Ultimate Review of The Best Lego Technic Sets in 2023

Best Lego Technic Sets

Lego Technic Sets, the advanced versions of the classic-colored building blocks, don’t always use bricks and plates as traditional sets do. Instead, they use beams and grids.

Compared to the traditional Lego Sets, Lego Technics sets are slightly more complex and offer different satisfaction for a job well done.

The best Lego Technic sets are handy for helping eager minds develop the STEM skills, heavily in demand in the modern world.

Depending on the choice of set, the Lego Technic will reveal the secret of engines, suspension, hydraulic, steering, and much more.

What I love most about the technics set is they’re truly engaging, not only for kids but also adults. They allow kids and parents to work on the Lego set together in a way no screen or app can match.

Many of the Lego Technic Sets fall under the vehicle category. It’s not a bad thing since the vast range of bells and whistles combine to create some of the coolest cars, trucks, and even excavators.

Some sets also pull double duty, with two sets of instructions, allowing you to build and rebuild different Lego using the same set.

It’s fair to say that despite their somehow higher price, Technic Sets are among the best Lego Sets you can buy for potential experimentation.

Here’s a list of the best Lego Technic sets in the market.

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LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron


LEGO Technic Mobile Crane


LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator


Lego Technic Dragster 42103


LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1



The Best Lego Technic Set For The Money

Best Lego Technic Sets FOR THE MONEY

#1 LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Everything with a Bugatti badge must exude excellence, and this Lego Chiron is no exception. 

It’s a big project to take on, but for Lego fans, especially car fans, the set is just unbeatable technic.

The set has the right mix of art and engineering that will provide you with hours of fun building the world-famous Chiron. Most importantly, it makes you appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the build once you complete working on the set.

Though the set is only a 1:8 replica of the real car, it’s the closest most Lego enthusiasts will ever get to getting personal with these limited editions. But don’t worry, this Lego Technic version won’t dig deep into your pockets or even leave you feeling short-changed.

The reason is that the set mimics the actual build process of a Bugatti Chiron from the engine to the chassis. Lego went all out with this technic set as you’ve to follow the actual build process used in a real Chiron when putting together the model.

Lego Chiron’s design is authentic as it gets, all of the way down to the oval grille, front splitter to the emblem on the wheels. Even the headlights are fashioned out of clear, cube Lego to mimic the real Bugatti Chiron’s design.

But if details on the outside and inside don’t get you going, you simply have to look at the engine and chassis. This is where all the Lego Chiron’s sophistication lies.

First, you’ll create a 16-cylinder engine, followed by the fully-functional 8-speed gearbox, before mating them together in the rest of the body. The parts move together like in a real car, and the engine, speed setting and gearbox can move and function like a real Chiron.

Also, as you build up the Lego around the functional core, a super-deluxe instruction book explains in detail how the Chiron came to be and the way to connect the different parts of Lego to mimic how the car was built.

We also find the Lego Chiron quite a unique set, differentiating itself from other technic sets. For example, you wouldn’t think the inner boxes are designed for such a powerful effect, but in reality, they do.

At this price point, we expected an entire experience, and Lego delivers on that. Heck, each car has a unique serial number under the hoods.

At 3,599 pieces, you get double-digit hours of enjoyment building the Chiron. But with so many pieces to connect, Lego recommends the kit for adults over the age of 16.

Of course, the set is compatible with other Lego kits, so it’s easy to customize and combine it with other models if you so wish.

Our only wish is there was a way to motorize this Lego Technic set. Nothing would have been better than hooking up a motor out of the box. But with Lego, nothing stops you from engineering your solution.



#2 LEGO Technic Mobile Crane - Best New Crane Set


Cranes offer plenty of scope for playability and functionality. It’s the reason why they’ve been a staple of the Technic assortments since the early years of the theme.

The Lego Technic 42108 Mobile Crane, a mid-priced set, is one of the latest cranes sets from Lego.

It looks like a real crane, but it’s not complicated either for you to figure out how to set it up.

Lego Mobile Crane set promises an exciting building experience, which most of the Technic fans can’t get enough of. Additionally, the set is fully functional and has all the functionalities that a real crane has.

For instance, the set allows you to drive the truck wherever you want and secure the crane on any location by an outrigger. If you wish, you can also have the telescoping arm extended or lowered.

The fun isn’t all about the final product but also about the building process itself.

Setting up the crane is fun, as the Lego set comes with extraordinary features. For example, the yellow and black color scheme speaks truly on how a crane should be.

Secondly, the set offers an immersive construction experience with a hint of advancement. I find the Lego the perfect gift for those who aspire to be engineers as engineering lives and breathes on this set.

When building this set, you’ll learn a lot about engineering principles, and more importantly, about how a crane operates and moves.

The set has 1,292 pieces, an underwhelming number of pieces when compared to our first pick. While not the biggest set, this building kit has an exceptionally clever design.

First, you get a long linear-actuator for extending the crane arm out over 30 inches long. The crane systems actuator isn’t only a great addition for this project but handy when building your creations down the road.

The back outriggers are easy and a bit effective, allowing users to control the black gear knob.

Overall, the Lego Crane set is easy to operate as it’s not complicated. The only issue is it may take some time when you need to raise or lower the boom. The long actuator means you can even spend up to sixty twists before elevating it. This means a lot of twisting, and it can be tiring.

The completed set also looks great and does everything a model of a crane should. All the functions work well, except the outriggers, which are a bit fiddly.



#3 LEGO Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator - Biggest Set


The Liebherr Excavator is one of the largest mining excavators in the world. This industrial behemoth weighs 800 tons, and it can lift 80 tons of material.

Liebherr’s fascinating technical specifications don’t end there!

It’s almost 10m high and 9 meters wide, the size of a block of flats.

Generally, the real-life Lego Liebherr is almost too massive to imagine, but it’s now easy to experience this engineering miracle in your living room.

Keep in mind that the Lego Liebherr is the most expensive Technic sets to date. To own the Liebherr Lego, you only need to be at least flippant with your money.

We recommend it for adults, though a highly motivated kid or teen could tackle this kit as well.

As you would expect, there’s some gearwork to be done when assembling this Lego set. The set comes with six sets of bags, and finishing each stage can be laborious. Generally, it takes 20-25 hours to complete the whole thing.

There’re numerous aspects of the model that can go wrong if you rush, so you should always take your time to ensure everything is right at every stage.

The excavator is remotely controlled through the Lego Technic CONTROL+ app.  The app features two smart hubs that work to control the seven motors that drive the massive machine.

However, you’ll need to provide your power since the Lego set doesn’t come with AA batteries.

The app makes it easier to control the Lego as you can drive the excavator forward, backward, tilt the bucket, move the boom or even rotate the superstructure.

One of the unique operational features of this set is the bucket and boom are moved by linear actuators. However, don’t expect the giant to move fast- once again, maintaining the real-life originality.

While constructing this behemoth is a hassle, Lego makes it easier for you by asking you to test the mechanics at every stage of the process.

For instance, if you experience trouble getting the app to connect during a test, you can plug all the motors into the other hub for the test; if it works, you can then move on with the building process.



#4 Lego Technic Dragster 42103 - Starter Set


The Lego Technic Dragster, updated in 2020, is the perfect pick for beginners and kids.

It includes 225 pieces, the least number of pieces on the Lego sets in our list. It’s a good thing, though, because it’s not intimidating for kids and beginner adults.

But don’t think you can’t do a lot with the pieces.  On the contrary, this Lego set is a 2-in-1 build, so you get two dragster models in one set.

With a fully functional pull-back motor, the Lego will allow you to shoot it off at breakneck speeds and set new speed records. If you’re not a speed star, you can simply have the Lego pop a wheelie upon release.

The motor is huge, though, but it integrates well with the rest of the Lego, thanks to the racer’s overall shaping. The long and thin design at the front and the engine piece at the back hides the large motor. Not only is the design accurate, but it also fills in any gaps at the back.

As with any other Technic vehicles, the build on this Lego begins by setting up the framework to which the Dragster’s body parts are then added. It’s a pretty straightforward process, and many Lego fans will find it quite simple. It also offers a great introductory theme to unique building techniques to beginners.

The front of the Dragster is easy to construct, but the back end offers a slightly more satisfying experience with different bar shapes and angles going together to form a fairly complex looking rear end.

Lego Dragster’s result, particularly the shape, resembles its real-life counterpart. A curved nose at the front, chunky wheels, and bright panels makes up the bodywork.

It also comes in a relatively sturdy design that can take quite a bashing without breaking- and if it does, you can always put it back together.

Plus, you’ve several ways to access the building instructions through paper or the Instruction Plus app.



#5 LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 - Best Lego Technic Muscle Car


If your kids love cars, and you want to foster an interest in engineering, then there’s no better way than to get them the Lego Technic Chevrolet Corvette.

The reason is this Lego Technic is among the best out there and has an awesome quality finish.

The sweet orange and black color scheme and a kickin’ spoiler make the Lego look more like the muscle car you know and love.

It’s also easy to build a set. You’ll probably need less than an hour to complete this American classic.

And for just a little investment, you get one of the best illustrations of how the engine and driveshaft work together to drive the car.

The V8 engine features moving pistons that work together with the rear axle. But since the set is non-motorized, you move the pistons by pushing the car.

However, non-motorization doesn’t limit the set’s performance in any way because it’s possible to add Power Up Control+ or other motors from existing sets.

The age recommendation for this Lego set is 7+ kids. But it’s not limited to kids alone as adults can also participate in building the Corvette if they technic enthusiasts.

Overall, it’s easy to build and assemble. The instruction manual also makes kids and teens love the Lego even more.

Another cool element with this set is the sneaky 2-in-1 design. While it’s unlikely you’ll find it in the printed instructions, you find directions to create a hot rod style race car on the Lego Building Instruction app.



Best Lego Technic Set Buying Guide

Best Lego Technic Sets buying guide

Choosing the best Lego Technic set can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be so.

In the text below, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide that will help you in selecting the best Lego Technic set for your needs.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Lego Technic Set

Skill Level

Lego Technic sets are generally more complex than traditional sets.

However, some of the technic sets take complexity to a whole new level.

Therefore, we recommend you consider your skill level when choosing a set.

Don’t go for one that is too complex to figure out, or too simple, either.

The trick is finding something that is challenging enough yet not too easy peasy.

Fun to Play with

Having a finished model that is fun to play with is as important as the building process.

Your completed project should be a delight to your eyes, and so should be the building process,

Pricing and Value

When choosing a Technic set, consider your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for it.

They’re budget option sets going anywhere from $70 to $200.

On the other hand, more high-end models such as the truck and construction set can go an upward of $500.

Either way, a good rule of thumb when purchasing a Lego Technic set is to go for sets costing about 10 cents a brick.

If you find something costing less, that’s a great deal.

But keep in mind some settings such as the retired or popular set can be quite expensive, and their prices change frequently.

However, the 10 cent a brick standard is what I consider a family-friendly price.


Generally, technic sets are based on vehicle type, but mostly in tool variation.

For instance, you get more wheels, tracks, and industrial parts with the construction set.

On the other hand, aircraft, car seats, and motorcycle units have more blocks and smaller pieces.


Size also matters when purchasing a Lego set.

If you’re looking for a big Lego set, you can go for trucks, and excavation vehicles, which are generally chunky.

However, if you prefer a simple option, go for the technic car and motorcycle sets.

Number of Pieces/Ease of Build

It’s easy to think that the more pieces a Technic set, the more difficult the building process is.

In most cases, it is, but not always the case.

The difficulty of the set goes more than the number of pieces involved.

Some of the most challenging builder sets include excavator sets, luxury car collectibles, and crane sets.

Meanwhile, the easiest models you can put together are forklifts, cars, and motorcycles.

What’s the Recommended Age?

Age determines the type of Lego set to go for.

Here’s a breakdown of the coolest technic sets according to age;


Technic Sets


Technic RC cars and racers, Arctic Trucks, Hovercrafts, Jets and Bulldozers


Mid-range aviation sets, Loaders, Cranes


Excavators, Cranes Semi-truck, & replicas of sports cars

FAQs About Lego Technic Sets (FAQs)

Q; What is the biggest Lego Technic?

A: Currently, the Liebherr Excavator is the largest set, coming in with more than four thousand pieces.

It also has the biggest finished dimension at 25 inches in length.

Other large Technic sets are the Mobile Crane and Car Transporter.

Q: What are some of the budget-friendly Lego Technic sets?

A: Technic Set’s prices vary depending on various factors such as the set’s popularity, rarity, and merchant.

However, the technic set currently in the product with the lowest price is the Lego Technic Cherry Picker building kit.

Other budget-friendly options include Technic Buggy Dun and Mini Claas Xerion Toy Tractor.

Q: Can I motorize a Lego Technic?

A: Most of the sets on our list come with motors, but you can always buy separate motors for your creations.

Q: What if a set I order is missing pieces?

A: According to Lego, it’s quite rare to find pieces missing from brand new sets.

A glance at user reviews also shows not many have run into that issue.

However, if you happen to find a piece missing, you can contact Lego or your merchant for a replacement.

Q: Are there other options to learn Technic concepts?

A: Building is the best way to create Lego, though they’re good books that can help kids learn some engineering principles.

Kids also need adult supervision when starting with the creation. Otherwise, they’re likely to lose interest fast.

Q: What are other good gifts for kids who like to build?

A: Lego Technic sets don’t always appeal to every kid.

If your kid is one of them, you can consider getting them RC’s, erector sets, or model cars closely resembling Lego.

What Makes Lego Technic Sets Different from other Legos?

First, the pieces in Lego Technic sets are compatible with standard Legos, though it’s likely you will see many of the familiar standard bricks in a set.

Lego Technic sets use different pieces, like gear, beams, and axles, to create advanced moving parts and systems.

More importantly, these sets have a more realistic function than the traditional sets.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Lego Technic Sets wrap up

Our list of the best Lego technic sets has some fantastic options, but none beats the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron.

We feel this set has everything you need to rev your imagination and learn more about the basic principles of engineering.

It also allows you to mimic one of the rarest and iconic car models in the market today.

Lego Technic Chiron runs a little expensive, though, and might be too complex for beginners or kids.

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