Ultimate Review of the Best Pop Up Tents in 2023

Best Pop Up Tents

Does the thought of spending hours pitching a complicated tent put you off the idea of camping?

We know that one of the biggest drawbacks of camping is the effort of pitching a tent, especially on a short weekend getaway where time is limited.

But, fortunately, pitching a tent doesn’t have to be stressful.

The best pop up tents take the fuss out of fieldwork for a more relaxing start to any camping trip.

As their name suggests, pop up tents, simply “pop up,” automatically opening without your input. They’re self-supporting, construct themselves, and pack down into their bag.

Perfect for both beginners and outdoor enthusiasts, pop up tents are also more lightweight than regular tents, making them fantastic for backpacking and hiking.

But, besides faster set up and lightness, a pop up tents save you a lot of energy, and offers a faster pitching method, so you’ll have more time for your favorite activities.

But with so many options, choosing the best pop up tent can be challenging.

Well we’re here to help.

In the text below, we will review the best pop up tents on the market. We’ve also compiled a handy pop up tent buying guide to help with the selection process.

Quick Comparison Table!

Abco Tech Pop-up 2- Person Tent


Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent


Toogh 2-3 Person Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent


Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop-Up


Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent



The Best Pop Up Tents For The Money

The Best Pop Up Tents For The Money

#1 Abco Sport Pop up 2-Person Tent - EDITOR'S CHOICE


The Abco Sport Instant Portable Cabana Beach Pop Up Tent for won us over with its affordability and ease of use. It doesn’t require any complex set up process and simply pops into shape in a few seconds without exerting much effort at all.

The fiberglass frame construction is corrosion resistant and rustproof. It’s also sturdy, though not as much as steel or aluminum, and will easily hold up even during the windiest day. To avoid wind getting under the tent, ensure you use the provided stakes to pin it firmly into the ground.

On the other hand, the heavy-duty ripstop nylon offers a comfortable shelter, keeping you away from the elements. It’s not waterproof, but offers water resistance and UV protection. The nylon also features quality stitching to prevent wear and tear.

The nylon is thick enough to repel light showers, but we wouldn’t recommend using Abco in high-humidity conditions.

Tents can get swelteringly hot, especially during hot summer days, but not the Abco Tent. The two large doors and windows strategically placed around the tent offer proper ventilation and free airflow.

The openings are double-layered, with an inner zippered lining helping with breathability and outer zippered layer offering privacy. The doors are also placed opposite one another for easy access to the tent.

The outer layer of the doors and windows feature ‘no see ums’ mesh to keep flying insects and other bugs from your tent.

Pitching Abco is a cinch, but folding up for storage requires some skill. There’s a manual to help with storage, but it’s a struggle to follow. However, once you get the hang of it, folding the Abco tent for storage becomes an easy affair.

When folded, the tent folds flat, easily fitting into the carry bag for simple storage and portability.

When it comes to the space offered, the Abco comfortably fits two adults, and so it could be a fantastic option for couples. However, it’s not a luxury choice and you wouldn’t be able to fit a queen-sized mattress in it rather than a sleeping bag.

Abco might not have the bells and whistles of some premium options, but it has all it takes to keep you comfortably sheltered in the outdoors.

It’s nice to have this tent, especially if you’re with a partner. And considering it’s lightweight, weighing only 6.41 pounds, and folds easily, it won’t cause fatigue, and we would recommend the Abco tent for backpacking adventures.



#2 Coleman 2-Person Tent - Best Couple Pop up Tent


Aptly named the Coleman 2-Person pop up tent, this is among our favorite tents built to comfortably fit two people. In fact, we recommend it for couples or for two sharing in camping groups.

And, as expected from the trusted Coleman brand, it’s a high-quality option, well-built, and hosts plenty of desirable features.

To start with, this tent features Coleman’s high-quality pop up design, meaning it’s easy to assemble. From start to finish, you can pitch this tent in about ten seconds, which we think is pretty awesome.

And when it’s time to wrap things up, the Coleman Tent easily breaks up, folding and packing into a convenient carry bag. When folded flat, it’s approximately two to three feet across; perfect for fitting into any car or lying in a truck bed.

Like the Abco, folding is challenging, but after a few practices, taking down the tent should be an easy procedure.

This option measures 90 by 53 inches; it offers more than enough horizontal space for two people to lie down comfortably. It’s not the biggest space offering, but it should be enough space for two average-sized adults to sleep and still leave some space to safely store some of your camping accessories.

Getting your things soaked in the wild should be the least of your concerns with the Coleman tent. This tent is packed with Coleman-specific features to promote weather resistance.

First, the inverted seams alongside the integrated storage pockets help prevent water from leaking around the corners and edges.

A fire and water-resistant polyester rainfly provides cover for added protection against water and other elements. The included rainfly is adjustable, meaning it can be attached to different positions, which in return allows campers to adjust it as necessary for maximum protection.

Speaking of elements, this tent is quite minimalistic in design, so it can effectively resist powerful winds gusts without collapsing. Also, the wind-strong frame, guy-out triangles, and carefully designed poles provide the tent with the necessary stability to withstand strong wind gusts.

The zippered fabric cuffs also go a long way to preventing leakages, even in rain or a snowstorm.

Unfortunately, some users have complained the Coleman is a bit small, and at only three feet in the center, it offers no headroom. Standing up in the Coleman isn’t an option.

Though adjustable, the rainfly doesn’t cover enough at the top to make the entire pop up tent waterproof.

Nonetheless, Coleman is a handy and feature-rich option, offering all the protection you and your partner need outdoors. It’s also an inexpensive option, suitable for the budget-conscious users and those that won’t mind an “up close and personal” experience.



#3 Toogh 2-3 Person Automatic Instant Pop Up Tent - Best for 3 and 4 persons


The Toogh Instant Tent is a tough and heavy-duty option built for more rugged camping conditions.

It’s a relatively new product and the company is not yet well-known, but it has some nice features and is surprisingly good quality.

First, it’s a pop up tent, and as is typical of other options on our list, it unfurls pretty fast. To pitch it, you simply need to lift the top of the tent, and it starts an automatic installation. The clever top construction system ensures the tent can be pitched and furled quickly in just 60 seconds.

The two windows and two large T-door pieces help promote ventilation, keeping the air flowing into your tent. This way, you don’t have to deal with the sweltering heat and sweaty feeling. The openings are further fitted with a mesh, which keeps the bugs out while giving clear outdoor views.

The Toogh Instant Tent is a spacious tent that can easily accommodate two to three adults or four kids. The hexagonal structure of the tent creates a bottom with a larger internal space. It’s so big that the folks at Toogh claim it can fit a Queen or a King size air mattress or three sleeping bags. It’s the perfect shelter solution for a family.

The waterproofing for this Toogh tent is good for the most part. The rainfly is waterproof, and water certainly won’t get in through the top of the walls.

However, you might have some issues with the floor since there’s a seam running straight through the middle. However, once you secure the seam, everything should be fine.

Speaking of securing the tent, we recommend that you stake the tent firmly into the ground to avoid it being blown away by the wind.

However, there are a few issues with this tent. First, it’s a bit bulky weighing over 11 pounds, limiting portability. Consequently it might not be the best solution for backpackers.

Second, the zippers and stakes are quite poor quality in their construction. The stakes are replaceable, but the zippers can snag, making it difficult to manage them.

Overall, the Toogh Instant Tent has plenty to offer. Sure, it might have a few durability issues here and there, but it’s a reliable piece of shelter, suitable for those who need to share a roof with their family.



#4 Gazelle 22272 T4 Pop Up - Most Heavy Duty


If you’re searching for a heavy duty and durable shelter solution, few pop up tents can match what the Gazelle T4 offers.

It’s a reliable pop up tent, and though priced on the higher side, it won’t disappoint with its performance.

First, it’s a stunning creation with beautiful colorwork of orange and white; a perfect combination for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s an outstanding choice, and perfect for celebrating the wonders of nature under the beauty of the stars at night.

The appeal of this tent goes beyond aesthetics, extending to its performance. The oxford polyester material delivers a tough and durable product which can easily stand up to the rugged conditions of mother nature and her offspring, humans.

The polyester is also a highly durable material that doesn’t tear easily, and that will offer a reliable performance for years to come.

With such rugged characteristics, it’s would be easy to think the Gazelle tent won’t be comfortable. Wrong. It has a generous floor space of 61 square inches, easily accommodating up to four people simultaneously.  It might be just the perfect option for your next adventure with your family as it grants you excellent comfort to help you recharge for the next day’s activities.

The floor panels on these tents are also detachable, allowing you to customize your tenting experience.

Despite the large size, the Gazelle Pop Up tent is also stable and firm. It’s not easily blown away by the wind, and you can expect it to stay in position without shifting or tearing, even after frequent use.

Typical of any other pop up tent on our list, this option is easy to set up, taking a mere 90 seconds to prepare from start to finish.

It’s also weather resistant, so you won’t have to worry about the rain. The quickly detachable rainfly connecting to the corners of the roof poles will keep you dry, even when its pouring.



#5 Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent - Best for Privacy


The Green Elephant Utilitent is the perfect privacy tent.

Not only is this option easy to use, but it also features ultra-grade materials tailored for the outdoors.

It’s a multi-functional tent, serving various applications perfectly, from BBQing and camping to adventuring on the open road.

The material construction determines the quality of a tent, and the Green Elephant doesn’t fail in this department; the polyester fabric, along with the robust steel frame, guarantees years of service.

Additionally, the heavy-duty zipper and thick double stitching promote ease of use while ensuring durability.

The frame construction is quite sturdy, and the tent doesn’t have any issues holding its shape.

Perfect as a privacy pop up tent, the Green Elephant is opaque and won’t let anyone from the outdoors see inside.

The weather resistance performance is also quite impressive, thanks to the water repellent fabric. Weather proofing is also helped by the fully thermo-sealed seams that prevent water from leaking inside the tent.

Like any other pop up tent, the Green Elephant takes only moments to unfold. At the same time, it folds easily, flattening to a compact size for easy storage and portability.

Once unfurled, it offers a generous sleeping space and 10.7” headroom, ideal for taller individuals. This means claustrophobia and bending down in a tent is a thing of the past.

The freestanding design enhances its versatility, allowing it to be uses on various ground types. The guy lines, tent pegs, and sandbags promote sturdiness, even in windy or uneven surfaces.

We love the no-floor design as it’s easy to keep clean and eliminates puddles and debris.



Best Pop Up Tents Buying Guide

Best Pop Up Tents Buying Guide

In the guide below, we shall share some of the crucial tips to consider when selecting the best pop up tents.

But first, let’s see the difference between instant tents and pop up tents,, because they’re closely related.

Instant Tent vs. Pop up Tent

The terms instant tent and pop up tent are commonly used interchangeably, but they are different.

Instant tents fall into the pop up tent category, though they don’t technically pop up.

A true pop up tent has built-in poles which can be bent to fold the tent flat for storage. When unfurling, the pop up tent automatically pops up into a full-size tent ready to peg down and sleep in.

Though pop up tents are easier to pitch, they’ve some constraints such as a smaller sleeping area and are not robust enough to keep the elements out entirely.

On the other hand, instant tents don’t pop up when unfurled. However, they have built in poles, separated in places for compacting the tent. This means you don’t have to attach the poles to pitch the tent. Now, depending on the tent size, pitching can take anywhere between one and five minutes, which is still a quick process compared with a traditional tent.

Pop Up Tents Buying Guide: What to Consider when Selecting a Pop Up Tent


When choosing a pop up tent, you need to consider the number of people you’ll accommodate.

Beyond having sufficient space for everyone to rest comfortably, you should also choose an option that will offer adequate space for storing your camping gear.

If you’re camping solo or with a partner, a two-person tent will suffice, unless you’ve lots of camping gear or have a big body frame. In the latter cases, you can get a three/four-person tent.

However, keep in mind most pop up tents come in small sizes, with the most common one able to accommodate one or two people.

Also, the manufacturer’s idea of a three-person tent is probably not going to be the same as yours. When in doubt, it’s always a good idea to choose a tent offering room for an extra person.

Weight/ Portability

Weight affects the overall portability of your tent.

It is particularly critical if you are planning to backpack, as opposed to car camping.

Beyond the weight, you also want to consider the shape, and how easily the tent can be packed into a carry bag. You want to choose a tent that is easy to pack and carry for miles on end.

Material construction

The manufacturing materials affect the sturdiness and longevity of your pop up tent.

However, it’s vital you know you always have to make tradeoffs when choosing your pop up tent.

Canvas is durable and can retain heat better than nylon, but it comes at the expense of compactness.

Generally, most tents are either made from lightweight nylon or polyester. These materials are also relatively inexpensive.


Of course, material construction plays a role in the longevity of your pop up tent.

For instance, canvas tents are more durable than nylon or polyester tents.

However, durability goes beyond the material construction but might extend to the build quality.

Pay more attention to the production process and the overall quality.

Check for the seaming quality, the sewing quality, and the design.

Another thing, it’s advisable to pay a little more to get a durable pop up tent.

Don’t go for cheap brands as you might be disappointed.

Weather resistance

The next crucial element you should consider is the weather resistance of your tent, especially waterproofness.

Because of their lightweight nature, many pop-up tents are not great at offering protection against harsh weather, but not all is lost.

If you discover your tent isn’t waterproof, you can invest in a waterproof tent tarp and rainfly to cover the tent’s roof.

True, it might mean your setup will take a bit longer, but it’ll keep you warm and dry in the event of a downpour.

Also, check to see your tent has UV coating to protect against the sun rays without adding weight.


Most pop up tents today feature an interior sleeping area and a hall space inside the door. The hall space comes in handy as a storage room for your camping gear.

On the other hand, the bigger tents have the main door and a vestibule alongside a sleeping area on either side of the tent. This particular design is ideal for families as it offers some form of privacy.

Verdict: Our Choice

Our list of the best pop up tents has some exciting and performance-oriented products.

However, we recommend the Abco Tech Pop-up 2- Person Tent because it ticks all the boxes for the best pop up tent.

First, it pops up in place within seconds and doesn’t require much effort from you. It’s also small in stature, yet it offers a generous space for sleeping.

The fiberglass construction lightens the tent, while at the same time offering the sturdiness needed for rugged camping.

It’s the perfect solution for backpacking, especially with a partner. And even better, it comes at a fairly reasonable price.

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