Ultimate Review of The Best 8-Person Tent in 2023

Ultimate Review of The Best 8-Person Tent in 2020

Group camping trips are among the most rewarding activities out there-nothing like hitting the road with a bunch of friends or family on a weekend vacation by the lake or at a woodland campground.

However, for true camaraderie, it doesn’t work well if everyone has to bring their little one-person tent. Plus, there’s always not enough space for pitching them all.

Enter the 8-person camping tents.

8-person camping tents are the behemoths of the camping worlds; offering unmatched square footage and wide, luxurious spaces, these tents can shelter more people than other kinds of tents.

In particular, these shelters are the perfect solution for friends or families, hoping to spend some quality time together without needing multiple tents for everyone to have a place to sleep.

They offer a large shelter area and let you enjoy your outdoors without feeling claustrophobic or too restricted.

Now, whether you need a more spacious shelter, or want some extra space for your kids to play around, here’s a review of the best 8-person camping tents in the market.

Quick Comparison Table!

Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person


Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow


Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent


Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent


Coleman Tenaya



The Best 8-Person Camping Tents For The Money

The Best 8-Person Camping Tents For The Money

#1 Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Coleman Elite Montana does a fair impersonation of the huge state of Montana… if only Montana was fully enclosed by walls.

This shelter is nevertheless hefty, unfurling into quite a behemoth tent.

It’s a frill-free option, and while it’s not an elite option, Elite Montana is a super-sized, budget-friendly option with a fairly durable life expectancy.

Features and Benefits

Space and Comfort

The only thing “Elite” with the Montana shelter is the size.

Offering a 16′ by 7′ living space, Elite Montana is like the Superdome of the family tent.

It can easily hold several sleeping bags for your entire family and even leave extra space for storage.

The only issue with the tent is it feels cavernous because it lacks windows. The only windows are on the two far ends and one on the door.

Now, while the tent can accommodate several users, it’ll leave you feeling like you’re entering or leaving a major sporting event at a stadium.

Weather Resistance

Budget purchases are always a gamble, especially when it comes to the overall weather resistance, but not the Coleman Elite.

The Elite is built for heavy duty use, and when staked correctly, it will withstand whatever Mother Nature decides to throw on the way.

The few windows on the tent are angled downward, preventing rain from accessing the interior. On the other hand, the thick bathtub-style creates a seamless bottom preventing water from seeping from underground.

The tent also comes complete with a rainfly, and though we find it a bit challenging to wrangle, it offers adequate coverage of the rooftop mesh.

Ease of Set-Up

It’s easy to pitch Elite Montana single-handedly, but why would you want to do that while you’ll be sharing with eight more people?

When pitching is a family affair, the tent will go up in no minutes.

The only issue we had with the overall pitching of Elite Montana is the pitching accessories are not color-coded.


Coleman Elite doesn’t compromise on the construction with the burly polyester, enhancing the rigidity and reliability.

However, for the price, we suspect the craftsmanship might be a little wanting.

The fiberglass frames are also not the most reliable materials for a tent, and they tend to get creaky at times, so you shouldn’t go hard on these.

Size and Weight

For its unfurled size and glory, Montana packs into a respectable size and will fit into a rectangular case.



#2 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow - Heavy Duty Option


Our runner up option is a rugged yet charming camping tent.

Now, in as much as it’s a bulky option, the comfort and style offered by the Kodiak Flex-Bow are unique and enjoyable.

Features and Benefits

Space and Comfort

When pitched correctly, Kodiak Tent lets you live in rugged luxury.

First, the shelter is fabricated from the supple yet thick canvas, a far cry from the regular, scratchy and noisy synthetics.

Contrary to the cavernous Coleman Elite, this option has ample lighting, with the translucent ceiling offering soft, ambient light quality.

The burly vinyl floor isn’t only durable, but it feels more like an actual floor.

When it comes to the space offering, the Kodiak has an ample floor size of 10 ft by 10 ft, with the near-vertical walls enhancing the spaciousness and offering enough room to stretch.

Weather Resistance

Kodiak Flex-Bow is the tent you need for the desert and dusty locations. The generous zippers help to keep the dust, dirt, and sand outside.

The tent is also at home in the cooler climes, with the thick fabric offering some insulation level, comparable to the double-walled tents.

Despite the thickness of the fabric, Kodiak is impermeable, helping to keep the elements outside yet offering a cotton T-shirt’s breathability.

To further the weather resistance, the canvas fabric is treated with weather-proof sealants.


Kodiak Tent is a handcrafted option, sporting durable canvas construction.

The fabric offers extended longevity and will last for several seasons if well taken care of.

Kodiak Tents equally come with heavy-duty spikes; weighing heavier than some of the full tents on the review-this means durability.

Ease of Set-Up

Kodak is not the easiest tent to set up, but if you’re an experienced tinkerer, you’re going to love this unit.

Pitching the Kodiak will require time and practice, and if you’re in a rush, then it might probably not be the tent for you.

Weight and Size

Kodiak is a beast and tilts the scales to almost 70 pounds; it’s not the ideal backpacking option.

However, the separate pole and tent carrying cases balance each other well, so it’s easy to move one on each hand.

But this doesn’t eliminate the fact that the tent is super bulky and not a camping gear you would simply chuck on top of your head.



#3 Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent - Best for Panoramic Views


It’s easy to see this tent has a unique octagon shape from the word go. It offers a 360-degree view of your surroundings.

Away from the shape, the tent is equally a practical option and will offer a reliable shelter solution outdoors.

It might not withstand the extreme conditions, but it will handle most of what Mother Nature throws on the way.

Features and Benefits

Space and Comfort

Coleman Cortes is a true 8-person tent.

With a floor space of 20.8m sq, it’s easy to squeeze sleeping bags, though we recommend a max of six, especially if you need extra space for your gear.

The high walls enhance the overall living space and will allow campers to stand up upright.

Clearly, this tent offers ample space, but what about privacy?

It also excels in this department, as it comes complete with a removable partition curtain that can be used as a room divider.

Material and Weather Resistance

Coleman Octagon doesn’t fail in the weather resistance department.

The polyester material is durable and will stand up to the ruggedness of the outdoors. Additionally, the fabric is treated to a waterproof coating that is also fire retardant. The fabric’s waterproof capabilities aren’t to be doubted as it comes with an impressive hydrostatic head of 2000mm.

To bolster the durability and enhance longevity, UV Guards are installed to protect the tent against harmful UV rays.


The Coleman Octagon might be large, but this monster is easy to set up.

It may take a bit longer than the Kodiak Canvas tent, but it’s effortless, thanks to the color-coded poles.

The frames are easy to join, and we love how they go together with just a few clicks.

Storage and Accessories

Coleman Octagon lacks vestibules, meaning it doesn’t offer space on the outside for storing your gear.

Nevertheless, the single-room tent design is spacious and will make it easier to bring the gear with you.

Plus, the tent has hanging hooks and built-in mesh pockets to enhance the storage capacity.



#4 Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent - Best Cabin-Style Tent


The Wenzel Klondike is a cabin-style tent, a practical shelter solution with high and straight steep walls in the main room.

This tent is lush with features, and notably, it comes with a screened room. It has two separate rooms, with a door to divide them.

Features and Benefits

Space and Comfort

The Wenzel Klondike is 16 by 11 feet, giving you a 98 square feet base for sleeping, relaxing, and playing games.

It’s also possible to stand up on the tent, thanks to the 6.5 feet of headspace.

While it’s possible to fit eight sleeping bags on the tent, we recommend 4 to 6 users for a comfortable experience. Otherwise, you’re likely to feel cramped inside and won’t have leftover space to store your gear and other paraphernalia.

Attached Screen Room

A major highlight of this quality tent is an attached screen room.

The 60 square screen room, complete with a quality mesh, offers a fantastic ventilation system by allowing the free flow of air.

At the same time, the mesh effectively keeps the insects and other flying elements from the interior of your tent.

Weather Resistance

The polyester is a Weather Armor fabric treated to polyurethane coating for water resistance properties.

This way, the Wenzel is highly resistant to water, and it’s unlikely it will leak during a rainstorm. The people and gear stay warm and dry.

Additionally, all other components, including the zippers, webbing, and threads, are also treated to water resistance, meaning you’re guaranteed a dry shelter.

When it comes to wind resistance, this tent utilizes a double staking system for added stability. So, regardless of the weather, you can expect the tent to stand strong.

We also love the dome shape, designed with aerodynamic properties to resist blowing from the wind.


The mesh screen room offers fantastic ventilation, allowing the free flow of air.

Additionally, an extra built-in vent promotes greater ground ventilation, eliminating condensation inside the tent and keeps stuffiness at bay.

Ease of Set-Up

Wenzel Klondike is a cinch to set up and requires minimal effort to pitch.

Plus, the entire package is lightweight and tilting the scale at only 27.3 pounds, it’s easy to set the tent single-handedly.



#5 Coleman Tenaya - Easy to Pitch


Coleman Tenaya Tents comes with an awesome design, sturdy construction, and lots of practical features.

More importantly, it has it all when it comes to space and can fit your entire family without too much hassle.

Another striking design feature on the Tenaya is the patented Fast Pitch Design, which the manufacturer claims will allow you to pitch the tent in less than ten minutes.

Features and Benefits

Built-In Closet

The greatest draw of the Coleman Tenaya is a built-in closet, something not common in tents within this price range.

This exclusive feature replicates your stay at home, allowing you to bring all your gear along with you.

Additionally, the tent features a hanger bar for wet clothes or just for the clothes for your family.

Space and Comfort

Tenaya offers a generous base area of 117 sq ft, enough to fit up to 8 sleeping bags, but we recommend a maximum of 6.

Besides the generous space offering, the interior also comes with a room divider if you need more privacy.

Another structural aspect you’ll love on this tent is the hinged door, which eases the entry and exit. It’s particularly a handy feature for seniors and kids since it’s big and easy to open/shut.

Weather Resistance

Coleman Tenaya is an all-season tent, allowing you to enjoy an all year round outdoor experience.

Some of the features promoting greater weather resistance include the inverted seams to prevent water leakage.

A welded floor also prevents condensation while eliminating the growth of mold and mildew.

Finally, the sturdy fiberglass poles along the strong guy lines will keep the tent standing strong even in the strong winds.


Tenaya is a stark contrast to its sibling, the Coleman Elite, at least when it comes to ventilation.

This option has a whopping number of windows (seven), and along with a mesh rooftop, it offers an amazing free flow of air, preventing the tent from heating up or gathering moisture.


The fast-pitch mechanism, consisting of pre-attached poles and color-coded hubs facilitate ultra-fast pitching.

Additionally, the insta-clip arrangements and the snag-free suspension help with the pitching, letting you set Tenaya effortlessly and in the least time.


For its size, Tenaya is reasonably lightweight, and when packed up, it takes far less space than you would imagine.

Even better, the Tenaya package comes complete with a carry bag with wheels to enhance the overall portability.



Best 8-Person Camping Tents Buying Guide

Best 8-Person Camping Tents Buying Guide

Purchasing an 8-person tent is more complicated than a smaller tent.

It’s quite understandable since the former are bigger, pricier, and have more features.

To help with the selection, I’ve whittled a comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know when making your next 8-person camping tent.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an 8-Person Tent


For a tent that will handle a large crowd, you would want to pick a spacious option to fit them all.

Now, it’s easy to think 8-person tents will fit eight people. But before making the assumption, understand these tents are designed using the backpacking principle.

It means the 8-person tents are meant to fit exactly 8 sleeping bags.

Of course, it’s possible to fit eight people in the tent, but that is if you enjoy being crammed in like packed sardines, feeling everybody’s heat around you.

Realistically, the 8-person type of tent can fit around 6 people comfortably. This number will give you ample space to maneuver and leave some space for your gear.

It would also help that you considered the height. Fortunately, unlike the smaller versions, the larger tents have decent headroom, but it’s still something you need to keep in mind.


Weight is essential, especially if you’ll be backpacking for long distances.

While the 8-person tents are heavier, there’re some relatively lightweight options.

You don’t want to pick a 30-pound camping tent because it will only but fatigue you on your adventures.

Ease of Setup

Away from the size, the ease of set up is yet another significant difference between the smaller and larger tents.

You can expect to assemble the smaller tents in 3 to 4 minutes, but the 8-person tent should take longer.

That said, most of the 8-person tents on our list aren’t clumsy to pitch, though they require a helping hand.

A good piece of advice is to practice setting up and taking down your tent in your backyard. You don’t want to spend a lot of time going through the manual when camping.


The good thing with the larger tent is they can accommodate various features, which may lack in the smaller versions.

Notably, some of the features you should always look forward to having in an 8-person tent are:

  • Multiple doors
  • Room Dividers for privacy
  • Extra storage space
  • And several windows for aeration and ventilation.

Notably, the extra doors are necessary for a 8-person tent, so you don’t have to step over everyone when heading out or to get in.

The room divider is also necessary, especially if you’re a mixed group of men and women or simply need to give your kids some privacy.

Storage space and vestibule are also necessary additions in an 8-person camping tent, as they give you more storage space without sacrificing your comfort.


Ventilation is crucial and doubly, so when multiple persons are sheltering under a single roof.

Primarily, ventilation is offered by the windows, so you want to ensure your tent has several of them,

It would also help check and see the air vents allow air circulation in and out of the tent.


The two common tent styles are dome and cabin styles.

The choice between either is a personal preference, though each has its pros and cons.

The dome style tents have better wind resistance but sacrifice the headroom, meaning you won’t have enough space to walk or stand.

On the other hand, cabin tents offer more space and comfort but aren’t reliable in the harsh weather.


Any seasoned caper knows the importance of investing in a durable tent.

Your option should last for several seasons, and more importantly, it should stand up to the rugged outdoor use.

Durability, for the most part, which always boils to the choice of material.

Canvas is a durable fabric, but it’s not waterproof and can be bulky, meaning it’s less practical for backpackers.

The ripstop nylon tents are the most popular option because they’re relatively durable and will easily stop cuts and tears from destroying the entire tent.

Polyester tents are similar to the nylon tent but have an added benefit of better UV resistance. So, if you’ll spend most of your time in the scorching sun, the polyester tents should be an inspiring option.

Weather Resistance

Mother Nature doesn’t always put her best foot forward, and sometimes, she can change for the worse.

For this reason, it’s always a good idea to invest in an 8-person camping tent that can weather whatever Mother Nature throws.

Your tent should be weather resistance, standing up the scorching UV rays, rainfall, and more.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

wrap up our choice

Our list of the best 8-person tents consists of some fantastic options, and honestly, it was hard to pick a winner.

However, we feel the Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person has what it takes for our top pick.

I know I mentioned it’s not anywhere “elite,” but as simple as it is, Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person is a practical shelter solution.

For a large group of people, the living space is the most crucial element, and this tent has a generous space offering to keep you comfortable.

It’s not the biggest tent but is spacious, and more importantly, has plenty of accessories allowing you to live in rugged luxury.

The tent lacks lighting, but we feel it’s not a reason enough not to acquire the shelter, especially considering what you’ll pay for an it-a real steal.

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