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Ultimate Review of The Best Lego Robots in 2023

Best Lego Robots

If there’s one common take away from films like Terminator, Robot, Transformers, I, and WALL-E, robots are the future.

And from the look of things today, you can even make a case that robots are the present.

I mean, from the self-driven cars, smarter home devices to the more convenient robot-lead solutions in public spaces, robots are here with us.

Now, if your kids have always been fascinated by robots, there would be no better way to bring them closer to the mechanical world than get them a robotic set.

A robotic kit should be of interest to any parent who wishes to encourage their kid’s interest in the STEM fields.

Often, schools turn to robots to teach youngsters about physics and math concepts, but they can also serve as a creative outlet and source of fun at home.

While there’re numerous robo-toys out there, none of them could be more exciting than combining Lego with robots.

Based on our own experiences, Lego Robots go beyond the building concepts of most robotics kits.

Instead, they’ve something unique that encourages other broader thinking skills like hands-on creativity, problem-solving, communication, and things like teamwork.

And while you might think of Lego Robotics as only for middle and high schoolers, you’ll be surprised that some of the robotics can be used for youngsters and kids as young as three years.

But with plenty of these toys in the market, choosing the best lego Robot set can feel intimidating.

But we’re here to help.

Here, we provide you with a detailed guide on selecting the robot set for your needs. We’ve also thrown in five of our favorite toys, which we think might interest the Lego Creator in you.

So, whether you need a toy to recreate a robot bird, or robot dog, we’ll help.

In a Hurry? Here's Our Choice!

Best Lego Robots wrap up

Our winner for the best robotics kits is the Lego Boost.

We choose this set as our top pick because it’s a great beginner option and is easy to build for most robotics fans.

Additionally, the included robots come with many details, and there’s a lot, in general, to love with this option.

It’s not expensive either, and the controls are super easy and straightforward.

Table of Contents

Quick Comparison Table!

Lego Boost


Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor




Robot WALL E Kit


LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander



The Best Lego Robots For The Money

Best Lego Robots for the money

#1 Lego Boost - Beginner Pick


Our first pick, the Lego Boost Robotics, is a joy to put together and among the easiest to program.

It offers a fantastic overall experience, especially for builders with no experience.

With only 847-pieces, it’s a prized option for your child as it is easy to build.

And because it’s based on Lego, the possibilities of creative expansiveness are boundless.

True beginners won’t face problems assembling the set because the instructions for building and programming this robot toy are available in a simple programming software that even non-readers can follow.

The Lego Boost’s programmable sensors can detect movement, distance, and color.

And that’s not all!

The Leg Boost programming app is compatible with various devices and lays out the building sets and instructions in an integrated curriculum.

It also has different suggested builds, totaling up to five- Vernie the humanoid, a rover, a cat, a guitar, and a building machine.

Combined, these builds will amount to more than eight hours of pure fun, and you’re less likely to get with the set than with others that include fewer projects.

Our favorite build is the Vernie. It’s an easy build, and when we tested the building experience by assembling a humanoid robot, it only took my boys under two hours- right at the sweet spot for the most enjoyable build time.

The only drawback with Lego Boost is the piece-by-piece instruction doesn’t build a deep understanding of how the robot works mechanically.

Additionally, the model is specifically aimed at beginners, so its capabilities are not as advanced for professionals.



#2 Lego Mindstorms Robot Inventor - For Advanced Creators


Lego Boost is a great pick, but professionals may feel it’s not as challenging as they would have hoped.

Now, if you need a model for the more sophisticated fun building experience, you can’t go wrong with the Robot Inventor.

This robotic kit includes more sophisticated sensors and more programming options. It’s best suited for robotics fans with more experience.

It’s an expensive set, though, and for nearly double the price of our top pick, Robot Inventor offers complex building features that are appealing for those who need to get deeper into robotics.

I mentioned the set is for advanced builders, but the good thing with the set is it makes the building a lot easier, thanks to the set’s easy-to-use app that walks you through the instructions. Kids can also use the set, as you can always step in and help your child at the appropriate points.

As with the Boost, Lego Mindstorms Ev3, the inventor gives my boys the option of creating robots from five different builds, which they can then program with Scratch or Python.

The best part, though, is the building items are also compatible with Lego Technic, a combination that lets you utilize the Inventor’s intelligent brain with other build options.

As for the number of parts, Lego Inventor features 949 bricks, nearly 100 more than the Boost Kit.

Assembling our favorite build, the humanoid Blast that can roll itself, shoot darts, pick objects and do more, takes approximately 4 hours. It’s a bit longer than some of the robots on our review list, but it’s still manageable, especially when broken down over several days of building sessions.

Lego’s Mindstorms software comes with instructions for the five different builds. While they’re easy to follow, I suggest using a computer/tablet over a phone.



#3 LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Kit - Best for Kids Above Age 10


The Lego EV3 is an impressive robot kit suitable for kids ages ten and up.

As with our previously reviewed options, EV3 is programmable and can be set to walk, talk, play games, and complete tasks.

The set is an upgrade to the Boost Kit, and it’s advanced in every way you could think of.

First, we love that it can be built into five different robots and uses Lego’s more advanced software, EV3.

The intuitive software is easy to use, thanks to the drag and drop system that makes programming a delight and eventually teaches your children how to code.

This is not to mention it will give your child a huge amount of scope, allowing them to create robots that can do many tasks and even think for themselves.

On top of the software, the EV3 comes with a free Robot Commander app. It’s compatible with a whole range of devices; my children love using it with my infrared remote control.

While it’s a bit pricey than the Boost, I feel it is cut above. It has plenty of offers, and the tech-savvy children will love spending time assembling the 600 pieces into their favorite build.



#4 Robot WALL E Kit - Best Cute Factor


In Disney Pixar’s futuristic classic, Wall-E roams the Earth, cleaning up the mess humans left behind. But that until he finds EVE- a probe sent to Earth- and falls in love.

Now, if you’re a fan of the Wall-E movie, then the Robot Ideas WALL E 21303 is a must for you.

I also feel it’s a great model for the Disney children as well.

Robot Ideas WALL E 21303 is an authentic replica of the famous waste management robot, coming with posable hands, arms, and eyes. The movable tracks mean your child can act out scenes from the film. It also has a trunk that opens and closes, just like the movie.

One of my favorite elements with the Robot Ideas WALL E 21303 is that it’s one of the beautifully detailed and designed kits out there.

The kit also comes with plenty of extras, including a great little booklet that educates your child more about the designer and the film itself.

Although Robot Ideas WALL E 21303 is not programmable and won’t roll on its own, kids love how its tracks roll smoothly, with just a little push.

With 700 pieces and standing 7-inches tall, it’s not the most challenging robotics kits.

Once he’s been constructed, this limited-edition Robot Ideas WALL E 21303 is considered a collector’s item. However, since Lego no longer makes this model, it comes at a hefty price point.



#5 LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander - Best for Star War Lego Creator


Star Wars Galaxy Edge isn’t the only place for building droids.

With the new LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander, Star Wars fans can create three characters:

  •         Mouse Droid
  •         Gonk Droid
  •         R2-D2

Even better, all characters can be controlled through the Lego Boost app on different smart devices.

My favorite figure is Gonk Droid. I love how he leans side-to-side as he walks, and it’s pretty amazing to see how he comes to life with the gears, motors, and turn shafts.

RD-D2 is also an awesome build and comes with all the personality you would expect from the most popular Astromech droid.

I’m not a big fan of the last build, the Mouse Droid, as he’s the least appealing of the three builds, and his abilities feel a bit limited.

Nonetheless, I love that I can control all the robots by use of the Leo Boost app.

For instance, I can stack commands, build a string of motions, play games or simply steer each droid, all within the app.

Additionally, expert builders will enjoy working on specialized skills such as firing projectiles, battle actions, and unlocking a door.

My biggest complaint with the LEGO Star Wars Boost Droid Commander is removing the motors and sensors from one droid and installing it to the next. I feel the process is more frustrating than it should be.

But it isn’t a deal-breaker, and I would happily recommend this set for those interested in learning more about programming technology and robotics and those who happen to the Star War fans.



Best Lego Robot Buying Guide

Best Lego Robots buying guide

In the section below, I share everything you need to know about selecting the Lego Robots.

But first, let’s look at the two types of Lego Robot kits

Two Types of Lego Robot Kits

Lego sets come in two distinct categories; programmable and models.

Determining which type your kids prefer will be the starting point of finding the best kit for them.

Programmable robotics kits have sensors and motors, controlled through a “code” your kids create on their computer or smart device.

The programmable models move independently, or your kids trigger their motion through their device.

Generally, the programmable models come with either Lego Boost or Lego Mindstorms kit.

On the other hand, the best robot is a kit your kids build and can play with like an action figure.

They’ve moving parts, but the parts lack the independent motion of the programmable models.

The set may also be found on other Lego-themed kits such as Creators, Ninjago Ideas, and Star Wars.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Lego Robots

Now that you’ve an idea of the best toys let’s look at the essential factors to consider in your next Lego Robot selection.

Multiple Designs

Customization of the robots is essential and having a Lego robotic set that keeps offering new ways to layout your robot offers more hours of fun and excitement.

A Lego kit offering multiple designs is excellent and having one with numerous coding and building features unique to those designs is even better.

Easy to Use Software

While building robotics kits is about coding skills and programming technology, it still has a fun side.

So, you must choose a Lego set that is easy to use and one that will allow for plenty of learning to occur rather than frustration.


Lego Robotic sets differ in terms of complexity and the number of pieces included.

The set should align with your kids age.

For example, Lego robots with plenty of bricks are generally considered challenging and may not be suitable for kids under ages 5.

Conversely, if your kids are teens, you may want to get them a set that is a bit more challenging.

Lego Robot Kit Prices

The best programmable robotics kits on Amazon are expensive, and if you’re on a budget, I would suggest you stick to the robot models.

Best Lego Robot Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I use any device for programming and operating my Lego Robot?

A: While Lego apps work incredibly well on various devices, you need to check for specific compatibility to ensure your device will work on your device.

Q: How difficult is programming a Lego Robot?

A: Programming a Lego Robot isn’t difficult because it is achieved by simply dragging and dropping icons. Using this method, it’s fairly easy to create some complex programs that aren’t challenging to write.

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