How to Fold a Beach Tent

How to Fold a Beach Tent

How hard can folding a beach tent be?

I mean, you simply need to open the tent and grab the entrance. With the entrance facing you, pull the left side to the ground and repeat the same process for the other side. Bring the edges of both sides together in the middle and, on top of the tent. Secure the tent.

But as it turns out, this seemingly simple task gives many campers nightmares, especially if they lack the basics of tent-folding.

See, last summer, we spent at least half an hour on the surf beach watching an increasingly frustrated guy trying to fold his beach tent. In the end, he threw in the towel and simply stormed from the beach with the tent tucked under his arms.

I also have to admit that previously, I also struggled to fold my beach tent in my bag, and every time I managed, I didn’t have an idea of how I did it.

But that was a long time ago; today, I’m quite competent with the process, and in the guide below, I’ll share a step-by-step guide and my preferred method of folding my sun protector.

Read on.

How to Fold a Pop-Up Beach Tent

How to Fold a Pop-Up Beach Tent

Folding a beach tent is pretty easy and far less challenging than the bigger camping tents. Most beach tents are lightweight pop-up tents, so they instantly pop up or are set up quickly.

The pop-up beach tents lack running poles on the side, so it’s generally pretty easy to fold and manipulate them.

But don’t mistake them for flimsy purchases. They do a great job of keeping the wind and harmful UV sun rays out.

There’re several key methods to fold pop-up tents. In a broader perspective, the classification of folding a pop-up tent is based on the shapes they take when folded.

The three main shapes are;

1)      Oval shape

2)      Circle shape

3)      Figure eight

1)      Folding A Beach Tent into an Oval Shape

As the name suggests, this fold beach tent method will bring your pop-up beach tent to an oval shape.

Follow these steps;

Step 1

Open the tent and grab the door or the tent opening.

Step 2

With the tent opening facing your side, start to fold the tent.

Start with the left side by pulling it down to the ground first. Repeat the same process for the right side.

Step 3

Bring the edges of both sides together at the top of the folded tent.

Next on, hold the tent to avoid it springing back. Remember, it’s a pop-up beach tent, so you need to secure it with a strap or elastic band.

If you folded the tent correctly, it should assume an egg or an oval shape.

Step 4

Gently place the folded beach tent in a beach bag, and zip it.

Again, if you performed the folding process correctly, it should effortlessly fit into the tent duffel bag.

2)      Folding a Beach Tent into Figure Eight

2)      Folding a Beach Tent into Figure Eight

Step 1

Assuming the pop-up tent has achieved the oval shape, you simply need to place it on its side.

Step 2

Apply pressure on the middle section, allowing it to take a figure-eight shape.

Step 3

Don’t let go of the pressure. Instead, hold the weight for a little longer. It’s essential to allow the sun shield to retain shape without much effort.

Step 4

If you’re sure the tent won’t spring bag or get distorted, you can proceed to put it into a bag.

3) How to Fold a tent into a circle

You can put your tent into a circular shape if you don’t prefer the two methods I mentioned above.

However, to get your tent into a circular shape, you’ll first need to fold it into a figure eight.

Step 1

Grab one end of the pop-up beach tent forming figure eight.

Step 2

Gently fold the grabbed ends over the other shape. This should form a circle.

You shouldn’t worry much about the poles breaking on your pop-ups because they’re quite flexible. The material also has some nice stretch to it, so it’s unlikely it’ll tear or anything.

Step 3

After forming the circle, ensure you hold it on the ground to not spring back to the original shape.

I would even suggest you pull an elastic cord on the circular beach tent to ensure it forms a perfect circle.

Step 4

If you notice poles sticking on the tent’s edge, tuck them inside the roof and pack the tent in your zip bag.

Final Step

Whichever method you choose, ensure your tent is securely packaged in your zip bag.

If the folded tent has edges & poles sticking out, ensure you tuck them to allow you to put the tent into a bag effortlessly.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Folding a Beach Tent

Things to Keep in Mind Before Folding a Beach Tent

Always Prepare your Tent

The first step to folding your pop-up beach tent is prepping it for the occasion.

The right preparation will save your tent from wearing down from mold accumulation and effects by elements.

For example, it’s always a good idea to dust up your tent before storage. Remove the excess dirt by shaking it while it’s tipped over.

If the dirt doesn’t go away, consider using a brush to clean it. Gently scrub the affected area with a soft bristle brush, and then use a wet cloth dipped in soapy water to eliminate the remaining dirt.

Before you pack your beach tent, it’s also a good idea to air dry it completely. This will save the damp tent from growing mold and mildew.

But I wouldn’t suggest trying it in the hot sun because this will ultimately compromise the integrity of the tent fabric.

Instead, let the tent dry in low sunshade or the shade with a free air flow.

Before packing the tent, you also need to remove every stake, rainfly, or any other attachment. Separate all the assemble attachments and clean them thoroughly before storing your tent.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Setting up a pop-up beach tent is quite an easy task, but that can’t be said of putting down the tent.

But as you’ve seen in our guide on how to fold a beach tent, it’s actually not a challenging process.

If anything, there’re several techniques you can use to fold a beach tent for your next destination or camping trip!

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