Ultimate Review Of The Best Tent Cots in 2023

best tent cot

Campers and hikers know that the best days in the outdoors start with a good night’s sleep.

Of course, the ruggedness of camping is what makes it so attractive.

However, for some outdoor enthusiasts like me, we prefer a bit more luxury when pursuing our alfresco activities.

Enter the tent cot.

A tent cot, as its name suggests, is a hybrid of a tent and a cot. It offers the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort level of sleeping in a real bed.

See, there’s something truly calming, authentic, and romantic about sleeping under the stars. However, this might also mean being exposed to insects, rain, and other weather. And sleeping on the ground can also lead to uncomfortable nights and morning stiffness.

In particular, uneven ground can hurt your back, while a damp floor can make you catch cold and create aches and pains.

However, a tent cot offers the perfect way to balance the enjoyment of being outdoors with the comfort level of sleeping in a bed. Designed as a tent resting on top of a cot, the shelter is elevated, keeping you off the ground.

This way, you don’t have to worry about uneven or lumpy ground, or even the need for clearing the sleeping area of spiky, hurty things like cones, twigs, and rocks. And, in case it pours, you can stay dry too, as no groundwater will seep through your tent.

Another beauty of the tent cot is that the frames are all connected before setting it up, meaning they’re simple to use and don’t take long to prepare.

And, if you’re worried about their overall stability, tent cots are pretty stable and won’t tip over when you get in and out of bed.

But, with many different types and features available, it’s difficult to know what tent cot you should buy. To help, we’ve reviewed the best tent cots on the market.

We’ve also prepared a handy tent cot buying guide to help with your selection.

Quick Comparison Table!

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


Ozark Trail One-Person Cot Tent


Winterial Double Camping Tent Cot


Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot


Yescom Folding Tent



The Best Tent Cots For The Money

The Best Tent Cots For The Money

#1 Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Aptly named the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot, this shelter certainly lives up to its name. It’s an extra-long cot, including a custom-fitted tent to keep you warm, dry, and off the ground when camping, while taking the least of your precious space up when packed.

Sure, it seems small, especially when compared with full-size tents, but in the tent cot arena, it’s the king of single-person cots in terms of size. And it’s not just about the 7½ feet length, but the generous weight capacity of 350 pounds.

But, is the Kamp-Rite, along with all its features, the right option for you?

Features and Benefits


This tent cot features a cot elevated 11 inches off the ground to allow easy access, and keeping you safe from elements, dirt, reptiles, and creepy crawlies.


The expanded dimension of the Kamp-Rite at 90″L x 32″W x 47″H is even larger than a twin bed.

With a 32″ by 90″ sleeping bay, it’s easy to see the tent isn’t for a large group but a single adult and, if required, a child.

It’s a spacious option, with the dome shape offering an extended height for the taller camper. A six-foot tall person can easily sleep on the cot with fully extended arms.

Heavy duty

Kamp-Rite is a heavy-duty option, which is evident in the material construction.

The reliable and lightweight anodized aluminum frames are sturdy, inspiring confidence, even in the most demanding and rugged conditions.

The addition of an extra pair of legs on each side improves the overall stability. You don’t have to worry about titling over in this tent cot, even when you exert your weight on one of the edges.

Tent fabric

The heavy-duty, 190T nylon fabric on the tent shields you against all the elements. The fabric is a durable option, too, and doesn’t easily wear or tear allowing for extended durability.

Nylon is not the most secure weather-resistant option, but the 210 D rainfly with sealed seams at the top is impenetrable to water and will keep you dry even during a strong downpour.


Tent cots can get swelteringly hot, especially during summer, but not with the Kamp-Rite.

This option comes with two large doors on the longer side and two zippered windows on the shorter side.

So you can easily see how breathable this tent cot is.


This is a superb, multi-functional shelter option. The Kamp-Rite functions as more than a cot or a tent; it can also convert to a standard cot or a lounge chair.



#2 Ozark Trail One-Person Cot Tent - Best Value for Money


If you’re in search of an inexpensive tent cot, yet still offering an elevated, soft sleeping surface with ample protection from bugs and weather elements, the Ozark Trail Tent could be the perfect choice for you.

It’s a pleasingly spacious piece of equipment, offering plenty of resting and storage space.

The tent cot is also among the more durable options, coming with a double-layered construction to stand up to the harshest weather elements.

But, is it the right option for you?

Features and Benefits


The Ozark Trail One-Person Cot Tent differentiates itself from the Kamp-Rite regarding the choice of metal frame.

While the Kamp-Rite uses aluminum, the Ozark Trail uses steel, which is more durable and reliable than the former.

The steel frames are further powder-coated to prevent structural compromise from the elements, particularly rust.

Now, you might think that a steel construction must be hefty, but surprisingly, it’s lightweight, and even lighter than the aluminum-made Kamp-Rite.

So, indeed, the minimized weight, alongside the compact design, makes the Ozark a more portable unit.


The biggest drawback with many of the available tent cots is lack of stability, where the cot can tend to easily tilt with movement or getting in and out, but not the Ozark.

The three, evenly-spaced, folding support legs, offering cross-lagged type support, ensure a firm and stable structure.

The frame legs also have plastic floor protectors, ensuring the cot doesn’t cause undue wear and tear on the ground beneath.

Sleeping area

The Ozark Cot Tent offers a generously wide 85.0” by 36.0” sleeping area, which is surprisingly larger than that of the Kamp-Rite for the price.

Though built for one person, we believe it can hold an extra child and still leave some spare storage space.

The height is similarly impressive, with the dome tent design increasing the overall headroom, and it is capable of accommodating people up to an incredidble 6’9” tall.

Weight limit

The weight capacity is definitely on the lower side, and this is perhaps the biggest flaw of this tent cot.

Though the tent is rated 225 pounds, some users claim to have extended the weight limit to 300 pounds. However, we don’t recommend this.


Along with its reasonable quality, this tent cot includes a soft-padded sleeping surface, with one-inch thick padding, offering a comfortable night’s sleep for both back and side slumberers.

Material and weather resistance

Both the tent and rainfly on this option are made of polyester taffeta, rated for water-resistance, but not fully waterproof.

The good news is you can make the fabric fully waterproof by applying a sealant or spraying with a waterproof spray.

The best part of the fabric is the double-layered construction, enhancing its overall reliability, making it impenetrable to the elements.


The tent has a single, large-sized door for easy access, but lacks vents in the rainfly.

You might think this limits the airflow, but the mesh tent can be used without the rainfly as a lightweight bug net.



#3 Winterial Double Camping Tent Cot - Best Double Tent Cot


As its name suggests, the Winterial Double Camping Tent Cot is a spacious tent built for two people.

It’s not only spacious, but also quite a heavy-duty option, capable of supporting a total weight limit of 500 pounds.

It’s quite similar in construction and features to the Kamp-Rite we reviewed earlier. The differences between the two lie in their dimensions; both are long, but the Kamp-Rite is five inches longer.

But, what makes the Winterial a superb option is the generous width. With over 40 inches in breadth, it’s among the tent cots with the widest sleeping area.

But, is the Winterial, along with its great features, the right option for you?

Features and Benefits


If you’ve ever spent time outdoors in a tent, you will know how insects and creepy crawlies come out after dark.

It can be an unnerving experience, and one that could make it easy for sleep and comfort to elude you.

With the Winterial, you don’t have to deal with any of that. It’s elevated to keep you well away from the crawlers.


The frame construction determines the overall sturdiness of a tent cot, and the Winterial doesn’t fail in this department.

The solid aluminum frame strikes the perfect balance between lightness and reliability.

It ensures the tent cot doesn’t become a burden during transit while also making certain your cot can stand up to the most rugged and harsh conditions of a normal camping trip.


The Winterial is a double cot, ideal for accommodating up to two people.

However, unless you are two adults, it doesn’t offer anything superior from the Kamp Rite. It is wider, but the features are similar.

So, if you need a one-person tent cot, the Kamp Rite should suffice. But for couples, or plus-size campers, nothing beats the Winterial.

The Winterial also gives users extra breathing room, which few tent cots can offer.


Like the Kamp-Rite, the Winterial is a multi-purpose tent cot, doubling up as a lounge chair or a standalone cot with a few adjustments.


A heavy-duty nylon fabric working as a tent offers reliable shelter, keeping you cozy and safely away from the elements.

Even better, Winterial tents come with a waterproof raifly to protect you from light showers. However, if you’re expecting a heavy downpour, I suggest you bring along an extra tarp.


A total of four openings, one on each side, can be used as windows and doors.

These access points enhance the overall breathability and airflow to keep your tent cool, even during hot summer days.



#4 Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot - Best Waterproof Tent Cot


The Tangkula 1 Person Tent Cot is yet another quality tent cot coming with numerous desirable features.

It ticks all the boxes for the best tent cots, but what won us over is the impressive weather resistance.

The high quality and waterproof denier material is impenetrable to water and will effectively keep your tent interior comfortable and dry.

Features and Benefits

Weather resistance

Many of the tents on our list are made of lightweight, packable nylon, which is great unless you’re camping in difficult weather conditions and need a durable and rugged tent.

This is where the Tangkula comes into play.

Sporting a tough oxford canvas material, this tent cot can easily withstand even the most severe weather.

The tent comprises 420D PU coated oxford and 600D waterproof oxford canvases, offering exceptional water protection and durability.

Frame construction

A cot’s sturdiness is based on its frame construction, and the Tangkula doesn’t fail in this department.

The solid aluminum frame delivers a lightweight yet solid structure that isn’t easily compromised by the rugged and harsh outdoors.

It’s also quite a stable option, with the four sets of legs offering excellent support to prevent tilting.

Space: dimensions

The Tangkula is generous in size, with the 81.5 x 32 inches cot offering sufficient space for adult users to sleep comfortably.

Regarding weight, it weighs a mere 30 pounds and is foldable, improving the overall portability.


Like all the previously reviewed products, the Tangkula has impeccable ventilation.

The large, D-Shape screen doors with zippers allow easy entry while improving the overall airflow.

Now, as well as being wonderful in the rainy conditions, the tent cot is also good at keeping bugs and flying insects out. The micro meshing will stop even the smallest of bugs entering and ruining your night’s sleep.

Easy to pitch

The Tangkula is easy to set up, and it comes with a straightforward manual to help ease pitching.

It also features a carry bag to allow easy storage and transport.



#5 Yescom Folding Tent - Best Folding Tent Cot


The Yescom Folding Tent is a relatively new tent cot on the market, but it has increasingly gained popularity over the past few years.

This tent’s main appeal lies in the ease of use, sturdiness, and comfortable off-ground sleeping experience.

It also comes with plenty of windows and doors on all sides to provide ventilation.

Features and Benefits

Weather resistance

Like the Tangkula, the Yescom is crafted with PU coated oxford canvas for ultimate weather resistance.

Contrary to the nylon fabrics common in other tent cots, the oxford fabric on this tent is durable, resistant to wear and tear, and, more importantly, impenetrable to water. It protects you from light rain and snow.


The Yescom sits 14 inches off the ground, the elevated platform keeping you dry and secure. It also protects you from rocks, dampness, and small biting creatures.

By preventing dampness, it may also reduce the need to bring along blankets or other similar items that can add bulk to your pack.

Weight and weight capacity

The Yescom can accommodate users of up to 330 pounds. It’s not the highest, but for a single person tent, it can hold some pretty heavy users with ease.

With a carrying weight of 30 pounds, the tent cot is also not too heavy and easily portable.


To promote airflow, the tent cot features a large D-door, along with 20” by 20” side windows to help with ventilation.

The polyester mesh lining also helps with the airflow while preventing mosquitoes and other bugs from flying in.

Storage facilities

This tent cot also comes with a host of accessories, notably multiple interior storage pockets perfect for storing personal belongings like books, phones, etc.

It can also be used to stash such items as clothes, towels, and toothbrushes.



Best Tent Cot Buying Guide: What to Consider

Best Tent Cot Buying Guide What to Consider

With plenty of options on the market, choosing the right tent cot for your needs can be challenging.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a handy buying guide to help with the selection process.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Tent Cot

Weight and portability

The overall weight will be a crucial factor, especially if your trip involves moving around alot with your stuff.

Ideally, the tent cot should be lightweight to enhance the overall portability.

If possible, choose a foldable tent cot, allowing you to compact it and fit it into your backpack or car trunk.

Some cots even come with carrying bags so you can carry them easily from one place to the other.


Understandably, some people fear they might roll over while sleeping and suddenly find themselves on the floor after the tent has tipped over.

However, that’s not going to be the case, especially if you’ve a tent cot with a wide base.

If you need a higher level of stability, then pick an option with a significant width.

And if you’re using a tent cot with a narrower width, you need to be more mindful about not putting all of your weight on the very edge of the cot.

Weather protection

The best part of the tent cot is that you don’t have to worry about water flooding on the land surrounding you. Rather, you need to worry about the water from above.

Here, the fabric of the tent determines the overall weather resistance.

Ideally, choose a polyester or nylon fabric, but avoid cotton.

At the same time, consider investing in a cot with a waterproof tarp to direct the water away from your tent’s interior.

Weight capacity

Weight capacity, measured in pounds, refers to the maximum amount of weight a tent cot can effectively support.

For the single-person tent cots, you won’t have to worry much about this figure. However, it’s crucial for the double tent cots as the combined weight could be an issue for some couples.

Size and elevation

Speaking of couples, you need to choose a tent cot that can effectively accommodate the recommended users and everything they’re carrying.

The elevation is essential, especially if you struggle a lot with mobility.


The type of frame influences the sturdiness or rather reliability of a tent cot.

Generally, metal-based frames are sturdier and more reliable than other materials.

Specifically, the lightweight and flexible materials, such as aluminum and lightweight steel, are popular on the tent cots.

However, you also need to consider the frame’s overall weight and ensure they’re not heavy to limit the overall mobility.

Safety from external elements

Insects, such as mosquitoes, are the bane of camping enthusiasts.

So, it’s always a good idea to choose a cot tent made of mesh technology to prevent such rogue flying things from ruining your sleep.

There’re also other pests, insects, and reptiles in the woods, so you should also consider choosing a cot with pest-repeller functions.

And for better ergonomic design, it’s recommended to use stiffer cot tents. Remember, in the jungle, wild beasts are also a threat, so choose an option with a rigid base.

Our Choice

It’s a wrap, and if you’re still not decided on which option to choose, we would recommend the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot.

Not that other tent cots are inferior, but the Kamp-Rite ticks all the boxes for the best tent cots.

It’s a heavy-duty option, with the 190T nylon fabric standing up to wear and tear.

Sure, oxford material on options like the Tangkula performs a lot better, especially when it comes to waterproofness, but the Kamp-Rite manages to balance well between practicality,  form, and cost.

For instance, it can’t match the weight capacity of the Winterial Tent, but for a single person tent, the 350-pound weight limit is overkill.

The sleeping dimensions are also reasonable; not the highest, perhaps, but sitting slightly above the average for most models.

The price might be a bit stiff, but it’s worth every penny.

Of course, the ultimate purchase decision comes down to you. For instance, if you’re a couple, the Winterial Double Tent Cot would be a better option than the Kamp-Rite. And for those on a budget, the Ozark would suffice.

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