Ultimate Review of the Best Lego Batman Sets in 2023

Ultimate Review of the Best Lego Batman Set

Are you a Lego master builder? Or a lifelong Batman superfan? Maybe both?

If so, the Lego Batman sets will make your favorite Batman story come to life in front of you.

See, Batman was practically made for Lego sets. Between the endless supply of gadgets, gizmos, and vehicles, just about every inch of the Batcave begs to be built in brick form.

These sets encapsulate everything we love about Batman and combine this with the joy of building Lego. Fun to build, fun to play with, and fun to display.

Guaranteeing hours of fun and engagement in some action-packed fantasy play; these Batman Lego toys are the ultimate creative play pieces for superhero and DC Comics fans.

And the good thing is Lego produces dozens of different Batman sets, with more and more coming each year.

Make no mistake; no two are exactly alike: these sets come in ranging price levels, levels of complexity, and purpose.

It’s this sheer amount of variety and coolness that got us inspired to put together a list of the best Batman Lego sets.

Read on to see some of our top picks!

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Quick Comparison Table!

LEGO Super Heroes Arkham Asylum Breakout


 Gotham City Cycle Chase


LEGO Movie The Scuttler


DC The Joker Batcave Attack


The Tumbler/ Dark Knight Trilogy



The Best Lego Batman Sets For The Money

The Best Lego Batman Sets For The Money

#1 LEGO Super Heroes Arkham Asylum Breakout - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Arkham is among the best Lego Batman sets for any Batman fan. It’s the perfect recreation of Gotham’s nuthouse.

Expect doom and gloom, but both Batman and Robin are here to keep everyone in line and prevent them from escaping.

About Arkham Asylum Breakout

This incredible set is named after Arkham city, Massachusetts, and it has a long and dark history. Heck, even its builder, Amadeus Arkham, was sent here.

Arkham is the place where every Gotham’s crazy or dangerous goes.

Some of the A-listers sent here include Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Penguin, Man Bat and The Joker.

Fortunately, Batman keeps an eye on the asylum at all times to prevent inmates from escaping.


Lego has recreated several versions of the Asylum over the years, but this is our favorite pick.

It comes with 1,619 pieces, so it’s not that challenging for adults to create the entire scene. The dimensions are also modest, and 12″x13″x5″, they still leave plenty of room to spare.

But that is the Asylum itself; it has a sign 5” high and 9” wide.

The overall dimensions are somewhat complicated for the kids, but those aged 12 and above can assemble the set effortlessly.

Details/ Scene

Arkham features individual cells for holding the inmate and has several mazes like Caped Crusader, making it hard for them to escape.

It has two-story renditions for holding the Asylum Manor including prisons for Ivy, Mr. Freeze and an office for Dr. Quinzel.

Poison Ivy’s cell is clear and transparent to prevent her power plant friend from busting her out. On the other hand, we’ve Mr. Freeze cell. Mr. Freeze is kept below normal temperatures and is covered with snow and ice.

Another important cell Lego Batman fans will love is that of Dr. Quinzel (Harley Quinn). She’s not patient, but he has a changing room, which he turns into an alter ego of Harley Quinn.

Outside the prison building, you’ll also find a van for transporting the inmates and patients.

Building Details

This Lego Batman set is very detailed, with lots of surprises throughout the set.

It’s a lot of fun to assemble, and you’ll love how Lego has organized every section into its bag. There’re also dozens of extra small pieces left, in case you want to spice things up.

Plenty of mini-figures is a plus and will provide you with hours on end of fun building and playing around.



#2 Gotham City Cycle Chase - Best Set for Bike Enthusiasts


Our second pick on the list of the best Batman Lego sets is the ideal set for Batman or DC comics fans in general.

We also choose it because it’s one of the best sets in its price range.

About Gotham City Cycle Chase

Gotham City Chase recreates the riding scene where Deadshot and Harley Quin team up for a joy ride through Gotham City.

Deadshot is up in the sky, with his balloon jetpack and bazooka. Meanwhile Harley, with his large hammer, tags along on the ground with his motorcycle.

Batman goes into the battle with his Bat-cycle joker’s helicopter to bring them down to earth.


We love this Lego because it’s easy to use and follow directions.

With only 224 pieces, my 7-year-old kid didn’t have trouble assembling the set, though he needed some help here and there.

Most of the brick pieces go to the construction of Harley’s bike, which measures 3″x4″x2″, and her hammer.

On the other hand, the Batcycle stands at 1″x5″x2″.

Overall, this is a modest build for kids aged 7-14, and it shouldn’t be that hard to build in the end.


The Gotha City Cycle Chase has three mini-figures (Batman, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot) and two relatively monster-size bikes.

Of the three minifigs, Harley steals the show; very beautiful and colorful.

Deadshot is awesome, too, and his brick-built jetpack is cool, though his big guns look ridiculous. Instead, Lego would have given him a single mold gun and rifle.

Batman, as always, looks good, but he’s not exclusive in this set.

Meanwhile, the bikes are pretty amazing and cool. They’re a bit large for the scene, but they move fast and smoothly. I’ve seen lots of big Leg vehicles with wheels that hardly move smoothly.

Building Details

This Lego Batman set has two cool bikes that can race around the ground. That alone is a draw for kids. This is not to mention one of the green lantern bikes has stud-shooters, while the other has a bigger hammer.

Overall, I think this is a great indoor project for the kids; I would rather have my younger kids build the set and use their brains than on electronics.

It’s a great toy that spurs the constructive, motor, and problem-solving skills of your kids.



#3 LEGO Movie The Scuttler - Best for kids between ages 9 and 14


You should get the Lego Batman Movie Scuttler if you love Batman, and keep it if you love Lego just as much.

This Lego Batman Movie set combines both of the best Lego and Batman worlds.

About the Scuttler

If you’re a Lego Batman fan, you know that Batman also doubles as a master builder, especially in the Lego Batman Movie franchise.

For example, when the Joker Crashes Gordon’s retirement party and overruns Commissioner Gordon, Batman is at the forefront in the building process.


This Lego Movie is 775-pieces, the Bat-Mech we always wanted.

It has a modest dimension of 8″x9″x10″ with the arms at normal length. And the cool thing is the arms are extendable up to 14”.

Overall, this Lego Batman Movie set offers a decent challenge. It’s not that easy either. And this is why it’s recommended for kids between the ages of 9 and 14.


The main draw to this Lego movie set is The Scuttler since it’s possable and comes with a host of details. It resembles a bat while also tying into the fact that in the Lego Batman Movie-verse, Batman is a master builder.

Away from The Scuttler, this set also includes a host of other details and Minifigures, including Batman in black, Barbara Gordon, Dick Grayson, the Joker, and Poison Ivy with her power plant friends.

Building Details

I like this Lego Batman Movie set because of its aesthetic, mini-figs, and unique attributes.

The, flick missiles, stud shooters, flick fire launchers and net launcher look extremely cool; while not functional, I love the look and idea behind it.

Additionally, the ability to adjust the length and orientation of the legs, single-piece shooters, the Batman jet pack, and dual cockpits is just wow.

The set has a lot of potential, yet, it’s not complex to make the adjustments, making it even more fun.

Once you complete building the set, you’ll love its finished beauty; there’re plenty of extra little touches that make it sleek and modern.



#4 DC The Joker Batcave Attack - Best for Kids


We all knew it would be a matter of time; The Joker finding the Batcave.

And finally, he did!

And now that he’s already in, it’s time to suit up and kick the intruder out.

This is what DC The Joker Batcave Attack is all about; it revolves around fighting off The Joker from the Batcave.

While this set doesn’t have much appeal for adults, it’s one of the best Lego Batman Sets for kids and should be the perfect Kickstarter option.

I picked this Lego Batman for my four-year-old girl because she loves Joker and wants a set with Joker as the main character.

About DC The Joker Batcave Attack

DC The Joker Lego Batman cave is a 151-piece set, part of the Lego Juniors line as the DC Universe theme.

It’s an ideal pick for the young ones and a great transitional set between the bigger Lego and Lego Duplo set.

And as such, we highly recommend it for kids in the age bracket between 4 and 7 years.


The Joker Batcave has three main characters: the Batwing, the BatMobile, and the Batcave computer.

It has a modest size of 5″x6″x3″, and this includes the computer and a jail cell. Both the computer and the jail cells are critical characters because Batman has to wipe out Joker’s memory about the cave.

On the other hand, the Batwing is 1″x6″x”6″, while the Joker’s car is 2″x3″x1″. Both sizes are decent for a kid to set up the scene effortlessly and with little supervision.

The BatMobile also comes with a ball and chain element- it’s not a surprise considering Joker is a crazy fellow.

He also has a giant mallet for whacking both Batman and Robin away, but they also have Batman’s Batarang, discs, and more to counter the villain and bad guy.


DC Joker includes three mini-figures, and two are unique to this set.

We’ve the Lego Batman with a printed yellow utility belt and black Batarangs.

We also have Batman Robin, in green legs,  a red tunic, and a domino mask. It’s the same attire that he wears in the DC New 52 continuity.

And then we’ve The Joker. He has the standard hair, smile, and torso print.

Building Details

The construction of this build is super simple and is made easier through the use of large elements such as the Batwing’s fuselage.

Generally, the set is a good way for kids to transition to Lego’s world and stoke their love for Batman.

The set has everything your kid would need to get entertained while promoting their cognitive skills.



#5 The Tumbler/ Dark Knight Trilogy - Best for Adults


When I first saw this Batman set, I instantly fell in love with it. At first, I couldn’t justify the steep price, but after getting my hands on it, I realized it offered more than I had asked for.

It’s among the largest sets on our list of the best Lego Batman sets, and let me tell you, it’s a blast to see the ingenuity that went into planning out the Tumblers.

About The Tumbler

The Tumbler is a recreation of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy, one of the best Batman portrayals.

The Knight trilogy was dark and edgy, but it also gave a realistic portrayal of the legendary Dark Knit.

Plus, it gave us one of the original Batmobile ever, the Bat Tumbler. But this recreation is less of a car but more of an armored exterior bat tank on wheels.

The Dark Knight was meant to appeal to an older audience, so Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition of the Bat Tumbler is tailored to older kids and adults.


The Tumbler is an 1869 piece set, with a dimension of 5″x15″x9″.

It’s one of the massive and best Lego Batman sets on our list, and it comes with plenty of details, including two seats, a steering wheel, a computer, keyboard, and a rearview camera.


The Tumbler is a detailed replica of one of the coolest Batmobile in history,

It features exclusive minifigs, and its interior has a close resemblance to the Tumbler from the movies.

The Tumbler has six giant wheels on the front and back, a TECHNIC suspension, and hinges around the vehicle that let parts move when necessary.

Alongside the Tumbler, this set comes complete with a fact sheet and plaque with the stars from the movie.

The Tumbler has Christopher Nolan Batman and the Joker exclusive to the set when it comes to the mini-figures.

It’s an amazing detail model, featuring all the details in the movie, and a collectible difficult to pass up.

Building Details

I can’t describe how amazing this set is, especially once you complete building it.

First, it’s outright imposing due to its sheer size. Of course, it doesn’t come close to the typical Lego mini-figure; it exhibits exceptional details and an absolute looker.

Overall, it’s among the most amazing Lego assemblies and looks more like a display showpiece than a toy.

It’s easy to assemble, too and depending on the assembly efficiency, it may take 8 to 10 hours.



Best Lego Batman Set-Other Honorable Mentions

Joker Steam Roller Superheroes Batman

Joker Steam Roller Superheroes Batman

The Joker Steam Roller set includes 5 mini-figures with assorted weapons (Bruce Wayne, Bat girl, The Joker Goon, Batman, and Batman Robin). Batman the Joker and the goon come with one face, while the other has dual faces.

Additionally, the set has cool features including The Joker’s Steam Roller and rotating wings. The Joker’s steam roller has chunky gas bombs and has a smile.

Overall, this set is a great Lego Batman set for kids and adults who want exclusive minifigs.

LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator 

LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator

With his monstrous Tail Gator Truck, Killer Croc sets out to take down Batman and his Batski.

Here, you get many characters to play with, including Batman, Zebra man, Tarantula, and Killer Croc. You also get to choose who wins and loses. It’s a fun set and full of cool accessories.

The Batman Movie – Disco Batman

The Batman Movie - Disco Batman

Disco Movie set isn’t to be missed by the hardcore Batman fans and collectors.

It comes with two Batman figures. One is a clown, and the other is a roller-skating disc suit-wearing one- what’s there not to like? 

The price is also acceptable for this particular edition and is fun to play with.

The set is a wonderful addition to my “Batcave” rack!



If you need a set that helps you recreate the Batman’s Bat buggy and two stud shooters, get the Lego Movie Buggy.

This Lego set for kids includes Batman figures with Batarangs and Captain Boomerang.

It’s an easy build, and with only 198 pieces, it’s the perfect vehicle for kids between the ages of 7 and 14.

Best Lego Batman Sets Buying Guide

Best Lego Batman Sets Buying Guide

In the best Batman sets buying section below, we’ll look at everything a parent should consider when getting their kids the perfect Lego Batman set.

What to Look for when Selecting the Best Batman Set

Number of Pieces

The exact number of pieces on different Lego sets varies.

Generally, the higher the number of pieces, the more complex and sophisticated the Lego set is.

The complex sets also take a lot of time to assemble.

Now, if you’re simply looking for fun, defined by playtime and not build time, I would recommend you choose the simple Lego sets. These are the best sets for kids.

On the other hand, if you’ve strict adherence to details, you can pick Lego sets with a higher number of pieces. Keep in mind that these sets are challenging to build and will take time.

Minifigure Inspiration

This isn’t an important criterion for everyone, but each individual has their favorite Minifigure inspired by their favorite Batman movies, TV shows, or even Batman comic book.

For example, if they love the beast boy, start by getting then DC comic Lego sets. And if they love the two Kabuki Twins, get them a set with Penguin, their employer.

The point is If your kid has a favorite Minifigure, you can start by choosing sets with their favorite Minifigure.


Similar to Minifigures, Lego Batman fans also have their favorite weapons.

Some sets are loaded with their own weapons and interactive gadgets, while others are pretty sparse.

Now, if your kid has a favorite weapon, it would be a good idea to pick a Lego Batman set with their preferred weapon. This is a sure way to provide them with more fun and more creative adventures.

Favorite Scenes

Your kid probably loves Batman movies, but in every movie, there’s a scene they never seem to get tired of watching.

If you identify such a scene, it would be easier for you to pick the best Lego set that appeals to them most.

Choose a Lego set with the characters, scenery, and theme that best describes their favorite scene.

Why you Need the Best Lego Batman Set

There’re numerous reasons I would recommend the best Lego Batman sets over other sets or toys.

Here’re some of the reasons:

Display as Collectibles

Lego has a unique versatility, allowing collectors to display not only characters and objects from the Batman universe but also whole scenes and stories.

Displaying these collectibles is a creative and engaging process that lets you embrace your imaginations to actualize the awesome renderings of iconic Batman stories.

Tell Lego Batman Stories

You don’t need to use spoken words to express your love for Lego Batman.

Instead, with the right Lego Batman set and Minifigures at your disposal, you can create stories straight-up.

Combine Fictional Universes

Creativity has always been at the heart of Lego.

Here, you can build, deconstruct and make a new version of nearly anything you can think of.

So, if you’ve access to Lego Batman sets from different universes, you can always bring them together for an exciting experience.

For example, who wouldn’t want to see Lego Batman team up with Wonder Woman, Marty McFly to take down the Terminator? Or even Lego Batman to go toe-in-to with Dr. Strange or Man Bat.

The point is, with Lego sets, you’ve endless possibilities, and you should be free to embrace them all.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Lego Batman Wrap Up Our Choice

Our winner for the best Lego Batman is Asylum Breakout.

We choose this set because it has lots of playability and comes with many minifigs and characters.

It’s a challenging build, helping to bring the best in terms of creativity from kids.   Yet, it has simple and easy-to-follow instructions that any kid can master.

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