How to Make A Coffee While Camping (It’s Simple!)

How To Make Coffee While Camping

Is it possible to have a good cup of coffee when you’re out camping? A lot of people have asked this because as you probably know by now, you can’t bring your coffeemaker to the wild unless you’re willing to carry a huge backpack and risk breaking it while you hike. But as seen on television, it is possible to have a good cup of coffee. 

Coffee is a great way to start your camping day especially when it’s cold outside. It’s the perfect hot drink to wake you up while letting you feel relaxed at the same time. For coffee drinkers who camp, coffee is a very welcome drink in the morning. Sometimes, it’s even taken during the afternoon or at night. If you’re looking for ways to make coffee in the woods, read on for the different methods. 

8 Ways to Make Coffee in the Woods

8 Ways to Make Coffee in the Woods

This list contains 8 different ways to make coffee and each is ranked depending on how easy it can be done. Some require more equipment, but most of them just need a kettle and coffee grounds.

1) Instant Coffee

What can be simpler than having instant coffee? While instant coffee has a bad rap because of its taste and quality, if you’re out in the woods and you just want to do the easiest way for a coffee fix, then this is your number one option. 

Fortunately for you, instant coffee today is not as bad as you think. There are a number of coffee brands that have made richer and fuller-tasting coffee even when they’re already grounded and mixed with sugar and creamer. If you’re not a coffee drinker yourself and just want to taste some coffee, this method is going to be worth it. 

To make instant coffee, all you need is to pour the mix in a cup and pour boiling water. That’s just about it. Plus, it doesn’t take a minute to make. 

Looking for brands that have the best-tasting instant coffee? Try Mt. Hagan, Alpine Start, and Sudden Coffee. They take instant coffee to the next level!

2) Tea-Like Coffee

Did you know that coffee can also be found in teabags? One of the easiest ways to make coffee is to use a coffee bag where you just need to place it in a cup of hot water. 

Coffee bags are a lot like how instant coffee works except that they’re found in a bag of filter or cloth and you can adjust how strong you want your coffee. Coffee bags have actual coffee grounds inside the bag, so if you’re familiar with doing pour-overs, then it’s also the same concept. 

If you love drinking tea, then you’ll definitely enjoy this new style of drinking coffee – it’s easy and it’s just as relaxing. For people who are not keen on trusting instant coffee packets, then this might be a better alternative to a good cup of coffee. It’s also perfect for those who don’t want to use brewing equipment. 

3) Cowboy Coffee

Want to go old school? The cowboy coffee method is what you’re looking for. It’s called as such because it doesn’t take a lot of work – well, it doesn’t have any fuss at all. It’s as simple as putting your coffee grounds right into hot water and stirring it until you get your desired taste. 

Cowboy coffee can be made a few ways, one of them is by just heating water and dumping coffee grounds into it. However, before you place those grounds, take out your kettle from the fire and let it rest for 3 minutes. After that, that’s when you put the grounds into the water. Don’t worry about it producing some foam – it’s natural. 

Another way of making cowboy coffee is by using the clean cup method. This method uses a clean bandana where you’ll place the coffee grounds before putting them inside the hot water. After that, return the heating to low with the coffee inside. 

4) Pour-Overs

Pour-overs are something that you can be more familiar with than cowboy coffee. Pour-overs separate the coffee grounds from the hot water, so you do away with the difficult cleaning. As the name suggests, pour-overs are a method that pours hot water over the coffee grounds. 

How is this different to cowboy coffee? Unlike the latter, pour-overs use a coffee filter where the grounds are placed inside. You place the filter above or inside the mug and pour hot water right onto it. 

There are two ways to do pour-overs, using a single serving filter or a stand. A single-serving filter requires you to put the filter inside the mug. Naturally, when you pour the water, a majority of the filter’s part is submerged. On the other hand, the pour-over stand does not submerge the filter. This way, you can reuse it again. 

If you’re worried about the pour-over stand, there are stands that are collapsible so they are easily stored in your backpack. 

5) Bripe

Ever heard of bripe? If you’re not a coffee drinker, then this method might be something you won’t appreciate. In fact, even coffee drinkers might not have heard of this. But this fancy method is not just fancy for the sake of it. It creates rich coffee. It’s even one of the best methods for an on-the-go espresso shot. 

The apparatus you need to do the bripe method is very specific – you need a cup that has a pipe attached to it. The pipe is where you’ll sip the coffee (a lot like how you sip from a straw). 

To start, place the coffee grounds and water inside the cup. You don’t need to put in hot water yet because you’ll boil the whole cup-and-pipe using a lighter or a stovetop. When the water has boiled, you can turn off the fire and sip from the pipe. 

The whole bripe method seems unusual, but if you’re looking for a new way of making your coffee, then this is it.

6) AeroPress

By far, the AeroPress method is one of the most popular ways of making coffee today. What’s not to love? It’s a combination of a pour-over and French press which produces a rich coffee blend that you don’t get with the instant methods. 

To make coffee with an AeroPress, all you need is the apparatus itself, kettle with hot water, and coffee grounds. With those four things, your camping experience easily gets elevated. Plus, it only takes less than five minutes to make. 

How do you use the AeroPress? Start with putting two tablespoons of coffee grounds in the container and soak it with normal temperature water. When they’re soaked after half a minute, add hot water until the whole tube is full. Make sure that it doesn’t overflow because you still have to stir the grounds and the water. Put the plunger on top; this is the part that acts like a French press. Slowly press it down on the mug. 

7) French Press

Speaking of French press, can you bring your French press when you go camping? Of course! A French press is made from durable materials so it’s an ideal coffee apparatus to bring when you want to go camping or on a long hike. 

Even if a French press sounds daunting to use, it’s actually very simple. You just place the coffee grounds, pour enough water for it to soak for a minute, and then pour more water until you almost fill the press. Remember, the ratio is for every cup of water, you need one tablespoon of coffee grounds. 

Now comes the exciting part – pressing the plunger. After 3 minutes from putting all the water in the press, push the plunger down. By this time, you get warm and fragrant coffee that you can enjoy in the woods.

8) Moka Pot

Of all the coffee apparatuses that you’ll hear off, the Moka pot sounds a little different especially if you’re from the United States. The Moka pot is a traditional pot used in Europe to create strong coffee. In fact, it’s ideal if you’re into espressos.


So how do you use a Moka pot? Place water on the bottom area and place the coffee grounds in the middle area. Put the actual serving pot on top of the middle compartment and put the whole thing on a camp stove. Wait for the water to boil. When the water boils, the coffee goes up to the pot. 

While it’s relatively easy to do, making coffee from a Moka pot takes a little longer, usually around 10 minutes. It still makes great coffee, though. If you love espresso or strong coffee in general, this is a new method to try.


making coffee camping

Still worried about not being able to have coffee out in the woods? With these 8 methods, there’s bound to be something that suits your preferences in making coffee. Take note, though, that it might not be as good as how you would make it at home, but it will get you by. 

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