Ultimate Review of The Best Tents For Burning Man in 2023

Best Tents For Burning Man

When packing for a camping festival there’s a lot more to remember than the cute festival outfits.

Having the right camping gear is necessary for a good camping experience. After drinking, dancing, and going hard, you need a comfortable place to retreat.

In particular, a tent is perhaps a critical piece of festival equipment you need.

But what makes a good tent?

Generally, the best festival tents are comfortable and durable. Typically, tents with larger headroom, more ventilation, and more rooms tend to be comfortable.

But there’s an exception to these rules if you’re specifically looking for the best tent for Burning Man.

See, under the freezing night, sweltering sun, and hostile conditions, you need a tent with serious durability. Here, survival takes preference over comfort.

The conditions at Burning Man festival are not for the faint-hearted, and you need a tent that can take everything Mother Nature throws at you.

From the sweltering midday heat, frigid evenings, sandstorms, snakes and pests, there’re numerous things you want to stay from in the Black Rock Desert. This is particularly true after a long day of partying at the Burning Man festival.

This is why we’ve come up with a list of the best Burning Man tents to take you through the one-week long festival.

Quick Comparison Table!

Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent


Coleman Cabin Tent Instant


DANCHEL 13ft Light Weight Tipi Family Tent


NTK Arizona GT


Naturehike Cloud-Up



The Best Tents For Burning Man For Your Money

Best Tent For Burning Man

#1 Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent - EDITOR'S CHOICE


There’s a lot to like about this Kodiak tent, and it’s not a surprise considering Kodiak makes some of the best tents in the market.

This option is no different, and it comes with numerous desirable features, especially for those who plan to attend the Burning Man festival.

But is this option right for you?

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Kodiak Tent is a handcrafted tent with a super durable canvas material that will last for a long time.

Canvas is a reliable material, well known for its breathability and keeping dust and sand out. It’s an important feature when you’re at Burning Man as the Playa dust can get intense.

Weather Resistance

Kodiak is the ideal solution for the desert sandstorms and dry conditions,

The thick canvas fabric, along with the generously-sized zipper flaps, is impenetrable, keeping the desert elements completely away from your tent’s comfort.

The canvas fabric is particularly impenetrable to the elements, yet breathable like a cotton T-shirt.

When it comes to protection, Kodiak has varying grades of the materials used in setting up the walls and the roof. The walls have 8.5-ounce Hydra Shield canvas, while the roof boasts of 10-ounce Hydra Shield Canvas. The roofing is justifiably warranted, ensuring the tent is impenetrable against water or rain.

The tent is also immune to strong winds, though I’ve insisted that it’s not a freestanding tent. So, its sturdiness will rely on how well you stake it.

Comfort and Space

When pitched correctly, Kodiak lets you live in rugged luxury.

For instance, the walls on this option offer some measure of insulation, similar to that of the double-walled tents. The marine-grade canvas, with a silicone, dry finish treatment, promotes breathability and ventilation.

The tent is also roomy, with the 10 by 14 feet capable of holding up to 8 people comfortably. The ceiling height is generous too, and the 6 feet height will even allow the tallest people to stand up comfortably.

The near-vertical walls and tall-ceiling make the tent feel extra spacious and give your crew extra space to stretch out.


Having lots of windows is normally good for ventilation, but it can be a bit of an issue at Burning Man.

Fortunately, this option has four windows and a D-shaped door, and overall, it allows free airflow while limiting the amount of Playa dust.


Some of the small items on the Kodiak Tent are just about simple quality life improvements, but they’re welcome.

For instance, the detachable wall organizer chock full of pockets is useful for storage and keeping your tent neat and organized.


However, like all things in life, nothing is perfect, and the Kodiak is not any different.

It’s a beast, weighing over 70 pounds, so a rather bulky option.

It’s also not the easiest to set up and requires some practice.

However, these are not big deterrents, and in my opinion, the comfort and style surpass all the drawbacks.



#2 Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup - Best for Night Owls


Our runner up is yet another sturdy and generous-sized option, capable of holding up an impression of ten persons.

But beyond durability and space, Coleman also shines in other aspects such as integrating darkroom technology, weather resistance, and fast set up.

Let’s see what this option has in store for us.

Features and Benefits

Instant Setup

Aptly named the Coleman Instant, this tent is easy to set up. From start to finish, pitching the tent takes a record 60 seconds and doesn’t require more than one person.

Keep in mind the tent is fourteen by ten and almost 7 feet high. The ability to set up such a big tent in under a minute is a rare feature.

The quick set-up time is convenient, leaving you with more time to enjoy burning man.

Sunlight Blocking Technology

If you’ve never heard of a darkroom tent, then you’re in for what’s possibly your best night’s sleep in a tent.

Coleman uses “darkroom technology” to keep the light from penetrating your tent. Seriously, I can’t stress how much I love this tent’s ability to block out the light. In my case, I use light-proof curtains in my bedroom, and the tent feels like I’ve brought sweet, dark camping with me.

The sun-blocking feature block 90% of sunlight through the tent, and it serves two major benefits:

First, less sunlight translates to lower temperatures inside the tent, meaning your tent will remain significantly cooler and much more comfortable for long. Secondly, it helps you sleep during the early mornings. Unlike the traditional tents where sunlight creeps early in the morning, the Coleman blocks the light, allowing you to extend your sleep into the day.

And considering that much the Burning Man activities take place at night, having a cooler and comfortable place to rest during the day is welcome.

Weather Resistance

While any tent can get a little hot for burning man, Coleman is impenetrable to the Playa dust and other elements. Provided you keep the windows and ventilation points zipped, this tent will keep most wind-borne dust.

The tent also employs a WeatherTec system consisting of a welded floor. The seams on the floor are sealed completely, preventing entry of any element.

The system also elevates the side seams to an angle, preventing wind or water from interfering with the overall stability.

The vented rainfly keeps you comfortable and safe against the harsh elements such as hail and rain.

Space and Comfort

Coleman has gone at it hammer and tongs with the space offers. Capable of holding ten people, Coleman is the perfect solution for larger groups and families.

We liked most about this large tent as the room divider, ideal for families who need privacy.



#3 DANCHEL 13ft Light Weight Tipi Family Tent - Best Lightweight Tent


Teepee tents, also known as tips, are among the most commonly used tents for outdoor camping.

Their simplicity and versatility make them a great choice.

They also feature a simple geometric design, and with excellent qualities such as ventilation and space.

The Dachel Tipi Family Tent is no different. It’s an incredible option, offering lots of room and protection from elements crucial for Burning Man.

It’s a durable option, too, with the canvas fabric offering a long-lasting experience.

But is the Danchel, alongside its features, the right option for you?

Features and Benefits


Tipi tents are not known for the space offering, but the Dachel Tip Family Tent is different.

It has an impressive diameter of 13 feet, which is adequate for large groups.

However, it doesn’t have a maximum number of people it can hold, though I prefer less. Choosing to go then with the maximum 13 will offer more comfort in your Burning Man camping experience.

However, if you still need to go big, Dachel offers a ligger option with 16.4 feet.


Dachel Tip Family Tent is perfectly suited for the harsh conditions in the Burning Man festival.

It’s a heavy-duty option, with the canvas fabric offering an impenetrable solution against the dust and other elements.

It can also stand up to the rain, thanks to a waterproof rating of 5000mm. The waterproofness is due to the presence of heavy-duty 300D Oxford silver coated fabric, which is highly resistant to rain, wind, and general wear and tear.

The Folks at Dachel have taped all the stitches for added durability and reinforced the zipper intersection to prevent leakages.

Generally, Dachel Tip Family Tent is one of the heavy-duty options, coming in with a host of fantastic features to keep you safe from the desert elements.

Ventilation and UV Protection

Black rock city can sometimes get hot, but you don’t have to feel the heat of the desert with this option.

First, this tent offers impressive UV protection and can handle the sun a lot better than most other tents.

It enhances the tent’s durability since most tents tend to get brittle after exposure to the sun for long periods.

Secondly, Dachel Tip Family Tent features five ventilation windows protected by no-see-um mesh. The windows help keep the dust-out while allowing for better breathability during the hot steamy days.

Dachel Tip Family Tent is certainly suitable for 4- season camping too, thanks to the bountiful mesh openings used as ventilation.


Weight has always been an issue, especially for those who can’t carry a lot of weight at Burning Man. But not the Dachel Tip Family Tent.

It’s an ultra-lightweight tent, and for such a large tent, it amazes me how they’ve managed to keep the weight under 25 pounds.



#4 NTK Arizona GT - Best Pick for Surprise Weather


Weather in the desert is erratic, and you can never rely on weather forecasts.

However, you don’t have to be anxious about the weather conditions anymore.

With NTK Arizona GT, you can now focus on enjoying your Burning Man festival.

NTK Arizona tent is highly adaptable to the varying weather conditions while ensuring the essential features such as interior space, durability, and ease of pitching aren’t compromised.

Features and Benefits


Like most of the best Burning Man tents on our list, NTK Arizona GT comes with a canvas construction.

The fabric is durable, reliable, and resists wear and tear.

Unlike nylon or other synthetic materials, it’s also not easily compromised by the elements and will go a long way to offer protective shielding.

Weather Resistance

A vital element for Burning Man’s tent is the weather resistance, and the NTK Arizona GT excels in this department.

First, the canvas fabric is a reliable option and impenetrable to the Playa dust. It keeps your space comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about the flying elements.

Secondly, the tent comes with an extended rainfly, which can be rolled down in case drizzling starts And the good news is it’s easy to roll down the rainfly and takes less than 30 seconds to cover the whole tent under a fly.

But on the NTK Arizona GT, the rainfly is still not enough for optimum rain resistance.

The manufacturer has further incorporated a PU coating with a 2500mm rating to make the tent a true waterproof option.

Additionally, the seams are heat-sealed, so regardless of how hard it pours, the tent keeps you dry and warm.

When it comes to wind resistance, the shock-corded fiberglass offers a strong and sturdy support system. They’re not as effective as the steel rods, but they’re unbreakable and will stand up to the strongest wind gales. And even if they break, the company offers a lifetime guarantee of the rods.

Comfort and Space

NTK Arizona GT is a good looking and enormous tent.

It offers a generous size of 17.4 by 8 Feet and can hold 9 to 10 people.

The center height of the tent ties to that of Coleman at 6’7”. It’s not the highest, but sufficiently large, allowing even the tall guys to stand comfortably.

The floor of the tent is also made from high-quality stuff and anti-fungus material, preventing dampness.  The floor also features a bathtub shape to protect users from wet ground.


Along with the large window and mesh protection, Coleman features cross-ventilation on both sides to improve the overall airflow, regardless of the weather conditions.

The no-see-um-mesh offers greater breathability while keeping the insects away and without compromising on user privacy.



#5 Naturehike Cloud-Up - Most Compact


If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight Burning Man tent, it’s hard to bet the Naturehike Cloud-up.

This option is an ultra-light and compact solution for your shelter needs. It’s so light that you could even backpack the tent without feeling fatigued.

Does the compact design sacrifice the performance?

Features and Benefits


A selling point for the Naturehike Cloud-up is the lightweight and compact design.

It’s a nifty solution for those who don’t need to carry bulky items to the festivals.

However, the compact design means it doesn’t offer the best in terms of accommodation as it can only hold 2 or 3 people max.

It’s not a deal-breaker either since it’s primarily built for personal use. It might be a wonderful shelter solution for a couple, though.

Weather Resistance

Naturehike Cloud-up doesn’t compromise on the weather-proofness capabilities.

It’s a double-layer tent, so a perfect option for all weather conditions.

It includes silicone-coated PU 400mm and UV 50+ rainfly to keep you protected against the elements.

So, whether it’s the smelting desert sand or rain, Naturehike Cloud-up easily stands up to what Mother Nature throws at you and will keep your space comfortable and safe.

When it comes to wind protection, the high quality 7001 aluminum stakes alongside the nylon ropes help the tent withstand the wind gales. There’s no chance that the tent is going to overturn during the Burning Man event.

Material Construction

Uniquely, Naturehike Cloud-up is built from nylon, departing from the typical canvas construction on other tents.

Is the nylon any better?

Well, the tent employs next-generation 20D nylon, which the manufacturer claims is stronger, lighter, and more breathable than regular nylon. It’s also smoother on the surface and skin friendlier.


To keep the interior conditions cool during the smelting and steamy day, Naturehike Cloud-up’s upper can be detached from the inner tent to offer a more refreshing experience.



Best Tent for Burning Man Buying Guide

Camping Shower Tent

Choosing a tent for the Burning Man festival is challenging, especially considering the harsh environment and rugged terrain in the desert.

However, in the text below, we shall share some of the factors to consider before making your next tent purchase.

But first, let’s look at the different types of tents for burning man.

Types of Tents for Burning Man

There’re different types of tents ideal for burning man, but here we shall only look at the top 3 options.

Kodiak Tents

The Kodiak tents are inexpensive, yet effective tents. They range between $400 and $750 depending on the size and are effective against sand, wind, and rain.

They’re also extremely spacious, with sufficient head clearance for users to stand up.

Overall, the performance is decent, but their main appeal is on their friendly prices.

Bell Tents

Typically, most of the bell tents are constructed from high-quality canvas, erected by supporting the center pole with supporting gut lines.

They’re extremely breathable, with most of them featuring a breathable mesh and doors, with roll-up sides that open 360- degrees to allow the free flow of air.

Like the Kodiak options, they’re also spacious and weatherproof, easily standing up to the desert conditions.


Shiftpods are relatively new in the market but are popular at Burning Man.

If ventilation is a priority and plan to bring an A/C unit with you, then a shiftpod is a perfect option because it can easily hold cool air.

They’re also perfect for the night owls who need to sleep during the day because they can effectively keep your room dark.

Shiftpods also excels in keeping the dust away and are extremely spacious, with some of them featuring a six-foot clearance.

Now that you’re aware of some of the tent for Burning Man options let’s look at some of the features to consider when purchasing one.

How to Buy a Tent for Burning Man: Features to Consider


Material construction plays an integral role in tents for Burning Man as they determine your tent’s overall strength.

Ideally, you want a tent that can easily withstand the elements of nature, particularly wind.

Generally, Kodiak tents are ideal in this regard because they’re made from canvas, which remains balanced and stable, regardless of how windy it gets.

Canvas is made to last harsh weather conditions, doesn’t easily rip, and is more dust resistant.


Getting exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays every day for a week can certainly take its toll on anybody. And in the desert, you can expect no less.

So, when choosing a tent, pick one offering shade and protection from the sun.

A good tent should offer valuable shade and ventilation during the extremely hot days.


At the Burning Man festival, it’s possible to experience strong winds, sometimes even gale-force strong.

The weather in the desert is s erratic; therefore, you need to ensure your tent has a robust metal frame and can be staked deep into the ground.

Also, ensure you invest in durable stakes as opposed to the cheaper alternatives.


Size is personal, often determined by your needs.

The ideal size for your tent will depend on the number of people you plan to host.

At the same time, however, it’s always better to go big, especially considering the tenting location.

The last thing you want is feeling cooped up in a tiny tent with friends.


Though not common, rain does sometimes happen in Black Rock City.

This is why you need a tent with a rainfly to keep your stuff dry.


Black Rock City is among the windiest and driest places in the US.

It’s a desert, after all, so you want a tent with dust-proof properties.

A dust proof tent should include open spaces and mesh features and a thick fabric protecting the interior from dust.

How to Cool Your Tent

Heat is probably the bane of the Burning Man festival.

Getting cramped up in sweltering heat is an ordeal you wouldn’t want to experience.

To help you keep the heat away, here are a few cooling methods you can use:

Use an Air Conditioner

If you can access an electrical connection through a personal generator or camp-wide grid, you can operate an air conditioner to cool things off.

Portable fan

Portable fans are also an ideal way to cool your tent. And the good thing is you can bring a battery-powered option if you lack electricity connection.

Verdict-Our Choice

Our top five options for the best tents for Burning man are all fantastic, but the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent stands out for the crowd.

It’s not any superior from the rest, but it’s the little things that won over our hearts.

For instance, it comes with canvas construction, just like most of the tents on the list, but the build quality, including the sewing, placement of zippers, and other tent features, makes the model a stand out.

It’s a heavy-duty option too, and though a bit bulky, it offers rugged luxury, keeping users safe from the harsh reality of the desert.

Finally, it’s reasonably priced, fitting to the budget needs for most people.

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