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Can You Wear Football Cleats For Lacrosse? (My Opinion!)

Can You Use Football Cleats in Lacrosse

Are you looking to buy lacrosse cleats and wonder if you can use your football cleats? You’re not the only one curious about it because if you’ve ever looked for lacrosse cleats, you know that they aren’t cheap. So is it okay to use your football cleats instead? After all, they are both cleats anyway, right? 

If you’re wondering if using football cleats would do the job and if there are alternatives to lacrosse cleats, read on for a full guide. 

Lacrosse Cleats: What Are They?

Lacrosse Cleats: What Are They?

What are lacrosse cleats? Lacrosse cleats are a kind of cleats that are built for stability and support. Since lacrosse requires you to do a lot of movement out on the field, it’s important that your cleats will allow you to move without tripping or falling flat on your face. And how will lacrosse cleats do that? Through having additional cleats by the toes. 

A closer look at lacrosse cleats will tell you that it has more cleats than your average soccer cleat. It also has cleats at the outer edge of the shoe for maximum balance and support. Moreover, a typical lacrosse cleat is usually a mid-cut which means that it’s not by your ankles. If you’re wondering why that is, it’s for additional support and to prevent injury to your ankles. 

Lacrosse cleats are made from either leather or synthetic uppers. These materials are thick and hard so that you don’t get hurt when someone accidentally steps on your toes. Besides, the hard material also helps prevent broken ankles. 

What Other Cleats Can You Wear for Lacrosse?

What Other Cleats Can You Wear for Lacrosse

The real question here is – what are other types of cleats that you can use for a lacrosse match? Can you even use other cleats or do you really have to buy lacrosse cleats? Fortunately, you can use other cleats, but not every type of cleat out there in the market. 

To be specific, the best alternative to lacrosse cleats is baseball cleats because they’re the only type of cleats that have toe cleats. The other shoes just don’t have them so you can’t use them in the field. Sure, you can always attempt to wear one but the referee won’t allow it so it’s just a waste of effort. 

Unlike lacrosse cleats, baseball cleats are lighter because of the material they use. They also have more ankle support lengths that you can choose from. You can get a low-cut, mid-cut, or a high-cut depending on the role you play in the game. 

Can You Use Football Cleats in Lacrosse?

Can You Use Football Cleats in Lacrosse

In all honesty, you can wear any type of cleats for lacrosse except that you always take the risk of not being allowed by the official to play or performing badly. If you play other field sports, then it’s understandable why you would ask if you can wear football cleats or soccer cleats. Fortunately, you can, but again, there are risks.

What are the differences between a football cleat and a lacrosse cleat anyway? First of all, lacrosse shoes are more breathable. Even if they are topped with leather or synthetic material, its sides are always made of mesh. This is to make sure that your feet can breathe. Breathability is important in lacrosse shoes, so you have to take that into account when you plan on using football cleats.

Another major difference is the number of studs. Lacrosse cleats definitely have more cleats than football shoes. Football shoes have cleats, of course, but they don’t have a toe cleat. They do have taller studs, which is another word for cleats, though. 

Lastly, football cleats have different ankle heights. Lacrosse cleats also have this but the major difference is that the different heights are used by different types of players in football. For example, high-cuts are worn by linemen while low-cuts are for players who need to be agile throughout the game. 

What Happens When You Wear Cleats that are Not Lacrosse Cleats

What Happens When You Wear Cleats that are Not Lacrosse Cleats

There is definitely a difference when you wear a non-lacrosse cleat to a lacrosse game. You can expect that your performance will vary especially when it comes to balance and support. If the pair of shoes you decide to wear don’t have a toe cleat, then you’ll feel a little off when you run and cradle. 

Another obvious difference is the support. Remember the cleats at the side of every lacrosse shoe? This is what they are for. If your chosen shoe barely has studs at the side, then your balance and support will also get affected. If you plan on winning the game, it’s not the best move to wear even a baseball shoe unless you’re already used to it. 

What about durability? Will your football cleats break if you use them to play lacrosse? The good news is that it won’t. Don’t forget that cleats were made to last even when they are being rained on or used in muddy fields. While there are some cleats that easily break if you use them for other sports, a football cleat won’t easily do so unless you buy a brand that uses substandard materials. 

In conclusion, other cleats like football cleats can be used in lacrosse especially when you are playing informal games. However, if you are playing as a professional, the official might not allow it and your performance will also be affected. 

SportCleat MaterialsDurabilityUsage Notes
LacrosseUpper: Synthetic leather, mesh; Sole: Rubber, TPUModerate to high durability depending on quality.Designed for traction on grass/turf; mid/high-cut for ankle support; lightweight and flexible.
SoccerUpper: Synthetic leather, leather, knit; Sole: Rubber, TPUModerate to high durability depending on quality.Low-cut for agility; various stud configurations for grass/turf/artificial surfaces.
FootballUpper: Synthetic leather, mesh; Sole: Rubber, TPUModerate to high durability depending on quality.High-cut for ankle support; various stud configurations for grass/turf/artificial surfaces.
Baseball/SoftballUpper: Synthetic leather, leather, mesh; Sole: Rubber, TPU, metalModerate to high durability depending on quality.Low/mid-cut for agility; rubber or metal cleats for grass/turf/dirt surfaces.
RugbyUpper: Synthetic leather, leather, mesh; Sole: Rubber, TPUModerate to high durability depending on quality.Low/mid-cut for agility; 8-10 stud configurations for grass/turf surfaces.

Final Words

Lacrosse cleats are expensive. If you have more than one kid who wants to play lacrosse, it’s hard to buy a new pair of shoes for each especially when you know that this is just another phase of theirs. However, if your priority is performance and support, then the best pair of shoes for a lacrosse game is no other than a lacrosse cleat itself. 

If you’re set to buy lacrosse cleats but still want to save, then you might want to consider buying a pair that is gender-neutral so that your younger children can also use them when they are old enough. It also helps to take proper care of your lacrosse shoes so they don’t easily get damaged. 

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