trip

driving car for road trip

Your expenses on a road trip can be considerably influenced by how you travel; you should factor in the extra cost if you rent a car for the trip rather than driving your own vehicle. I get good prices on rental cars by making reservations early. 

In addition, if you’re going in the winter, you may need to bring snowshoes, extension cords, a bright safety jacket, warning triangles, and a spare wheel. Before embarking on a lengthy road trip, give your vehicle a general inspection and get it serviced. 

How to Prepare Your Car for Road Trips 

Why do you need to prepare your own vehicle for the next trip? A variety of things can go wrong at any time, including difficulties with the fuel system, batteries, powertrain, tyres, brakes, getting lost in the middle of nowhere, an unforeseen illness or injury, and more. 

Exterior Visual Inspection and Lighting Inspection 

Start by walking around your vehicle to ensure everything is in order. Ensure that your licence plates have not fallen off, and that all lights are functional. When you hit the brake pedal, have someone ensure that all brake lights are on. 

To avoid breaching the law, I always make sure all of my lights are in good working order before leaving on a trip, replacing any burned-out bulbs and addressing any underlying issues. 

Tire Examination 

Check the pressure of your car’s tyres for cuts, cracks, and bulges before your next road trip to get the most out of them; shop for replacement tyres before the tyres are too worn out; check the tread depth; uneven tyre wear can indicate that the wheels are out of alignment, possibly due to running over road debris or potholes. 

Before your next journey, have your tyres evaluated by a professional, and always buy tyres in sets of four for maximum grip and handling. 

fluid level check

Vehicle fluid levels 

Check the fluid levels in your vehicle on a regular basis, not just when you’re getting ready to go on a road trip. This includes coolant, brake, clutch, transmission, and differential oil. Before removing the cap with a rag and checking the radiator fluid, make sure the engine has cooled to avoid scalding from hot liquid and air. 

Make sure your vehicle has adequate power steering fluid to turn swiftly, and improve the lifespan of your power steering pump and rack before the road trip; a power steering flush is recommended on a regular basis.

Before embarking on a road trip, check your gasoline level and top it off. 

Before I leave for a road trip, I always make sure that my car has a full tank of gas, because I don’t know how widely available petrol stations are along the route. Because fuel stations are sometimes far apart and occasionally closed in remote areas, it is always recommended that you start your next trip with a full tank and fill it up when the needle is about to reach the 2/3 mark. 

Have your phone chargers ready. 

Both modern and older vehicles have ample charging ports and chargers that plug into the 12V power or cigarette lighter port. Don’t forget to bring your cable when preparing for your next road trip. Also, have your Android devices that use USB-C and older Android devices that are still on micro USB and for everyone to use for their android phones. 

carry out a first aid kit

Carry a first-aid kit. 

We usually take an emergency kit with us when we go on a beautiful road trip with friends or plan our adventure; first aid is essential for the journey, so don’t forget it. Organizations such as the Red Cross provide lists of what a kit should contain, and if you already have a kit, verify the expiry date. 

The kit is intended to assist you in responding to minor occurrences while travelling, and it contains all drugs and equipment required to treat minor injuries and illnesses. 

Bandages are among the most important items to have in your kit for scrapes and cuts; bring both small and big sizes with you on your trip.

Antiseptics: Help with wound and cut cleansing as well as infection prevention. 

Topicals: Having products for cleansing fresh wounds or finding comfort from a bite or allergy is crucial when road tripping, and ointments will help you address numerous ailments you may experience while travelling. 

Drugs: Keep allergy, headache, and cramp relief medications on hand, such as Advil, Benadryl, or Tylenol, to help save the day. 

Tweezers: Tweezers are useful for removing items with fine points, such as insect bites. 

Prepare your documents. 

Every day, we take for granted that our driver’s licences and registration papers are in our automobiles or wallets; be sure they’re with you before embarking on a road trip. 

road travel insurance

Road trip travel insurance 

Have travel insurance to protect your trip, whether it is a road trip or a vacation. A personal travel insurance policy will provide coverage and make it easier for you to get back on the road if you become ill, incur unexpected emergency medical costs, are hurt, lose or damage personal belongings, or are injured. 

Complete Protection 

Uninsured motorist property damage coverage can protect your vehicle against theft, vandalism, and even natural disasters, giving you peace of mind as you drive and park your car on your trip. 

Uninsured Driver Property Damage 

Uninsured Motorist Property Damage (UMPD) helps to cover any damages to your car caused by an uninsured driver’s accident; this extra insurance will keep your car secure on your journey because you’ll be travelling to new places and encountering unfamiliar drivers. 

Roadside Assistance Program 

Having a flat tyre in a new region or locking your keys in your car far from home can be worrisome; but, adding a roadside assistance package to your existing auto insurance policy can provide peace of mind on your road trip. 

Road trip necessities 

clothing necessities

Because road trippers are known for their distinct sense of style and personality, it’s critical to keep your car thoroughly clean and well-kept. Additionally, having road adventure essentials will help you save time and money. When it comes time to enjoy your location, these necessities will still be useful while making an excellent first impression. Pack some of these necessities when you need them to make the most of your time travelling. 

Clothing and personal travel necessities 

You’ll also need to bring clothes, toiletries, and anything else you want for your road trip. Make sure you obtain the suitable clothes and shoes for the next adventure you go on based on the weather. I usually carry the appropriate attire because I understand the activities I’m going to. 

Sunglasses: I never forget to bring sunglasses on a road trip; get some to protect your eyes and make it simpler to keep a good driving posture. 

Body Cleansing Wipes: It might be difficult to stay fresh and clean while travelling, so bring your wipes with you. 

Sunscreen: I never leave my sunscreen in the car, whether the windows are down or closed, because I might stop during your road trip and become sunburned. 

Rain gear: If I’m travelling on a long journey, the weather is likely to change, so I always bring a rain jacket or water-resistant suit to keep you warm in wet weather. 

Car road trip necessities 

Carry the necessities for your car when planning a road trip. Whether driving your own car or a rental, don’t leave without these road trip car essentials. After all, it doesn’t matter how comfortable you are if you have car problems, right? In this ultimate guide, I have listed some of the relevant road essentials: 

  • A second car key on a separate key ring 
  • If you are travelling internationally, you will need an international driving permit. 
  • Vehicle registration and insurance information 
  • Automobile Owner’s Manual 
  • Spare Tire, along with tools for changing a flat tyre and a tyre jack 
  • Flashlight that is waterproof 
road trip entertainment

Trip necessities for entertainment 

When you arrive at your destination and can begin to appreciate the gorgeous surroundings, whether at the beach, in the mountains, or in a tranquil rural region, the fun of a road trip begins. When planning your next road trip, pack some unique equipment to keep you interested both inside and outdoors. 

  • Books 
  • A playing card deck 
  • athletic equipment 
  • Bluetooth speaker 

Avoiding Road Trip Planning Errors 

Your road trip has officially begun, so rev those engines! I hope this road trip planning information is useful to you at each point of the journey. 

Avoid the following common blunders to make your road trip as joyful as possible: 

Driving long distances during rush hour is not suggested because you will save so much time and aggravation. 

Use Waze to track your speed when travelling somewhere you’ve never been before. 

Download any offline maps or directions you require while you still have mobile coverage or wi-fi. 

You have so much to do before you go, from picking out your car or bus tickets to working out what attractions or activities you need to add for each stop along the way. Have an appropriate itinerary with the dates, times, and places that are important to everyone on your trip.

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