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Lacrosse For Kids : Is Lacrosse The Best Sport For Your Kid?

Lacrosse For Kids Is Lacrosse The Best Sport For Your Kid

Here at The Hobby Kraze, we pretty much dabble into most of the sports and hobbies you can think of. Including which sports and hobbies are the best to throw at your kid in the hopes that one will stick.

Asking the question; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ is completely normal. There are sticks, balls and all-manner of protective equipment needed for this sport which could mean that lacrosse is dangerous. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As North America’s oldest organized sport, lacrosse is a heavily regulated and excellent hobby for your kid to engage in while offering a physical outlet and historical story for your child. And, when parents and children have hectic lifestyles, engaging in an organized sport with specified team meet-ups can be the perfect way to begin your child’s life with their hobby.

With that, the team here at The Hobby Kraze wanted to be able to provide you with all the information necessary – from the benefits to the equipment – for the purpose of helping you answer this important question; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’.

Benefits of Lacrosse for Kids

Benefits of Lacrosse for Kids

Not only can lacrosse offer your growing child with the opportunity to participate in a team sport, it enables your child to excel in a fun past-time that could help them gain a scholarship into college and progress into their fast-approaching careers. Here’s some other benefits your child can experience if you enroll them into a lacrosse team sport.

Better Overall Health

Lacrosse is field sport like any other, meaning there’s a lot of cardio involved. However, as your child’s mind is focusing on the gameplay, they’ll be too busy to understand how much exercise they’re doing.

This level of cardio through running and the level of muscle gain through throwing is the perfect amount of physical fitness to keep their metabolism chugging on as they continue to grow. Not only this, but continued participation in the lacrosse sport will; promote bone growth, prevent childhood obesity, develop muscles and increase stamina. The question; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ is almost answered already.

Stabilizes Mood

Exercising at a regular rate can help to stabilize the mood by allowing for an energy release. As the body becomes more tired, your child can become more relaxed. As well as this, allowing them to feel encompassed in a game with like-minded peers can bring a sense of calm and belonging.

The team at The Hobby Kraze doesn’t only focus on bringing new hobbies and sports to everyone across the globe. We also commit ourselves to finding the right hobby that will help children and parents, alike. And, when your child is expressing energy through lacrosse, they’re less likely to cause havoc or throw a tantrum.

Mental Sharpness

Exercising regularly, especially in the sense of cardio, increases the flow of oxygen to your brain. And, when this happens, you are improving your brain function and mental sharpness throughout that day. Regular exercise through an organized sport such as lacrosse is a way to keep-up your brain’s mental stamina.

So, answering; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’, can be a case of wondering if you’ll want your child to engage in a routine exercise that naturally improves brain function. Atop this, there’s lacrosse’s need for; strategy implementation, mindfulness, critical thinking, team membership, tactics, thinking under pressure and abiding by regulation.


Lacrosse is a team sport. Meaning, if your child is attending the organized game at regular intervals, they’ll be engaging in vital socializing to help their communication skills later down the line.

Your child will be in the company of other children who have the same goals and drive as them during the game. They’d be making strategies together, deciphering each other’s body language, and cooperating with each other as a single unit in order to win the game.

Asking; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ can then be a case of understanding whether your child will benefit from key socializing and team building exercises that provide the transferrable skill of communicating as a team in a company.


Here’s a top tip from The Hobby Kraze; before your child hits maturity, their bodies will always be changing in ways that can offset their balance, cause increments in hand-eye coordination and often make you question their actions.

However, when engaging in a sport requiring physical exercise and precision aim, your child’s ability to cope with body fluctuations will increase two-fold. Lacrosse is a game that necessitates paramount co-ordination. From being able to run and catch a ball using a long stick with a net, to being able to run and throw the same ball to another teammate. These skills will be key and transferrable for any sport they’re hoping to play later on.


Encouraging your child to participate in an organized sport can help guide them towards following set rules and regulation to benefit an overall goal.

You may be wondering; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’, especially if your child experiences issues in the classroom abiding by school regulation. But, it’s important to know that pushing your child towards an organized sport such as lacrosse will improve their ability to follow rules as long as they enjoy this hobby.

Of course, professional lacrosse will have far stricter rules than the game played by young children, but as an increasingly popular sport, children have the opportunity to carry-on through college and into their professional careers. So, even if the rules are not strong now, as your child grows, they’ll be increasingly disciplined to work towards long term goals for the team such as winning.

2. What Lacrosse Could Ask of Your Kid

Your Role as a Parent in lacrosse for kids

Lacrosse has its own requirements as an organized sport and aside from needing their engagement and attention, there are some other aspects you might want to consider before signing them up to the nearest playing field.

Not only will these requirements vary with each coach, they’ll also depend on the team, the location and your child. Let’s have a look to see what the requirements from your child might be to help you answer the question; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’.

Your Child’s Age

As lacrosse is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the US, there are more and more organizations and companies that will begin teaching your child to play from as young as 3-years old. However, not every playing field will be like this. So, make sure your child meets the minimum age requirement of the team before signing them up for a lacrosse game.

Check out our other article; “How Popular Is Lacrosse in the USA and Worldwide?” for more information about ages of children beginning their lacrosse careers.

The Tools and Equipment They Will Need

As with most sports, lacrosse is a game requiring each player to have the right tools and kit to help them succeed throughout the game. As lacrosse is a ball-and-stick game, you’ll need to kit your child out with the right stick to help them learn. At a professional and college level, there are types of sticks which will depend on their role in the team. However, at a young age, they’ll just need a stick to help them gain key physical skills throughout the game.

As well as the all-important stick, they’ll also need:

  • A Helmet
  • Some Gloves
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • A Mouth Guard
  • Gym Kit
  • Adequate Trainers

Check out our other article; “Your Definitive Lacrosse Stick Sizing Guide: Which Size Should You Choose?” for more information about the different sticks your child may need throughout their lacrosse career.

Knowing the Difference Between the Boy’s and Girl’s Teams

Separating girls from boys when playing lacrosse is heavily dependent on the instructor. At a young age, separating the genders is not necessary as most of the children will have similar physical strength and hand-eye coordination. However, if you choose to find a team that does separate the genders, you’ll likely find an option. Often, regardless of your child’s gender, you will easily be able to find the right lacrosse school for your child.

3. Your Role as a Parent

Should You Enroll your Kid in Lacrosse

Here at The Hobby Kraze, we know you’ve got your child’s best interest at heart. And, providing them with the opportunity to engage in organized team sports is a way you can guide them to making positive strategical decisions, boost their mental wellbeing and provide them with the tools they need to lead a healthy life.

So, if you’re asking; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ as a way to communicate and effectively guide them through life, the answer is still yes.

To help keep them on the path of success, we do have some extra roles for you, as a parent, to do while they progress. Have a look at our four top tips to increase your child’s rate of success through their time as a field lacrosse player:

Learn the Rules

As the parent, you can’t only ask; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’. You’ll also need to understand whether lacrosse is the best sport for you. This is because your job as a parent is to lead, guide and assist them in their journey to becoming a lacrosse champ. Meaning, you may be the first person they turn to for advice on the rules, regulations, strategy and play-by-play of the lacrosse sport even with the coach present. So, be sure to learn the rules and provide them with key support where necessary.

Encouragement and Socialization

Encouragement is one of the best ways to help a child continue with a group sport. As a contact sport where physical tactics are regularly performed within and against teams, they could experience a fall or bruise here and there. With you being by their side to ensure they know they’re doing a good job, they’re more likely to continue thriving in their new hobby as a lacrosse team member.

And, in terms of socialization, you’ll likely already be aware that your child looks up to you and will always be trying to impress you or make your proud. Meaning, if you are always there watching at the sidelines, conversing with their new friend’s parents and being a team player yourself, they are more likely to feel comfortable and strive for the goal.

Reaction as Part of the Experience

In the same respect as providing encouragement and socialization, being there to provide the reaction and support they’re looking for can increase their confidence and motivation to succeed.

Showing a positive reaction – even through a terrible gameplay – can ensure your child is being reinforced to play a good game and continue to catch, cradle and throw the lacrosse ball into the goal. Studies show the right appreciation helps build your child’s self-esteem and provide the building blocks for their approaches through life.

Enjoy the Game, Win or Defeat

Another top tip for parents from the crew at The Hobby Kraze, is to simply enjoy the game much like your child will. As with any sport, your child’s main concern is not going to be winning the league in 10-years’ time. As they grow to love and appreciate the sport and fight for their team, this may change. But, for now, they are participating to enjoy the game and reap the benefits.

Allowing yourself the same pleasure in watching your child can greatly improve your experience and your child’s self-esteem to try again. With a win, help them celebrate. But, with a loss, always be there and help them wade through the emotions to understand that life may throw curveballs much like that game.

Aiding in this experience and teaching the ability to recognize self-worth despite loss can help your child work through similar emotions felt through life.

So, if you’re asking; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ in terms of teaching ways to express emotions for life’s experience, then it is.

4. Is Lacrosse the Best Sport for Your Kid?

Should You Enroll your Kid in Lacrosse

Here at the Hobby Kraze we have sports and hobbies to satisfy any craving for adventure. And, while we believe lacrosse is a very good sport for your child to engage in, it is not the only thing that could benefit their experiences through childhood.

There are many other sports and hobbies that involve the same benefits of mental strength, physical fitness and socializing opportunities. For example; cooking, soccer, baking, swimming, basketball, hiking, scouts, online gaming, running and more.

A final top tip from The Hobby Kraze team would be to throw as many hobbies at them as possible while they are young. This enables them to pick the hobby that best suits their personality and grow at their own pace.

And, that draws a close to yet another of our guides within the lacrosse series here at The Hobby Kraze. Be sure to understand that questions such as; ‘is lacrosse the best sport for your kid?’ are best answered by exposing them to the sport, first. Then, you can let them decide.

If you’re interested in learning more about the hobbies your child could enjoy, check out our website and keep up to date with new articles coming your way. Don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends. You never know whether lacrosse could be the perfect sport for another child.

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