Ultimate Review of The Best Camping Kettle in 2023

Ultimate Review of The Best Camping Kettle in 2020

Nothing feels home more than a comforting cup of tea or coffee.

However, if you’re out sleeping under the stars, it’s challenging to have access to these simple life pleasures.

Of course, you might choose to bring along your household kettle to your campground, but it’s unlikely it will last for a day as it’s not built for the wild.

Luckily, several compact camping kettles are available, so you won’t have to miss out on the most important part of your morning or evening routine.

For me, a camping kettle is more than a convenient way for brewing coffee, but a handy option for sterilizing the water from the river.

Now, whether you prefer to brew a cup of coffee, prepare tea or even boil water for a frothy soup, a camping kettle is a necessary camping essential.

From my experience, having a camping kettle can make a long hike worth when it’s time to settle in at the end of the day.

Likewise, it can make your trip to the woods a nightmare if you choose the wrong type of camping kettle.

To help you choose the right camping kettle, we’ve researched and tested the top 6 camping kettles in the market. We’ve also included a handy buying guide to help with the selection process.

Camping Kettle Conclusion

All our featured camping kettles are fantastic, and their boiling performance is quite impressive.

However, we feel the LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle has a slight edge over the rest.

First, it’s durably constructed, with the aluminum helping to create a reliable and sturdy kettle.

At the same time, the aluminum is also lightweight, and with the kettle weighing less than two pounds, it should be easy to carry the kettle without feeling its weight.

Finally, the LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle has a generous volume, though not the highest, it should prepare a drink for two or three.

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LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle


GSI Halulite Camping Tea Kettle


Fire Maple XT-2 HE Kettle


Redcamp Camping Teapot


Docooler Camping Kettle



The Best Camping Kettles For The Money

The Best Camping Kettles For The Money

#1 LevelOne Collapsible Silicone Outdoor Camping Kettle - EDITOR'S CHOICE


As usual, when we review our products, we always look for options standing out from the rest of the pack.

It was a bit challenging with camping kettles since most of them came with cutting-edge design and performance.

However, we did manage to find something interesting from LevelOne.

Their collapsible Camping Kettle has everything you would need to take your camping experience to new levels.

It’s a practical option, full of desirable features. And more importantly, it comes at a fairly budget price.

Features and Benefits


The first draw of the LevelOne kettle is the portability.

Living up to its name, the LevelOne Collapsible Kettle compacts into a nifty design and will have no trouble cramming into your backpack.

What’s more?

It comes with a measly weight of two pounds and stands a mere 2′ tall when collapsed, so you won’t feel fatigued when carrying it or have trouble when stashing it.


When fully extended, the LevelOne camping kettle offers 5.5” of height, but the folks at LevelOne keep you guessing on the capacity.

However, according to users, the kettle can hold up to 36 ounces of water. It’s a reasonable volume, and it should be more than enough for two or three campers.

Material Construction

LevelOne kettle is designed from a blend of materials.

The 6′ base consists of aluminum, which is easier to clean, and evenly spread the heat for faster boiling.

On the other hand, the body is made from silicone, which doesn’t retain any food or drink odor.

Finally, the plastic-made handle allows easier handling of the kettle without the risk of burning.

Easy to Use

Level One Camping Kettle features a plethora of convenient features for enhancing the overall use.

For instance, we’ve a plastic lid at the top of the kettle, which doesn’t slip out of place when pouring hot water as we see with other kettles.

The presence of a lid lock also keeps you safe from the simmering water and hot steam.

The only issue with the lid and the handle is the plastic lock, meaning you have to be wary around a campfire.


This contraption works as advertised and will get your water boiling in no time. The aluminum construction is a fantastic heat conductor, while the silicone will help keep your kettle free from odors.

However, due to the silicone body and the plastic lids and handles, you need to be extra cautious around the flame. The kettle isn’t as durable as the traditional metal camping kettles.



#2 GSI Halulite Camping Tea Kettle - Premium Choice


If you’re outdoor enthusiasts, I bet you’ve come across the GSI brand, or at least have one of their products in your camping gear.

GSI is a renowned brand, excelling in the manufacturing of quality outdoor gear, including cookware, stove, tents, and kettles.

And today, we’re going to look at one of their offerings, the GSI Halulite Tea Kettle.

Like any other GSI product, The Halulite Kettle doesn’t fall short of the overall performance, and it comes with everything you would need to brew your favorite teacup.

Features and Benefits


When choosing a camping kettle, aesthetics should be the least of your priority.

But with the Halulite, we were tempted to purchase it for its look.

Out of the box, this camping kettle is candy to the eye, with the anodized aluminum complete with orange and grey color scheme sticking out.

The scheme is further complemented by the brand’s logo and name on the kettle’s side and lid.

However, my favorite feature is the fill line, complete with measurements stamped into the side.

Build Quality

GSI Tea Kettle is designed for rugged outdoor performance, a far cry from the LevelOne kettle in terms of durability.

The GSI’s halulite material, consisting of proprietary aluminum, has better heat-conducting properties.

Halulite is also more durable than your typical aluminum and will take any punishment from Mother Nature. Additionally, the material ensures your kettle doesn’t get scratches or even burn circles.

And we’re not done yet.

Contrast to its competitors; this kettle boasts of hard-anodized shells fully formed to produce a garnet-hard surface that can shrug off any abuse.


The GSI Halulite is also among the lightest camping kettles on our list, so portability should be the least of your concerns.

The measly weight, along with the compact design, also means stowing away the kettle should be a doodle, and one more reason the kettle is a backpacker’s dream kettle.


GSI Halulite isn’t the largest kettle, but it has a large opening and lid.

Now, while this means the kettle can fall easier when tilting than the competition, the opening is large enough to hold a canister or mini stove.

Of course, it’s easy to pull that one off with a teapot, but not a regular camping kettle.


There’s a lot to like about the Halulite tea kettle, including a folding handle for easy carry. The handle also locks into place to get out of the way when not in use.

The model also comes with an almost compact design for greater portability, but still big enough to let you carry extra stuff inside.


The overall performance is equally fantastic, with the kettle’s wide base catching a lot of heat for faster boiling.

The spout is also angled at an easy-to-use position, allowing easy pouring while eliminating leakage or dripping.



#3 Fire Maple XT-2 HE Kettle - Biggest Capacity


Fire Maple is yet another renowned brand, specializing in the manufacturing of state-of-the-art goods for campers.

In their stable, you’ll find camping stoves, tents, cookware, and camping kettles like the XT-2 HE.

The XT-2 HE is among the voluminous options on our list.

But away from size, there’re plenty of other draws for this kettle, including a durable and reliable construction and impressive heating performance.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

One thing we like about the XT-2 HE is sturdy aluminum construction.

Straight out of the box, you’ll easily realize how the kettle feels sturdy enough to shrug off any abuse from Mother Nature.

The hard-anodized aluminum is also reliable, standing up to dings, drops, and hits.

And the best part is the sturdiness extends beyond the kettle’s shell but to the handle, which feels tight enough to hold its position at any angle.

Heat Exchange

We feel the bottom of this kettle, complete with a heat exchange function, is probably the greatest selling point.

The bottom is constructed using butt-joint technique, which the manufacturer claims increases the overall efficiency by up to 30% compared to similar aluminum kettles.

While we didn’t have time to put the kettle on the clock, users claim the kettle heats up faster than other models within its class.


The heat exchange feature is a bonus, but it comes at the expense of portability.

XT-2 HE is a bulky option, standing 5.5” tall and 6” wide, meaning it will gobble much of your space.

However, the size is also a benefit. This is because it can also hold a bit of gear inside when not in use. That includes fuel canisters, pouches, fire cube, and other small goods.


XT-2 HE, with a generous dimension of 1.5 liters, offers the perfect option to serve a group of 3 or 4.

While you won’t have any issue using the kettle for the course of the night, I wouldn’t recommend taking it for backpacking, especially when alone.



#4 Redcamp Camping Teapot - Budget Friendly


Redcamp Camping Teapot is an inexpensive kettle, suitable for users on a budget. But despite its budget tag, this option is a practical solution, offering a fantastic boiling performance.

Additionally, it’s a reliable option, the anodized aluminum offering a robust and durable quality.

But is it the right camping kettle for you?

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Redcamp Teapot body is made from anodized aluminum, while the handle is wrapped in a rubber-like covering.

The metallic shell is super-sturdy, standing up to the wear and tear of the outdoors. It’s also resilient, and it’s going to last you for several seasons.


This kettle’s performance is equally impressive, and it boils your water in a matter of minutes.

We love the threaded bottom that ensures the even distribution of heat, thus promoting faster boiling/cooking.

What’s more?

With a generous capacity of 0.8L, the kettle is large enough to prepare coffee or tea for up to three campers.


Redcamp is an ideal backpacking kettle, thanks to the compact and portable design.

We love how easily it fits in the nooks and cranny of your camping bin.

Additionally, the handles can fold down, compacting into an easy-to-handle design.

Plus, an included mesh gives users an easy experience when carrying or stashing the kettle.


Redcamp Kettle is built for convenience and user-friendliness.

For instance, the spout is short and stout, promoting easy pouring without dripping or leaking.

On the other hand, the handle features a silicone coating eliminating the burning of your hands.

The lid, too, comes with an anti-scald design, making it safe for you to lift.

Generally, the kettle keeps cool during boiling and will prevent burning accidents.

Overall, the Redcamp Kettle isn’t a premium option and can’t compare the GSI Halulite or Fire Maple. However, it’s considerably cheaper and holds up just as long as the premium options.



#5 Docooler Camping Kettle - Best for Portability


If you’re a backpacker looking for a lightweight kettle that won’t fatigue or strain your back, you can’t go wrong with the Docooler Kettle.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

The aluminum construction is reliable and will stand up to any punishment from Mother Nature.

Even better, the aluminum is treated with an oxidation film coating on the interior to bolster the strength, heat resistance, and overall abrasive resistance.

When in use, the kettle feels solid, sturdy, and easily resists scratches and corrosion.


The greatest draw of the Docooler Kettle lies in portability.

It’s a lightweight and compact option, sporting an exquisite size to promote greater comfort.

The kettle is a convenient option for campers that love hiking, backpacking, and mountaineering.

Additionally, we love how the manufacturer has optimized the kettle for portability. This is evident from the collapsible handle, helping with the hassle-free packing.

Even better, the Docooler Kettle package comes along with a mesh carry bag to offer a convenient way to store and carry the kettle.


When it comes to performance, Docooler Kettle doesn’t disappoint.

First, the kettle offers a 1.1 L and 1.6 lb capacity option, so you’ve options to choose from when preparing your favorite drink.

It’s also a safe option, the rubber-coated handles shielding your hands from burning.


Docooler Kettle is a versatile option, with its usage going beyond a camping water kettle but also as a camping coffee pot.

Additionally, you can use the Docooler Kettle over various fire sources, including campfire, electric furnace, and gas cook.



Best Camping Kettles Buying Guide

Best Camping Kettles Buying Guide

With so many camping kettles in the market, choosing the right option for your camping needs is difficult.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared this handy buying guide to help with the selection. Here, we shall outline everything you need to know before making your next purchase.

But before I share the buying tips with you, let’s look at the different types of camping kettles.

Types of Camping Kettles

Normal Stove Top Kettle

The normal stove is the most popular option, ideal for use both at home and at the camping ground.

As their name suggests, they work on a normal-sized gas camping stove, and many have a cherry whistle, letting you know when your water is boiling.

Camping Kettles

Camping kettles are designed for rugged outdoor performance.

Many of these options are sturdy and reliable and will handle everything Mother Nature throws at them.

While the majority are big, we recommend you choose the lightweight and compact options for greater portability.

Collapsible Kettles

The collapsible kettles, like their name suggests, are foldable options designed for packing away small.

They’re lightweight, compact, and can easily be stashed into your backpack.

Titanium Mugs and Billy Cans

The titanium mugs and Billy cans are suitable for walks and one night stops.

Like the collapsible kettles, they’re also lightweight and compact, though they’ve a limited volume.

Self-Boiling – “Kelly kettle” Type

The self-boiling kettle is its stove too.

These stoves sport a clever design, complete with small twigs/pine cones to create a fire in the base. The fore then heats a double-walled chimney above, holding the water.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camping Kettle

Now that we already know the different types of camping kettles let’s look at the critical factors you should always consider when making a camping kettle purchase.

Material Construction

Generally, the material construction determines the overall durability and sturdiness of your camping kettle.

The three common materials used on camping kettles are:

  • Stainless Steel Kettles: The steel options are the de-facto materials, often considered the kettle industry’s workhorse. Though they’re a tad heavy, they’re highly durable and can shrug off any outdoor abuse.
  • Aluminum Kettles: They’re comparably lighter than the stainless steel option and an inspiring option for backpackers.
  • Ceramic Kettles: Ceramic kettles are glossy and smooth. They might not be the best option for outdoors, but they offer fantastic insulation and will make your drinks stay hotter for longer.


The perfect camping kettle should be well-insulated to eliminate the chances of burning your hands.

At the same time, a well-insulated kettle means your drinks stay hotter for much longer- even in the cold mountain weather.

Rust Resistance

Weather can be tricky during camping.

For instance, rain, along with mountain dew, can quickly rust the kettle if it’s not rustproof.

So, always ensure you check the rust-resistance of your kettle before purchase.


It’s not advisable to carry a hefty camping kettle, especially when backpacking.

Ideally, the best camping kettle should be lightweight and shouldn’t weigh you down.

Always keep in mind that a kettle is more of a luxury, so it shouldn’t be the item to fatigue you.


Equally, a camping kettle should be compact and shouldn’t gobble much of your backpack space.

The ideal option should leave space for other essentials like sleeping bags, cookware, and tent.

Having a foldable option can save on your space as it can be compacted even further for easy storage.


The durability matters, too. This is especially considering you’ll be using your kettle in the rugged outdoors.

The best camping kettle should be reliable and should easily handle a lot of punishment.

While material construction plays an integral role in determining the overall durability, there’re other subtle aspects that you should also consider.

For instance, check the overall build quality and see that it’s done to perfection.

Secondly, avoid the copy cats as they may not have the same structural integrity as the original items.

Easy to Clean

The ideal camping kettle should be easy to clean.

You don’t want an option that retains smells of coffee, tea, or soup-it should have no smell whatsoever.

At the same time, it shouldn’t retain scum after use and should be easy to clean with the least effort.


Finally, you should always consider the price- you don’t have to go for the most expensive items to see the quality.

But be wary of the cheap, flimsy options.

The trick here is balancing quality and cost; choose a budget-friendly option but, most importantly, one that fulfills your needs.

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