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Ultimate Review of The Best Lego Minecraft Sets in 2023

Best Lego Minecraft Set

Few collaborations are as natural as Lego and Minecraft.

It’s not a surprise, though, considering both are based on bricks, i.e., Lego is all about replicating characters in block form, while Minecraft is a wildly-popular brick-based game.

Lego Minecraft combination is fun to play with, and improves creativity & motor skills, especially in kids. The set is even used as a teaching tool in several classrooms to explain the different concepts of physics, such as gravity.

And the good thing with the combo is it breaks all the stereotypes associated with playing online games.

See, it’s popularly believed that games, particularly video games, are a lazy and mind-numbing waste of time.

However, Lego Minecraft combines the convenience of online games and the competitiveness of outdoor games.

The combination is good for your kid on a physiological level and encourages them to strive for better.

Now, while Lego Minecraft is still new to the market, only having been released in 2012, there’re numerous options to pick from, which can feel challenging.

To help you choose the best option for your needs, we’ve reviewed our favorite options, all that we feel would make great gifts for kids who love both plastic and computer-generated games.

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Quick Comparison Table!

LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures


Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure


The Skeleton Attack


The Polar Igloo


Lego Minecraft The Fortress



The Best Lego Minecraft Sets For The Money

Best Lego Minecraft Set for the money

#1 LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The words ‘Minecraft’ or ‘Lego’ brings a smile to my 9-year-old son’s face, so to combine the two is to get a giant beaming smile.

And in his opinion, Lego has hit a home run with their new Lego Minecraft set, The Bedrock Adventures kit.

It’s the best set there is, and although it has been discontinued, it’s still available for purchase, and reviewers gush over the set for its ease of use and playability.

The set comes with 644 multi-colored pieces, and at first, I thought they were too much for my son.

To my surprise, he didn’t struggle recreating the block and wasn’t left frustrated as he normally is with other Lego sets.

Some younger players, though, may have a little trouble distinguishing the gray and darker gray, but for the most part, the instructions are easy and pretty straightforward. But you can always step in when your kid hits a frustrating patch.

As its name suggests, the Bedrock Adventure lets your kid use Legos to descend into the bedrock of Minecraft.

Here, they can build a multi-level environment that mimics the actual environment for mining down into the ground.

As with the true Minecraft Mining scene, the top of the set has dirt and trees and comes with ladders to help the minifigs descend into the mining levels.

Your kids will also find plenty of minifigs to play with. The two most important minifigs are Steve and Alex.

They’ll use the two main characters to fight antagonists such as the zombies, silverfish, cave spider, and Creeper.

And if you think the best part with this set is the battle and mining, you’re mistaken!

Part of the set’s fun is the ability to build and change the environment you’re playing in.

While The Bedrock Adventure offers a more structured play, there’s no “best” way of setting up for the adventure. This means your kid is less likely to get bored seeing the same scene whenever they want to play.

It helps with imaginative play away from the TV screens and a great way for them to enjoy playing sessions without being plugged into technology along the way.

With a host of minifigs and a modular design, The Bedrock Adventure is sure to keep your kids occupied for quite a while.



#2 Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure - Best for Pirate-Themed Enthusiasts


Our second pick is exactly the right item for a kid obsessed with Minecraft and pirates.

The Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure Set lets the kids build a pirate ship and go on an exciting adventure to save a dolphin and the turtle from the zombies.

It offers your kid an opportunity to make a cool pirate ship with a gangplank and missile cannons that launch! There’s even an island you can separate or attach to the ship.

The set is small, only coming with 386 pieces in total. It’s easy to build, and I don’t even have to step in to help my son build the set. I love detailed the instructions and how well grouped the bags of bricks are arranged to help with easier construction.

And that’s not all!

My son loves pairing the set with other Minecraft-themed sets. The set makes it easier for him to mix and match the pieces, but he always likes keeping the ship together instead of taking it apart.

The set has a unique selection of characters, but we couldn’t help but notice Alex was again in these. She comes equipped with a fishing rod.

A zombie is included, too, having appeared in the Bedrock Adventures. However, the set’s zombie comes with a new firebase element, exclusive to the set, representing how zombies burst into flames during daytime in Minecraft.

We also have a pirate, with a new exclusive printing. The pirate also sports a golden sword element.

Three brick-built animals are also in the set- a turtle, parrot, and dolphin.

Both the turtle and parrot look a bit disproportionate to their in-game counterparts, but it’s to be expected since both are brick-built.

The dolphin is the most accurate of the three animals in the game. It comes with posable front flippers and a posable tail.  Additionally, the brick head flaunts printed “eyes” and looks quite fantastic.

Finally, we’ve the pirate ship, which is packed with a lot of details.

It has a classic shape going for it and flaunts numerous features, including firing cabins, large sail, pirate map, a pirate flag, etc.

Even better, the ship is modular and can be split into different pieces. You can even place the section around the island for a shipwrecked look.

Overall, the set offers a unique way of blending structured and imaginative play.

It will keep your kid preoccupied for hours, and the modular design means they can always change the scene to suit their playing needs.



#3 The Skeleton Attack - Best Set For Under-7-Year-Olds


The Skeleton Attack is a real hit with seven-year-olds and under kids.

It’s an easy-to-assemble set, and in fact, many guardians reveal that their kids don’t want any help from their siblings or parents.

The set is simple to build, and the instruction is detailed enough to be easy to follow.

Along with the minifig of Steve, the set has various other characters, including skeletons, a skeleton horse, a sheep, and lots of weapons. 

The set also includes a treasure chest and other fun touches like a trap door in front of the chest that keeps Steve safe in case the skeletons manage to breach the fortress.

It also has some nice sections, including a two cave-type section, a fenced section, and a leaf section.

The star of the show, though, is the skeleton horse. It’s cool and has some interesting build elements.

I think my favorite thing with the set isn’t the characters but about the Lego in general. It’s a multifunctional toy that encourages creative building and innovation while promoting imaginary play.

The overall build is also cool, and that it offers value for money. I like that it’s selling for less than ten cents a piece.

The scheme by look and color all stay true to the Minecraft world, and many Minecraft enthusiasts will appreciate this.

Finally, I love that the set offers a lot and will give the kids something to be proud of when they complete the building set.

This is not to mention it offers numerous hours of play, boosting your kid’s confidence and developing their motor skills.



#4 The Polar Igloo - Budget Pick


Our third pick is for parents who need an inexpensive Lego Minecraft set.

The Polar Igloo is a budget pick, but it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to playability, performance, and ease of use.

As you’ve probably guessed from its name, The Polar Igloo is a set that lets your kid create an igloo in a snow-covered landscape.

The set comes with plenty of white bricks that make up for the snow-themed environment.

The set also makes things a bit more interesting by including other objects such as a water area, a decorative banner, plants, and an arrow dispenser.

I don’t expect the set to pose any challenge for its size and number of pieces, even to the beginners.

The 278 pieces are easy to build, and the instructions are fairly easy to follow.

Yet, even for such a limited number of pieces, the set has a host of characters under its belt.

The set includes an Alex Minecraft minifig, Minecraft polar bears, baby polar bear, stray figure, and of course, the igloo itself.

The Lego blocks, of course, resemble the blocks used in building Minecraft, so the set has a good physical resemblance to what kids can build online.

What I love most about this set is the ability to create it differently each time just by using your imagination.

For instance, kids can take off the igloo top and put things in it, fish with a special fishing rod piece, or even launch arrows at a buildable stray figure for protecting an arctic fortress.

The design is also appealing, as the Legos are standard in size, and the characters are cute.

Overall, The Polar Igloo offers kids the chance to put some physical reality into their play, and it’s sure to keep them captivated for hours on end.



#5 Lego Minecraft The Fortress - Most Sophisticated


Our final pick, the Lego Minecraft The Fortress, is the second-largest Lego Minecraft after the Minecraft Mountain Cave.

And as you would expect, it’s a bit more complicated than all our previously reviewed items, but not that it’ll pose any challenge to the kids.

The set’s actual picture doesn’t do it any justice, as the main picture only has a single layout.

In reality, the set has over twenty sub-assemblies you can arrange and rearrange in different ways. In fact, the set has instructions for three alternate configurations.

Aptly named the Fortress, the Minecraft Fortress is a fortress and will have your kid protect their livestock and defend the fortress against the ensuing skeleton army.

Additionally, the kids will enjoy a hands-on adventure with different characters and easy-to-rebuild objects in a modular design.

It comes with a Steve minifig with a full set of gold armor, three skeletons, a sheep, and a horse with an articulated head and tail.

It’s a versatile set, offering modularity and the chance to change it to a new model.

The only thing I wasn’t crazy about is how it all connects. But that is all easily solved by the two big green platforms where you perform all the final assembly.

Overall, I love this Lego and its versatility. The set is well-planned, and they take you step-by-step in building modular sections that are easy to re-arrange.

The set also comes complete with an additional instruction book to show you how to make other creations using the modular sections.

Finally, players can recycle the theme into their collection, down the line, for building other stuff because the pieces aren’t too specific as in the Star Wars or other sets.



Best Lego Minecraft Sets Buying Guide

Best Lego Minecraft Set buying guide

Before we look at what to consider when selecting a Lego Minecraft set, here’s what you need to know about this combination.

Lego first released minifig-size Lego Minecraft sets in 2014, and currently, there’re dozens of complete sets available in the market.

The sets are popular with Minecraft fans, and there’s a lot that you can build with the combination.

A distinctive feature of the Lego Minecraft set is all of them are blocky. This is to mimic the look and feel of the Minecraft game.

It also reminds the ardent Lego fans of the earliest Lego sets mostly built of standard Lego bricks.

The sets have plenty of similarities with the Lego Brick standard in Lego Creator and Classic Lines.

While the Classic and Creator line features primary and pastel colors, Lego Minecraft includes mostly grays, greens and browns.

Interesting Features About Lego Minecraft

  • Lego Minecraft The First Night and Lego Minecraft The Farm can be combined to create a larger layout. In my opinion, they’re the two largest, and nicest sets in the Lego Minecraft set.
  • The largest Lego Minecraft set is the Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave. It’s impressively large and comes with a plethora of fun play-features.
  • The most interesting set is the Lego Minecraft Crafting Box, with 500+ pieces and eight different layouts. It’s an incredible set as it encourages free-building.

How to Choose a Lego Minecraft Set

Choosing a Lego Minecraft Set is not any different from choosing any other Lego Set.

If you already have your heart set on a particular Lego Minecraft, I would recommend that you go for it, by all means.

However, if you’re new to the world of Legos, I will share with you some of the criteria I use when I go Lego shopping.

Consider your Niche

If you’re on a budget, I will start by asking what I like to build.

Is it a spaceship, castle, ship, car, or robots?

Depending on the answers, it’s easy to get inspired on what Lego Minecraft set I would go for.

You simply have to look at the currently available Lego sets and see what will give you the greatest number of useful pieces in that theme.

For instance, if I need to create a farm, I would go with Lego Minecraft Melon Farm, a recreation of the Agricultural Revolution in Minecraft form.

If I need to build a jungle house, I can go with The Jungle Tree House, an elaborate treehouse built around three trees and a waterfall.

Color Selection

The other criteria for purchasing a Lego set is to consider the colors available in the set.

For instance, if I’m after gray pieces for my Minecraft set, I would look for sets with many pieces.

You may also consider purchasing a Lego-bucket containing the basic pieces in various colors. This offers a great way to beef up your stock.


Lego Minecraft sets go for as little as several dollars, while others go for hundreds of dollars.

While your budget is certainly going to determine what Lego Minecraft set you to choose, you also need to consider your purchase value.

Each Lego set has a total piece count of the set.  You can use this number to calculate whether the set is a good value for your money.

You simply need to take the retail price and divide it by the number of pieces.

Generally, the licensed sets tend to go for higher prices, 10-13 cents/piece, while the non-licensed sets hover between 7-10 cents a piece.

If you can find the set for less, then that’s a bargain.

Sets or Individual

In general, sets are inexpensive to buy, especially if most of the set parts are going to be useful for your building styles.

Sometimes, however, if you don’t find a set that meets your needs or only need specific parts not available from anyone.

In that case, you simply have to find the individual pieces, but understand the prices might be higher, especially for the rare parts.

Number of Pieces

Generally, the number of pieces in a Lego Minecraft set determines the level of complexity.

Sets with hundreds or thousands of pieces are generally complex and sophisticated. Some are not even easy for kids under a certain age to comprehend.

Secondly, the more the pieces, the more expensive they are.

So, it’s always a good idea to consider the number of pieces and your kid’s level.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Lego Minecraft Set wrap up

Our list of the best Lego Minecraft sets has some pretty amazing options, but we feel the LEGO Minecraft The Bedrock Adventures takes the crown.

The set has plenty of playability for kids yet challenging enough for the adults.

It also has a good number of pieces that will keep your kid entertained for long.

Even better, the cost per piece is awesome, offering true value for your purchase.

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