Ultimate Review of The Best Lego Ninjago Sets in 2023

Best Lego Ninjago Sets

Today, we’ve a wide array of options when it comes to buying gifts for our kids.

Yet, there’re a few options that are quite popular among kids, especially boys, as the Lego Ninjago sets.

As with any Lego product, the Ninjago set is all about letting kids unleash their creativity and imagination while allowing them to build a fantasy world.

The Lego Ninjago sets are a fantastic way for kids to express their feelings.

But any Lego set can achieve that, right?

True, but there’s something special about the Lego Ninjago set.

In addition to the building and construction element, Ninjago sets also allow kids to enjoy harmless battles.

This is part of the reason the Ninjago sets are popular with boys.

Most of the Ninjago set feature spinner sets, allowing characters to get involved in spinnjitsu, a warring technique of beating opponents.

And the good thing is that it’s completely harmless and fun!

In fact, it offers your kiddos the chance to canalize their aggression creatively.

But with so many sets to choose from, it’s challenging to pick the right one for your kid.

Fortunately, I’ll be looking at the most popular Ninjago sets that your kids will definitely love.

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Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618


70651 Throne Room Showdown


70593 The Green NRG Dragon


70595 Ultra Stealth Raider


70747 Boulder Blaster



The Best Lego Ninjago Sets For The Money

Best Lego Ninjago Sets for the money

#1 Movie Destiny's Bounty 70618 - EDITOR'S CHOICE


About the Set

Destiny’s Bounty is among the largest Lego Ninjago sets released, coming with a whopping 2295 pieces and seven Minifigures.

It was released in 2017 and has grown in popularity over the years.

As for the characters, there’re seven Minifigures, all protagonists. They include the ninjas Jay, Kai, Cole, Nya, Zane, and Llyod. Another important character is their teacher, Sensei Wu.

All the characters are adorned in their normal Lego movie garb and have their masks on. Master Wu has the same outfit as he wears on other Ninjago movie sets, but he has a new face print.

The set is a reimagined version of the iconic Ninjago ship, the Destiny’s Bounty, but completely changed for the Ninjago movie.

It’s quite a large build, measuring over 21 inches in length, 17 inches in height, and 6 inches wide. It also comes with plenty of pieces, so it can be slightly difficult to handle for toddlers. It’s perfect for kids between the age of 9 to 14.

Why We Like It

There’re plenty of reasons your kids will fall in love with this set.

First, it has an awesome collection of minifigures. Lego Ninjago fans will be pleased to have all the six ninjas adorned in their regular garbs. Master Wu is also a nice addition.

The Minifig collection feels complete, and you can have all the ninjas hanging out with their master, going on adventures around your home.

Unfortunately, it misses Lord Garmadon, the power-hungry Lord of Destruction. But you don’t need him if you’re the type that prefers peaceful explorations without having to worry about an impending battle.

Secondly, the build is simply phenomenal. With over 2,000 pieces, Destiny’s Bounty is an ultra-large set and has plenty of little details.

It’s a complex ship with different levels, including a hull, a dojo, and a top deck.

The set looks like a simple ship on the outside, but once you start building it from scratch, you’ll appreciate the ship’s complexity.

For instance, Bounty has a sprawling deck, but it also has a wealth of features, including foldable hidden weapon sections, flexible anchors, boxes of tea leaves crates, and more.

The ship also has plenty of space to pose your figs and play with them on the open air-deck. Ninjas also have the dojo for improving their skills.

And that’s not all!

The ship comes with partially modular sections that can be removed. The interior is even more exciting because the game creators have taken care of the nitty-gritty details, and that’s why there’s a bedroom for Master Wu and a bathroom.

On the whole, Bounty is among the best set for the young and old. The build is amazing, and it includes up to seven characters from the Lego movie.

We also find the price reasonable relative to the size and detail of the set.



#2 70651 Throne Room Showdown - Simple Pick


About the Set

The Throne Showroom is a 221-piece set, released as part of the Lego Ninjago Hunted Subtheme.

It was released in 2018, and it comes with five Minifigures.

They include:

  • Nya- she comes wearing her new outfit for season 9, which maintains the gunmetal gray with blue design, but it has been updated. As for the weapon, she flaunts a spear with a sai at the top and a tassel at the bottom.
  • I’m happy to see Skylor, who comes with red hair and a double-sided head with a smiling and angry expression. She’s adorned with a red utility belt and a black sword holder. It’s a shame her legs are not printed.
  • The third minifig is Samurai X.
  • The only male minifig on this set is Llyod. He comes with his standard Lego movie head and hairpiece, along with his new outfit for season 9.
  • The final minifig is the set’s antagonist and the main antagonist of both seasons 8 and 9. Harumi, or the quiet one and the spoiler alert for the TV show, sports the same design as we saw her on seasons 8, with white hair and red face paint.

The set is a reimagination of Harumi’s throne room, based on the scene where Harumi and Lord Gardmadon take over Ninjago.

Everything sits right as it should be on the movie set, including an elaborate throne in the middle. It also has a jail cell for Llyod on the right and a smashable balcony piece to the left and a security camera.

It measures 28 cm wide, 10 cm high, and 10 cm deep.

Why we Like this Set

One thing you love with this set is the Minifigure selection.

I mean, for such a low number of pieces, I didn’t expect to find up to five minifigs.

And the best part is none of them are filler!

They’re all important characters of the movie scene and play big roles in the Lego Ninja TV show.

The build is also fine, and though quite thin and lacks substance; it has plenty of playability.

Kids will have an easy time on this one as there’ technically one build in the set.

The build, especially the throne, has a nice, oriental style and will keep enthralling your kids for a long period.

Overall, this set excels mainly due to its Minifigure selection and I think it’s what makes it a worthy purchase.



#3 70593 The Green NRG Dragon - Value Purchase


About the Set

The Green NRG Dragon was released in the summer of 2016.

It’s a mid-level Ninjago set, coming with 576 pieces.

As with Throne Showdown we’ve just reviewed above, it also comes with five Minifigures, which include Cole, Cyren, Doobloon, Bucko, and Llyod.

Llyod has a mask neck attachment and has his blonde hairpiece, along with a golden staff.

Cole adorns a lower mask but comes with a sand green skin as this was his ghost form. He wields a golden katana.

Doubloon has a samurai helmet and has his trademark dark green shoulder armor. He also wields a Djinn blade, with a trapped Kai.

Finally, Cyren and Bucko sport a similar pirate-themed outfit, though they wield different pirate swords.

The set has several builds, but obviously, its main attraction is the Llyod’s dragon. The NRG dragon is supposed to be made from Llyod’s elemental powers and sports a green and black color scheme.

It also has a brick-built head, which is amazing by any standards, if you ask me. The build is also fantastic and comes with a wealth of features, including a golden chest detail, poseable legs and big fig arms for added muscular definition.

While the body and legs are a bit bulky, the building techniques minimize the amount it can detract from the dragon.

There’s also Llyod’s saddle, infused with golden reigns and a lantern. The dragon’s wings are created from vinyl cloth with prints on both sides.

The other two builds include a catapult from the Sky Pirate and a simple Sky Pirate lookout tower.

Why we Like the Set

The Green NRG set is pretty great.

It all starts with the selection of Minifigures- you get two ninjas and their garbs, alongside three baddies to battle against.

More importantly, you also get an awesome dragon and a couple of decently-sized builds, including a Sky Pirate lookout tower to boot!

The build’s details are also fantastic, starting from the majestic wings and the head of the dragon.

The green and black color scheme are also appealing, and the gold highlights also work well.

Overall, this is an awesome set and worth picking if you can get it.

Both kids and adults are delighted by the dragon. Also, younger kids can enjoy flying the dragon and fighting with the antagonist’s Sky Pirates.

On the other hand, old hands will take pride in displaying the majestic green dragon.



#4 70595 Ultra Stealth Raider - Premium Pick


Fourth on our list of the best Lego Ninjago sets, the Ultra Stealth Raider was released in 2016.

It’s a premium option, containing 1093 pieces and 7 Minifigures.

The set characters are Jay, Kai, Master Chen, Cole, Sensei Yang, and Eyezorai.

Jay, Kai, Cole, and Zane adorn their 2016 departed outfits, and we think it’s cool to have all the four original ninjas in one set.

Chen, the same Minifigure from 2015, still looks good with these grand headgear pieces, while Eyezorai is also cool, but nice to have another Anacondrai warrior.

Unfortunately, Sensei Yang isn’t exclusive, but he still looks great, with the sand green and whitely ghostly color scheme.

The set’s main build is the Ultra Stealth Raider, an update to the 2012 Ultra Sonic Raider.

While its predecessor could only hold two ninjas, the improved version can hold up to six, a great feature for a large team carrier.

It has a pretty unique design, but its greatest strength though is the ability to transform. The top segment is modular and can be lifted to form a two-seater jet. On the other hand, the treads on either side can be split off to form a pair of tread bikes, while the central portion can be reconfigured into a two-seater bike.

And that’s not all!

The set has other features, including spring-loaded shooters and transforming wings.

There’s also an awesome side build, the Chenosarus, which is Master Chen’s dinosaur. It comes with posable legs, chainsaw-made arms, and a brick-build head.

Why we Like this Set

There’s a lot to love about the Raider’s build.

It looks exceptional and has plenty of playability.

For instance, the ability to split into several vehicles is a great feature that I’m sure most Lego fans will love.

Even better, the vehicle is a team vehicle as it can fit all six ninjas, something that was quite a bummer for the 2012 Sonic Set.

The Minifigure selection is also quite awesome, and the inclusion of the original ninja in their regular garb will delight many Lego fans.

Master Chen and Evezorai are great additions too, and Chen’s blade is awesome.

Lego fans also love the ghostly color scheme of the main antagonist’s Sensei Yang.

Overall, the Ultra Stealth Raider is a great pick and a set that I would recommend anyone to pick.



#5 70747 Boulder Blaster - Best for Kids


Our final pick on the list of the best Lego Ninjago sets was released in 2015 as part of the Tournament Wave.

Boulder Blaster contains 236 pieces and three mini-figures, so it would be a great pick for the kids.

The first Minifigure is Cole and comes adorned in his Black Tournament of Elements suit. It sports a printed old-style cowl and a dominant black color scheme.

The second fig is the Zugu, an Anacondrai warrior commander. He adorns a tan helmet and dark red shoulder armor.

Finally, we’ve Ssleven, coming with a similar design to Zugu, but lacks shoulder armor and has a simple dagger.

The built-in set is a reimagination of the eponymous Boulder Blaster, measuring 28 cm from tip to tip.

It also doubles up as Cole’s jet.

The black, brown, and gold color scheme looks earthy and resembles Cole’s Ninja outfit.

The boulder also has an opening cockpit with room for one Minifigure, piping details, and poseable flaps.

Though, its greatest play feature is the Technic handle at a 90-degree angle that allows it to be held like a gun!

There’re also a couple of gears that allow Lego enthusiasts to fire in quick-succession, revolver style.

Beyond the Boulder, there’s also a small side build, an Anacondrai outpost. While there’s nothing much to it, it comes with a pillar, which you can use as target practice since it splits on impact.

Why we Like this Set

Unlike Lego Ninjago sets, this option has plenty of playability.

This smallish set isn’t too difficult for your kids to build by themselves or with their parents’ supervision.

It has many features, and kids will be particularly interested in running around with the boulder as they shoot lasers.

Even better, the manufacturers have included a Technic handle, a great addition helping with the craft’s swooshability.

Furthermore, the prices are reasonable as it’s not too expensive, while the build is appropriately sized about the price.

Overall, the Boulder Blaster is a nice quality set for the younger Lego fans.

Kids will delight in flying the plane and firing at their targets.



Best Lego Ninjago Sets Buying Guide

Best Lego Ninjago Sets buying guide

In the text below, we shall share everything you need to know about selecting the best Ninjago sets for your kids.

But before then, let’s have a brief history of the Ninjago set.

A Brief History of the Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago is a comedy-action family show on TV on the Cartoon network that is made using computer-generated imagery.

The action series was originally meant to be just a line of toys, but it later becomes a TV show.

Lego introduced Ninjago pilot episodes in December 2011.

The original plan was to air the show for two seasons only. But after the show’s popularity, the founders decided to proceed with the show, and currently, it has aired thirteen shows.

WILFilm ApS produced the Ninjago show until Season 10 before WildBrain took over the reins.

Because of the management change, there’re a few alterations in the show’s design, and episodes have been shortened.

Nonetheless, the Ninjago show is the longest-running show on Cartoon Network.

What to Consider When Selecting a Ninjago Set

Now that you’ve a brief history of how the Ninjago show began let’s look at the crucial element to consider when selecting a Ninjago set for your kids.


Generally, most of the Lego Ninjago sets include dozens, hundreds, and sometimes thousands of pieces.

So, before making a purchase, you first have to consider your kid’s playing space.

Kids need to spread out all the pieces so they can find them, as well as room for the set itself.

For instance, if a set has 900 pieces, you need to find the square root of 900. You need a tabletop area that is 30 by 30 inches to spread out all the pieces.

But you also need to consider space for the finished set.

If the box says it 16 by 16, you’ll therefore need a total of 46 by 46 inches for your kids to work comfortably.

While a smaller area can still work, the pieces are likely to get piled over one another and perhaps fall off the table.

Age Range

All Lego sets indicate the appropriate age level on the box.

However, the lower age is what you need to worry about since any child over the age limit can play with the set.

If your kid is under the listed minimum age, they could have difficulty putting together the set and easily becoming frustrated.

Fortunately, Lego includes step-by-step visual instructions with each set, so the age range may be a bit arbitrary if your kid is a fast learner.

Nonetheless, adult supervision can overcome the age limitations problems.

If you’re willing to have a sit-down with your kids during the entire construction, then, by all means, get them a Lego they like best.


Price is another crucial element to look out for when selecting a Ninjago set for your loved ones.

Generally, the more expensive sets have many pieces and tend to be more complex than the inexpensive options.

If you’ve a higher budget limit, it would be more useful to pick a couple of inexpensive sets rather than one of the most expensive.

Additional Features

Lego Ninjago kits come with plenty of additional features, some of which increase the set’s entertainment and educational value.

If a kit is expensive, we recommend that you seriously take a look at what the extra cost will get you- sometimes, it’s only a few extra pieces.

If you can, it would be best you had a chat with your kids about their favorite characters and scenes on the show.

Fortunately, many of the kits depict scenes from the show, so finding something tailored to their liking is easy.

Official Merchandise

All of our reviewed sets are official merchandise released by Lego.

They’re safe for use by kids within the recommended age bracket they’re sold for.

If you opt to do further research into the kits, we recommend that you double-check that they’re from official merchandise and avoid knock-offs.

Features to Consider


Lego Ninjago sets come with pieces numbering from fewer than 100 to over 1,000.

The number of pieces is usually listed on the box.

The set’s difficulty increases with the number of pieces, so consider them before making a purchase.


A Minifigure, sometimes known as fig or minifig, refers to a miniature figurine designed to be compatible with the Lego building blocks.

These plastic-made bricks are ordinarily connected to the Lego building blocks. They can also be purchased separately.

In a Lego Ninjago set, you’ll come across several main characters, and the most popular ones are:

  • Master Wu, Master of Creations
  • Kai, the Red Ninja of Fire
  • Llyod Garmadon, the Green Ninja
  • Zane, the White Ninja of Ice
  • Cole, the Black Ninja of Earth

Mechs refer to the mechanical vehicle, robots, and beast with a cockpit for a “driver” to control them.

Many of the building kits from the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu TV show and movie are mechs.

As a general rule, mechs are large and 17 inches or more tall or wide.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best Lego Ninjago Sets wrap up

There’s no denying that few Legos can match what Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618 offers.

The Movie Destiny’s Bounty 70618 is a wonderful pick, especially for the Lego Ninjago enthusiasts.

It has the largest selection of Minifigures on our list, offering a sensational team for your expeditions.

Though a bit complex, old hands will delight in unraveling the mystery of putting the blocks together. 

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