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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting a LEGO Collection

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Starting a LEGO® Collection

Today we get to talk about one of the most fun and family-friendly collectible hobbies: LEGO® sets. Unlike similar collecting hobbies such as stamp collecting, coin collecting or sports trading card collecting, there’s more than sourcing and keeping. Instead, you are able to open, appreciate, build, and grow your collection. And, you don’t have to do it alone, either. 

With such a popular hobby being accessible to all and to the many, we simply couldn’t miss this Danish creation out of our ‘Ultimate Guide’ collection here at The Hobby Kraze. While you may have dabbled in building blocks throughout your early years in childhood, it’ll never be the same as experiencing the same level of intricate design and joyful fulfilment as picking up LEGO® collecting as an adult.

So, with that, the team here at The Hobby Kraze wanted to bring you our ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection with a sprinkling of creative nostalgia. In this article, we’ll be covering the following topics of LEGO® sets, so be sure to keep reading to find out how far your new hobby with the LEGO® shop UK can go.

  1. What is the Hobby of LEGO® Sets?
  2. Why Start A Hobby in LEGO® Collecting?
  3. The History of LEGO® and the Growth of the LEGO® Shop UK
  4. How LEGO® Sets Can Become the Pinnacle for Investment
  5. The Most Popular LEGO® Sets from the LEGO® Investment Guide
  6. The Best LEGO® Sets for a Beginner in the Hobby and Where You Can Find Them 
  7. How You Can Become a LEGO® Master Builder 
  8. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LEGO® Collection and Sustainability
  9. The Wonderful World of LEGO® 

Now, before we get going, we’ve got to add that LEGO® collecting is not just collection and building of LEGO® sets. It can be anything from designing your own, restoring old collections, investing in the collection of popular or rare sets and more. So, a top tip from the team here at The Hobby Kraze is to remain open and flexible with your LEGO® sets and let your enjoyment take you down whichever avenue of the LEGO® investment guide feels right.

Without further ado, let’s head into the ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection:

What is the Hobby of LEGO® Sets?

What is the Hobby of LEGO® Sets

If you’re new to the world of LEGO®, we have a brief explanation for you. As a young child, LEGO® becomes a large part of your life. With bricks ranging in shapes and sizes, there are specific areas that are synonymous and – in fact – patented by the LEGO® family. 

The most classic chape of the LEGO® collection is the brick. While there have been other important shapes crated in the franchise and further speciality building blocks, the ‘brick’ will always remain the ultimate LEGO® piece. 

The brick is shaped as a small 1:1:2 (H:W:L) cuboid and has 8 circular protrusions named studs from the top. The inside is hollow but contains ‘structural beams’. These beams will then help the brick to stay secure on top of on-another, using the studs and beams as connectors. 

And, now we get to the hobby of LEGO® sets and how adding a multitude of these bricks together can create limitless structures such as the Eiffel Tower, the car from your favourite Marvel movie or a seasonal sleigh big enough to ride in. It is this freedom in creativity that attracts everyone to LEGO® collecting. However, there are also dozens of the pre-established LEGO® sets on the market with specific themes and characters that allow them to become a collectible.

Why Start A Hobby in LEGO® Collecting?

Why Start A Hobby in LEGO® Collecting

There are so many reasons why you should start a hobby in LEGO® collecting from the potential monetary benefits to the relaxing nature of watching something you have made come to life. So, the ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection has listed them for you:

  • It releases the happy hormones (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, etc.)
  • It can be relaxing
  • You have full creative freedom
  • LEGO® collecting is very affordable in comparison to many other hobbies
  • You can make LEGO® structures in any shape or size
  • There’s the ability to use pre-determined sets or make your own
  • The brand offers multi-channel convergence 
  • LEGO® is known world-wide and can be accessed or enjoyed anywhere
  • You can create your own LEGO® designs, themes and bricks
  • It can be enjoyed alone, with family or with friends
  • It can offer good investment opportunities using the LEGO® investment guide
  • They can be combined with many other interests such as Harry Potter
  • You can create beautiful centrepieces for your home
  • LEGO® now produce sustainable and plastic-free bricks
  • Your creations are durable and built to last
  • You have the opportunity to undo and re-start any of your LEGO® projects
  • LEGO® can be enjoyed come rain or shine

The History of LEGO® and the Growth of the LEGO® Shop UK

The History of LEGO® and the Growth of the LEGO® Shop UK

If we want to know the history of LEGO® collecting, we’ve first got to understand how the brand of LEGO® came to be.

In Denmark of 1916, a young woodworker and carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen would open up his own shop. This shop was to produce furniture and household items such as the ladder, ironing board and stool. 

Then, in 1924, when Christiansen was happily married and with children, his two boys accidently set alight a pile of woodchips on the floor just before Christiansen wanted to expand. The flames engulfed the entire building and his business fell to the ground. But, instead of giving up, Christiansen battled through this tragedy and more to come. 

Then, in 1932, after a second fire took the family business, Ole Kirk Christiansen decided he would use his skills to make something to spread joy and happiness among his family and other families in Denmark: wooden toys. 

A few years later, in 1935, came the branding. Mr. Christiansen wanted to go with two Danish words that would mean ‘play well’; these words were “Leg Godt”. And, when shortened to ‘LEGO’ ironically also means ‘put together’ in Latin, but he didn’t know this at the time. 

When the 1940s hit, the world of plastic toys was dawning, and Christiansen purchased his first plastic moulding machine. With this, he began experimenting with various toys and shapes, eventually creating the building block. These bricks were actually released under the name “Automatic Binding Bricks” but was swiftly changed to LEGO® as part of the brand in 1953. 

Since then, the brand has seen even more considerable changes and milestones that would take them to the modern brand we know today. Milestones included the family business being passed down to his sons, the wooden warehouse burning down for the third time and themes being released, too. 

However, it wouldn’t be until 1978 where the iconic figurines were introduced to the market, allowing characters and role play to take off in the brand. Which brings us all the way to the modern LEGO® collecting of LEGO® sets. In 2018, LEGO® celebrated their 60th anniversary of building the iconic LEGO® sets and their bricks and it remains one of the most popular hobbies among children and adults across the globe.

How LEGO® Sets Can Become the Pinnacle for Investment

How LEGO® Sets Can Become the Pinnacle for Investment

This worldwide popularity and growth of the LEGO® brand is ever-more prominent when we look towards the LEGO® investment guide. And, while The Hobby Kraze will always advise engaging with a hobby for its natural enjoyment and health benefits, it doesn’t mean you can’t begin to make a profit with your LEGO® collection. 

In fact, it’s quite understandable if you do decide to make an investment out of LEGO® sets due to its opportunities in the asset-stock exchange. Many would even say that it’s worth more in weight than gold. Which, according to reports from the 2015 stock market, is true as LEGO® generated a better return of investment. 

So, there are two ways to invest in LEGO®. The first being the traditional route of buying stocks and letting them grow before releasing bonds. The second, the route for hobbyists like yourselves and the team here at The Hobby Kraze, is to buy and sell rare or popular LEGO® sets. 

Yet, if you’re looking to invest, there are a few angles you should consider, first. For example; The LEGO® investment guide can contain a multitude of LEGO® sets from over the years where pieces from 50 years ago will still be indistinguishable from those today. And, with LEGO® being the world’s number one toymaker, they have no reason to change. We hope they don’t!

As well as this, you should be aware that the LEGO® investment guide and stock market only works when people place value on a particular set. Meaning age, collection and LEGO® set doesn’t matter until you hear of their demand. One way to test for this demand is to look at the LEGO® shop UK, see if the collection is based around popular culture and find out if it will be a limited collection with a small manufacturing run. 

A final consideration for the LEGO® investment guide is knowing that your investment will reach a far higher value if the LEGO® sets are being sold as MISB (mint in sealed box). Which would mean that you don’t get to enjoy or build the set yourself. And, because we are The Hobby Kraze, it’s our job to make sure you’re enjoying your hobby to the max. So, if you’d like to play with the LEGO® sets, then instead of LEGO® collecting, you should simply play with the LEGO®.

The Most Popular LEGO® Sets from the LEGO® Investment Guide

The Most Popular LEGO® Sets from the LEGO® Investment Guide

We know that LEGO® sets can reach a high value, but it’s important to know which LEGO® sets have the highest value and popularity rankings. This will let you know if you should head into your LEGO® shop UK with a big wallet, low hopes for collection or if you should consider LEGO® collecting in the other sets.

So, here’s a list of the 5 most expensive and sought-after collections including classic remake LEGO® sets and the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS):

  1. The Hans Christian Andersen ‘Clumsy Hands’ (2015 Edition)
  2. The Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon (2000 Edition)
  3. The TMNT Series’ Antonio’s Pizza-Rama (NY Comic Con 2012 Exclusive)
  4. The Piper Airplane (2012 LEGO® Exclusive)
  5. The Han Solo on Taunaun (2011 Miniland Exclusive)

If you ever get your hands on any of these sets, then we salute you. And, we’d love to see you share them with the team at The Hobby Kraze across social media as part of the ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection.

The Best LEGO® Sets for a Beginner in the Hobby and Where You Can Find Them

The Best LEGO® Sets for a Beginner in the Hobby and Where You Can Find Them

Telling you which the best LEGO® sets for you to own as a beginner to LEGO® collecting can be difficult and can depend on your age, your likes and your headspace. For example, a younger age would be best suited to the LEGO® Duplo range where the bricks are all twice the size for ease and safety. However, if you’re heading into the LEGO® collecting hobby as a beginner adult, you’ll could either want to have a large themed project to start with or a small and manageable project. 

So, to help you find the best LEGO® sets in this ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection, the team has created a list of some of the must haves:

  • LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box
  • LEGO® Ninjago Legacy: The Masters of Spinjitzu
  • LEGO® Minecraft: The Zombie Cave
  • LEGO® Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (New Edition)
  • LEGO® Architecture: The Statue of liberty
  • LEGO® Creator Expert: Parisian Restaurant
  • LEGO® Ideas: Friends the Television Series Central Perk

On the other hand, one of the best things you could do, is enter one of the 17 LEGO® shop UK wonderlands for you to explore and find which LEGO® sets suit you.

How You Can Become a LEGO® Master Builder

How You Can Become a LEGO® Master Builder

If you’ve read this ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection, developed a love for the brand and the hobby of building bricks and you’re ready to take the next step., consider taking a job as a LEGO® Master Builder. 

This job allows you to spend your days creating the magnificent sculptures seen throughout the LEGO® Legoland resorts and LEGO® Discovery Centers. And, no working day is alike; where one day you are building a sculpture for the next big exhibition, the next you are creating store-front figurines for passers-by’s to enjoy. 

And, while the job may seem like a playground for the LEGO® collection enthusiast with a clear high demand, you don’t get the same creative freedom as you would by simply buying your LEGO® sets and putting the bricks together to create your vision.

But, if this is the job for you, then here’s a list of the essential qualifications:

  • Have a creative mind
  • Show imagination
  • Look at things in a different light and find new avenues for tasks
  • Hold a strong attention to detail
  • Be passionate about LEGO® collecting and LEGO® sets
  • Think in a mechanical way to understand physics and structures
  • Have an organised and put-together personality
  • Be able to have a sense of humour and makes friends wherever you go
  • Have effective communication skills
  • Show leadership qualities
  • Be a large team player as well as showing initiative for singular learning
  • Have history in technical operations such as digital design and computer logic

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LEGO® Collection and Sustainability

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to LEGO® Collection and Sustainability

A quote from Ole Kirk Christiansen reads; “We want only the best […] We must make better bricks from even better material on even better machinery.  We must get the best people for our company”. And, his vision couldn’t be truer and more felt than at a time where the LEGO® brand has made a positive move towards world sustainability by using sugarcane-based plastics. 

From 2018 onwards, all LEGO® sets sold by the LEGO® shop UK and other global stores will only include this new sustainable material rather than the original plastic. And, the aim is to have all LEGO® products, worldwide, made out of this polyethene material by 2030. 

As the new sugarcane-based plastic is produced using plants that grow as fast as we consume it, it is a sustainable farmed good. And, this use of plant-based products allows for a more biodegradable economy of goods firmly approved by the WWF and doesn’t affect any global food products.

Not only this, but they will be introducing recycled materials to package the LEGO® sets while incorporating reduced CO2 and overall reductions in environmental waste. Meaning this ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collecting will always strongly support your new hobby in LEGO® collecting over many other different hobbies out there.

The Wonderful World of LEGO®

expensive hobbies

As this is the ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection, there’s some other nuggets of information you should probably gather up, too. LEGO® collecting is not the only side of LEGO® there is to having fun. As a brand, LEGO® invested its iconic characters across a multitude of mediums including the big screen. In fact, aside from the standard LEGO® collection and building, there are 13 walks of life for the LEGO® brand across news outlets, theme parks, charitable foundations, competitions and more. 

Here’s a list for you to explore for yourself:

The LEGO® Movie Franchise

One of the more popular and well-known areas of the LEGO® world is the movies that have been produced. However, lesser known is that LEGO® sets of movies go beyond the big screen and into the living room. 

The most well-known releases to come from LEGO® include the 2014 LEGO® Movie, 2017 LEGO® Batman Movie, 2017 LEGO® Ninjago Movie and 2019 LEGO® Movie 2: The Second Part. 

Other than this, they have created series’, shorts and straight-to-disc movies such as: Bionicle, LEGO® Friends, LEGO® DC Comics, LEGO® Scooby Doo!, LEGO® Star Wars, LEGO® Indiana Jones, The LEGO® Story, LEGO® Atlantis, LEGO® Elves, LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes, LEGO® Jurassic World, and more.

So, there can be much more to your LEGO® collecting hobby than simply buying, collecting and building your LEGO® sets. 

The LEGO® Foundation

Th LEGO® Foundation is a charitable cause that helps to support children learn across the globe who don’t have traditional access to education. And, their main goal is to invoke the act of learning through play; their entire ethos as a brand from the beginning. 

Working in both the humanitarian sphere to help those in crisis regions and in research centres to help children learn by monitoring development through play, the LEGO® Foundation is a tribe of individuals striving to make positive change in the world. And, being a company who cares for all our hobbyists and more, we can’t think of a better brand to sink a hobby into.

LEGO® Ideas

LEGO® Ideas is a LEGO® funded community page for ideas, product designs, competitions, art, activities and blogs. The entire idea is based around bringing like-minded LEGO® collecting enthusiasts together in order to create, build and innovate new projects for the LEGO® collecting community. They say it all begins with an idea. Then, you play to build, submit and share your new creations.

LEGO® House

Based in the hometown of the LEGO® brick, Billund is now home to the LEGO® House. A large building where people can visit, plan activities, build and enjoy their day with their family. With an in-house café and restaurant, it is the ultimate tourist attraction for Denmark’s travellers. 

The LEGO® House has 6 areas to choose from, all packed with fun and adventure for kids of all ages. And, the themes can vary throughout the year. At the time of writing, they are running the ultimate Halloween in LEGO® event.

LEGO® Video Games

Much of these stemming from the success of the LEGO® movie franchise, there have been many LEGO® collection games and apps across a multitude of platforms for everyone to enjoy. In the LEGO® shop UK, you can buy PC games such as LEGO® City Undercover, LEGO® Marvel Superheroes, LEGO® DC Villains, LEGO® Worlds and more. 

And, for your little ones who are looking to join in on your hobby fun with LEGO® sets, there’s apps such as LEGO® Duplo World and LEGO® Legacy for them to play and learn.

LEGO® Discovery Center

The LEGO® Discovery Center’s are the ultimate indoor playground for young children and families. So, if you’re reading this ultimate beginner’s guide to LEGO® collection with the aim of involving your kids and family, this is the place to go. With play sessions, a LEGO® shop UK, a café, a playground and an activities schedule, there’s always something fun for the family to participate in.

LEGO® Life Magazine

LEGO® Life Magazine might be what it says on the tin. But, it is a children’s magazine aimed at ages 5 to 9 to help them engage in new ideas, new builds and potential competitions to stretch their imagination. 

Not only this, but LEGO® Life Magazine also features an accompanying app for kids to interact with and share new builds. Not to mention, it offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to the hard-copy magazines we see stock-piling the shelves.

LEGO® Education

Much like the LEGO® Foundation, this group works towards providing vital education to kids around the world. With categories from early learning to primary and secondary, kids are provided with tailored learning modes to help stimulate and engage their brains. 

LEGO® Education takes little ones beyond basic LEGO® sets and LEGO® collecting into becoming its own LEGO® investment guide. In this case, the investment is their future. The programmes focus on teaching kids the benefits to transferrable skills such as coding, statistics, creativity, collaboration and more. 

LEGO® News

As a platform for adults, the LEGO® News webpage brings together all the new press releases, product listings, and events surrounding the LEGO® family. Which, when engaging in your new LEGO® collecting and LEGO® sets hobby, should be a news site frequented by you, too. 

They cover everything including; products, responsibility, design and innovation, creative play, events, brand news, financial information, management and current events.

LEGO® Legoland

As one of the most iconic themes parks in the UK, LEGO® Legoland is the perfect day out for kids of all ages where the entire theme park is made out of LEGO® and LEGO® only. 

With theme parks located across the world, there’s always a place you can go. Check them out: Billund, Windsor, California, Dubai, Florida, Germany, Japan, Malaysia and New York. And, housing rides, attractions, activities and challenges around every colourful corner, it’s hard to say no even as a big kid.


Brickipedia is the unofficial go-to for all things LEGO® related. From information about the newest builds to the little-known facts about the company. It is the LEGO® bricks fan-based version of Wikipedia, where news, events and information can be shared by fans, fact-checked by the pros and uploaded for all to discover. 

Travelling Bricks

Another unofficial venture with LEGO® collecting, the Travelling Bricks exhibition is a not-to-be-missed event of awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping creations from life-size dinosaurs to digital space exhibitions. The World Touring Exhibitions team work tirelessly alongside the help of LEGO® to create unmissable and unique tours for LEGO® collecting enthusiasts all over Europe to come and see.

Brick World

A final instalment in the wide world of LEGO® is Brick World. An American-based convention that travels across many states to bring together LEGO® collecting hobbyists and lobbyists. They sell themselves on being able to provide you with vast amounts of LEGO® fun including; building creations on site, participating in contests, hanging out with like-minded friends, learning more about the hobby and having family fun by walking around all the exhibitions and creations. 

However, while you may get a goodie bag for attending, you don’t get to enjoy the marvel of the LEGO® shop UK merchandise for you to take home and build.


So, there you have it; your ultimate beginner’s guide to collection from the history of the brand to the ways you can take building and collection further into the LEGO® investment guide. 

Here at The Hobby Kraze, we love to see your progression with your hobbies and collections, so be sure to share your new passions and builds with the team through our social media pages!

Otherwise, don’t forget to check-out all the other amazing hobbies that you can try out and adopt. The Hobby Kraze is the hub for all things; ‘hobby’, ‘healthy’ and ‘fun’. So, if you’re looking for a new outdoor adventure, look towards The Ultimate Guide to Hiking for Beginners. Or, for a more indoor-type build, find out how you can create lasting love and warmth through The Ultimate Guide to Knitting for Beginners. Discover how you can unleash the hobbies in you, today!

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