51 Hobbies That Can Make You Money (Worth A Try!)

hobbies that can make you money

Hobbies are usually seen as something you’d do for fun or to pass the time. They are more of an investment rather than a means to earn money, right? Nope. Hobbies can be rewarding in more ways than one. You get not only satisfaction but also monetary rewards by taking up a hobby. 

Of course, not all hobbies pay and definitely not in hundreds or thousands of dollars each month, but some do. You can use this money to support your main income, pay off debts, save for travel, or create an emergency fund. 

Many people who took up hobbies for fun are now making good use of their skills to earn a few extra bucks. From selling handicrafts to ghostwriting to crocheting and homemade jams, cakes, and beauty products, there are quite a few hobbies to try. That said, you’ll have to be skilled enough to deliver quality if you want to make money from your hobbies. 

Check out the list of 51 hobbies that can make you money and see which of these are beneficial to you. 

Get Paid for Being Creative

creative hobbies that make money

1. Build Dollhouses 

Do you think that we started the list with something different and unexpected? It does seem a bit odd, doesn’t it? But there’s quite a lot of demand for artistic dollhouses customized and specially made as per the requirements. Whether it is parents and grandparents who want to gift something the kiddos want or whether it is the kids themselves who’ve come up with the design for their dollhouse, you can earn good money by taking up projects.

2. Graphic Design and Web Development 

Well, creating a website also comes under building something, even if it is done virtually. In a world where online presence is essential for every business and service provider, offering part-time web development services will get you a decent income. You can focus on small businesses that can’t afford to pay the expensive prices demanded by big companies. You’ll need to have a website of your own to get more business, so get started on it right away.

3. Make Hats 

Hat-making can get you some good bucks when you take it up seriously. You can make and sell hats in boutiques, for theater plays, collaborate with fashion designers, or set up your own online stores. Make hats only for men, women, kids, or everyone. Let your imagination run wild and come up with some cool and quirky hat designs.

4. Editing and Proofreading

Professional editors have a crucial role to play in the writing industry. While the publishing houses have their in-house editors, authors tend to rely on freelance editors and proofreaders to polish their manuscripts before sending them to the publishing houses. Most freelance editors are the ones who started the job as a hobby and decided to make it their secondary source of income. Command over the language, good grammar, and knowing the language rules are essential to becoming an editor.

5. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing, as a whole, is a full-time job. It encompasses various methods and strategies to promote a business on the internet. If you have the necessary technical skills, you can focus on either techniques such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Content marketing, etc. and provide your valuable services to your clients. Aim for businesses in your region to get better visibility (for their business and yours).

6. Cosplay Costumes 

Cosplay is quite famous these days. It is the practice of dressing up as characters from a film, a book, or a video game and enacting their roles or just attending parties and taking pictures for fun. But where do people find the costumes of these characters? Not all of them can make their own for sure. That’s where creating cosplay costumes becomes a profitable hobby. Accept a commission, create, deliver, and get paid. It’s super fun too.

7. Jewelry Making 

What do you with all those bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces you make in your free time? Gifting some sure feels good, but why not sell them too? You can set up an online store to reach more people. Or, you can start by selling in the yard and asking your friends and family to advertise the news for you.

8. Fashion Designing 

Yes, fashion designing is a full-time job (again). But it can also be a hobby. You can create designs and sell them to boutiques who get the dressed stitched and put them up for sale. You can stitch the dress yourself and sell them online. That might need some investment from your side, though. It is safer to advertise your skills and let customers ask what they want.

9. Photography and Videography 

Photography is a cool hobby, isn’t it? Holding the latest camera with a powerful lens makes you feel powerful. Why not? You have the device to capture some wonderful moments and freeze them forever. Turn your hobby into a source of income. Take up photoshoots for small events. Sell some of your best pictures online for commercial use.

10. Gaming, Yes! 

Oh, yeah, gaming does pay, if you know how to make the most of your gaming skills. There are exclusive platforms like Twitch, where you can earn money by playing games. Even otherwise, you can set up a game zone (online/ offline), live stream the game, and get paid for winning and completing the levels. Some beta testers also get paid for testing the new gaming platforms and providing tips to the developers. 

Invest and Earn

investing hobbies

11. Farming- Gardening

It does not require to own a farm. If you’ve got decent space in your backyard, clean it, mark it, and separate it into sections. Plant seeds for vegetables, herbs, fruits, or flowers, based on the season and the region you live in. Take care of your crop, harvest it, keep some for you, and sell the rest in the nearby farmers’ market. You can also set up a weekend sale in the front yard.

12. Thrift Sales and Reselling

Visiting thrift stores can help you unearth some gems for a throwaway price. Later on, resell them for a higher price on online marketplaces. A lot of people regularly hunt thrift stores and auctions to buy stuff for reselling. However, make sure you have good knowledge about the things you are buying and understand your target audience’s tastes. That’s crucial if you want to earn money instead of losing it and end up accumulating things you don’t want.

13. Stock Market

Stock market investment is not something you can take lightly. One wrong investment can push you into serious debt. No wonder the Wall Street professionals are always on their toes. Learn how, when, why, and what’s of the game and create an account. Start investing smaller amounts and trade carefully. Luck being with you, you can retire a few years early and become a full-time player.

14. Crypto Market Too

Why limit yourself to the stock market? The crypto market is thriving right now. Bitcoin seems to be on a mission to conquer the world. Even though many governments are yet to accept cryptocurrency, there is no dearth of love for it. Check the internet for more information and follow the famous crypto analysts on Twitter. Make sure you set up your account on trustworthy crypto exchanges.

15. Home Baking

If your home smells of vanilla, cinnamon, and freshly baked goods, why limit your talent to baking for friends and family? Start selling the goods and take up orders for parties and events. One successful order can push you into the limelight and turn your casual hobby into an excellent income source. You might even start planning a bakery of your own one day in the future. Whoever said hobbies have to remain on the sidelines as you slog in day to day life?

16. Homemade Skincare Products

How many of you have shifted to using paraben-free soaps and chemical-free skincare products? In the last few years, the demand for organic and natural products has increased a lot. This led to a good number of home-based businesses where people started making and selling skin and hair care products. It is a lucrative hobby, one that provides satisfaction and brings good income.

17. Homemade Candles and Crafts

We’ve got yet another flourishing hobby turned home-based business for you to try. Candles with exotic fragrances appeal to many people. The scent released by the candles relaxes the senses and pushes away the negative vibes. Considering the high cost of these candles, making and selling them is sure to bring you good money, especially if you can offer the same quality for a lesser price. Similarly, homemade craft items and showpieces are also preferred as they add artistic value to the house.

18. YouTube Videos and Tutorials

You don’t have to stop at creating and selling products. You can also teach others by making video tutorials and uploading them on YouTube. Becoming a YouTuber will take a while. But as you gather thousands of views and subscriptions, you’ll start earning money from the venture. YouTube will also promote your channel. You can also sell your channel to an agency and get a lump sum money in return.

Outdoor Hobbies That Bring Dollars

outdoor hobbies that make money

19. Traveling

How does traveling help make money when you actually have to spend to travel? Point, right? If you are a traveler, you can earn money in quite a few ways. You can contribute to travel blogs, sell your travel pictures, and write for travel magazines. You can also become a paid traveler where agencies sponsor your trip to get them the information they want from the place. You visit new places, come across new people, talk to them, take pictures, exchange ideas, report the whole thing to the agency, and get paid for it. Cool, isn’t it?

20. Dog Walking

Of course, you don’t get paid to walk your dog. But you do get to earn a few bucks if you walk others’ dogs. Whether you become a part-timer at a Pet Care Center or take up the responsibility of walking dogs for those who can’t do it themselves, you can earn some money every month while doing something you love. It doesn’t pay as some other hobbies do, but you can spend time with many fur babies. Isn’t that truly rewarding?

21. Spare-time Tour Guide

Do you love your city/ town? Are you a repository of information about your beautiful place? Do you know stuff that’s not available in the tour books? Do you like to interact with tourists and tell them about your city/ town? Why are you still waiting? Convert your hobby of collecting information about the region into a paying spare-time job. Sign up with travel agencies or become a freelancer. Give tours, lectures, and arrange cool events for tourists by sharing valuable tidbits about the place and earn money.

22. Drive Around- Deliver or Drop

What if you don’t want to become a tour guide but still want to use the knowledge you have about the routes in the city/ town? Why not become a delivery person in your spare time? You can drive people around, drop parcels, or do both. You get to make use of your driving skills and spare time to earn some money. You can start by offering your services to neighbors and nearby stores and gradually expand the network.

23. Beekeeping

Beekeeping is definitely an outdoor activity and a fun one too. But it requires dedication, skill, and knowledge. You need proper gear and equipment to set up the beehives and collect honey. You can sell the natural and organic honey for a good price as it is always in demand. You can also share your experiences in blogs and vlogs to promote beekeeping. Don’t we all know how important it is to make sure bees don’t go extinct?

24. Dancing- Choreography

Okay, this isn’t entirely an outdoor activity, but you do need to step out of the house. That counts, right? Learning how to dance isn’t going to pay. But teaching surely does. Whether you choreograph moves for a professional band or a group of kids for an event, you can use your dancing skills to make money in the spare time. The advantage of teaching outdoors is that more people will see your skills, and you might get more offers. *wink*

25. Play Instruments- Join a Band

Music and dance are evergreens, aren’t they? If you are bombarded with requests to play the musical instruments at events, make it your secondary income source. Join a musical band and give performances at various parties. Network with others and take up offers for solo performances. If musical instruments aren’t your thing, you can join the band as a singer. Start training your vocal cords today. You can also upload your musical videos on YouTube and become famous.

26. Stand-up Comedy

Do you have a funny bone? Do your anecdotes and one-liners make others laugh? All of us need some lighthearted moments in our lives to laugh away the worries. Stand-up comedy became famous over the past few years. Both mainstream and OTT platforms promote stand-up comedy. Restaurants and clubs organize live shows to entertain guests. You perform for a fixed time and get paid for it. As a freelancer, you can earn quite a bit be performing at various events.

27. Theater or Improv

Acting and Improv are not the same, though they both deal with stage performances. In theater, you enact the role given to you and stick to the script. You don’t have the freedom to improvise or change the play midway. Improv is where you have a basic theme for the show and make changes during the performance. You’ll need some quick thinking and super fast reflexes to ensure that the improv doesn’t look half-baked. You get paid for every performance.

Be Fit and Active

fitness hobbies that make money

28. Part-time Handyman

Fixing things on your own is a good way to save money. You don’t need to call the professional for every small repair. You also get to use the tools and get some physical exercise, especially if the job involves climbing up the stairs, carrying weights, and stuff. And when you are really good at fixing stuff, you can offer your services to neighbors and others for a small price. Why do it for free when you can earn from it, right?

29. Fitness Trainer

Fitness freaks who spend hours exercising and building muscles can take up the task of training others to do the same. Promoting fitness, providing online and offline training, making videos, etc. are some ways to use your passionate hobby to earn money. A good number of people have to build a loyal clientele over the years and left their mainstream profession to take up fitness training as their primary job.

30. Swimming Instructor

Just as with exercises, swimming is yet another activity that can bring you good money. You can become an instructor during your holidays or free time. You can also become a life rescuer and keep an eye out to help those who stray too deep into the waters and get into trouble. Regular practice is essential in such instances, so pursue your hobby sincerely.

31. Sports’ Time- Play or Coach

Well, if your skills lie in playing sports, you can get paid for both playing and coaching. Joining teams and winning matches will bring money and new opportunities. Similarly, training kids to become better players is also rewarding. You can become a freelancer or have a tie-up with a club or school.

Promote Your Skills

hobbies for money

32. Catering

If cooking, especially in large quantities, is something you love, it can be profitable if you offer catering services instead of simply helping out in the kitchens. Become a professional caterer for your friends and family and put your talent to good use by feeding others and getting paid for it. You also get to experiment with new cuisines and get feedback from a larger crowd.

33. Party Planning

Do you end up planning parties and events at work and for your loved ones? Don’t let it stay as a simple hobby. Become a party planner and accept assignments. Meet new people, build your network, stay in touch with caterers, bakers, musicians, florists, etc. and start marketing your skills. Share videos and ask your friends to promote you.

34. Fishing to Sell

Oh, well, this is a good hobby for introverts as well. You don’t have to deal with too many people. If you are good at fishing (we know how hard it is) and want to commercialize it, here’s an idea. Talk to a local diner or restaurant and make a deal. Sell the fish you catch at the eatery. Get paid for it and go back home with some cash in your pocket. Simple, right

35. Work with Bonsai

Bonsai plants are super cute, aren’t they? If you’ve always been fascinated by them, it’s time to invest in them. A good bonsai tree can bring you a lot of money. You just need to care for it with love (and follow the instructions). Bonsai plants are said to bring good luck and are widely popular. People don’t mind paying a little extra for it.

36. Preserve Food- Can it, Pickle it, Sell it

Did your grandmother or mother teach you the art of preserving food? From pickling to drying to canning, there are so many ways to preserve food, that too using the least preservatives. Buy produce from the local markets in bulk. That’ll save money. Pickle it, make a jam or sauce, can it, bottle it, and sell it (online and offline). Retired people will find this an easy hobby.

37. Repair Cars and Motorbikes

As fixing things around the house can bring money, so does repairing cars and motorbikes! You can join as an assistant to a mechanic or work at a friend’s garage. This will further develop your skills as you work on various brands and models. You can use the money to start building a motorbike of your own, or to buy the car of your dreams.

38. Bartending is Cool

Is mixing drinks your fun hobby? Do you know you can get great tips and good pay as a bartender? Even if it a part-time job, if you’ve got the talent to mix refreshing and delicious drinks and put on a good show while at it, you’ll grab a lot of attention that can be converted to money.

39. Translators are in Demand

Let’s try something different. Like what? Like using your language skills and command over various languages to earn some cash! Translators are always in demand. And we don’t mean the software-generated versions. Human translators are required by production houses, publication houses, writers, artists, etc. Working for the government will require more effort, though.

40. Magic Never Gets Old

Ah, the wonder of watching a rabbit comes out of a hat! The magic truly never gets old. You don’t have to have thousands of audiences, right? Even a group of starry-eyed kiddos who clap and laugh in delight are sure to make your day. As a part-time magician, you can perform in smaller events and add to your income while improving your craft.

41. Hair and Makeup Services

Is it that your friends and family rely on you for their hair and makeup? Are you known for your skill with the brushes? Start an online tutorial channel, offer services for money, reach out to spas and salons for part-time jobs, and promote your talent on social media. There are several ways to earn money by channeling your talents the right way.

42. Knit/ Crochet/ Sew

We’ve got three hobbies in one for you. Sewing is where you stitch dresses. Knitting and crocheting are similar though the needles and procedure are different and unique. Embroidery is yet another skill that uses the needle. These hobbies are not just relaxing and bring out the creativity in you but also open avenues for you to take up commissions and sell your work.

43. Dubbing for Commercials

Do you get praised for your voice? Do you have a lovely accent that flows like water? So what if you can’t sing? You can lend your voice to others, can’t you? Dubbing for commercials, animations, and doing voiceovers is a fun way to earn money. If you love the way words can be played with changing intonations, you’ve got yourself a cool hobby that pays.

44. Recording Audiobooks

If not dubbing, try audiobooks. Thanks to the busy schedule everyone has, audiobooks are now a preferred choice for many. One can listen to the book when driving, walking, cooking, etc. and enjoy both activities. Share recitals on social media for indie authors and agents to contact you. Or send your samples to them.

45. Mix Music- DJing

DJing is a great way to earn good cash. You get paid for each event, so that gives you the freedom to choose and pick. It’s a sensible option to DJing if your brain is a data center for music from all eras and genres and if you love using electronics to mix tracks and play them for fun.

This and That

hobbies that can make money

46. Online Teaching

If you think YouTube tutorials are too much work, join an online teaching academy. That way, you get paid by the firm rather than rely on the views you get for your videos. With online courses becoming more prominent, this is a great time to make proper use of your skills and add some money to your bank account.

47. Taking Surveys

Survey sites pay you for sharing your opinion about various things. It’s a nice way to get some money if you’re falling short of the count. But converting it into a hobby will be more beneficial. For that, you can start by listing your favorite topics and survey sites. There are many legitimate sites to choose from. Some of them even offer additional options to make a few more dollars. Wonderful, right?

48. Review- Promote

Reviewing is serious work. Whether it is a book, a restaurant, or a product, your opinion about it can set the tide flowing (for and against). Networking plays an important role if you want to become a successful reviewer. The more followers you have, the easier it will be to attract more brands. You can get free samples to review the product, a free meal to write about the restaurant or some money in exchange for the review.

49. Couponing- Don’t Ignore Them

Do not throw away coupons. Do you even realize how much you can save by using the coupons? It may not be in hundreds of dollars every month, but it sure won’t take long to touch that amount. You can also teach others to make the most of coupons, and maybe even get some monetary benefits in return.

50. Landscaping

Landscaping can be a full-time job and a hobby. It is the art of designing and decorating land to enhance its beauty by planting trees, shrubs, building ponds, etc. If your breathtaking yard is bringing you praises and requests to help others rework their yards, why not ask for a small fee. After all, when you dedicate your time and effort to the job, you can get something in return.

51. Petsitting & Babysitting

Do you like kids or animals? Do you like taking care of them for your loved ones? Many teens babysit for pocket money. You can do the same, irrespective of your age. Animals don’t need too much fussing. You can carry on with work while keeping an eye on the pet. We can’t say the same about human babies, though.


The list no way ends here. You can exhibit your collections, trade one for another, collect and sell rare games, take up animation, clean houses, or become an interior designer. Numerous hobbies can bring you a few dollars if you find a way to monetize them. Make sure you don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself in the process of making more money. Enjoy! 

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