How to Turn Your Camping into a Luxury Glamping Experience

How to Turn Your Camping into a Luxury Glamping Experience

For many people, camping is difficult to get into because of how little you have in the way of modern luxuries. Who wants to spend their time outside dirty and gross for the weekend anyway? 

Then there are folks who have spent several years sleeping in the dirt, and they end up not really enjoying their camping experience after a while. If either of those scenarios resonates with you, you’re not alone!

Camping doesn’t have to be a terrible experience of sleeping in the dirt and eating cold burnt meals all weekend long. You can achieve the perfect set up in order to turn your camping experience into the ultimate luxury trip. But how?

Well, we will discuss what glamping is so that you understand what the difference is between regular camping and glamping.

Next, we will explore some options for choosing a glamping experience as there are many ways to enjoy a luxury camping experience.

Finally, we will go over several pieces of gear that you can bring with you to turn any camping experience into a luxury glamping one. Hopefully, after reading through this article you no longer have to wonder how to turn camping into glamping!

What is Glamping?

What is Glamping

Glamping is a new term to describe an age-old activity. Simply put, it’s a camping experience where you have glamorous accommodations that make your time spent in the outdoors much more comfortable than usual. 

Glamping has been around for a long time. A great example of a historical glamping trip was when President Theodore Roosevelt visited Yosemite National Park in 1903. He arrived at the park with a full entourage of staff, complete with cooks, trailhands, and guides. The most notable guide on the trip (strangely enough) was John Muir. 

The expedition (old term for glamping trip) was meant to showcase the beauty and grandeur of the Yosemite Valley. John Muir had been a longtime advocate for keeping the Yosemite Valley pristine and untouched for years and years to come. He wanted to show President Roosevelt that it was worth cordoning off from visitors to ensure that it would remain as pristine as possible forever.

So, when the president arrived, he did so with as much style and comfort as the time would allow. Canvas tents, fluffy beds, and plenty of spectacular food kept everyone in the camp comfortable for the entire trip.

How Can I Experience Glamping?

How Can I Experience Glamping?

Glamping can be experienced in a lot of different ways. While you can definitely go the route of President Teddy Roosevelt and bring along an entire staff to take care of setting camp up and tearing it down, you can also rent glamping accommodations, purchase a trailer or RV, and also build out a tent glamping kit.

Glamping Rentals

Glamping Rentals

Technology has created amazing opportunities for so many people around the world. One of the least known ways to experience glamping, but is gaining a lot of popularity, is booking glamping rentals across the world.

A fantastic site to check out for booking your next glamping trip is glampinghub.com. It works very similarly to Air BnB in that property owners create glamping spots and experiences for people and then post them on glampinghub’s website in order to advertise their property.

It’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is open the website and enter in your initial search requirements. The first thing you do is enter the location of where you’d like to have your glamping experience. Next, you’ll indicate the dates you intend to check in and check out to show places that are available to rent for your chosen location. Finally, you’ll select how many people you want to book a glamping site for. 

Once you’ve entered all of those pieces of information, you’ll click search and see what pops up! 

Glampinghub.com has tons of different experiences that are all over the world. You can rent out secluded cabins, luxury tents, and even fancy yurts complete with air conditioning! You’ll also get feedback from other glampers through reading the reviews of each independent host, so you’ll know what to expect when you rent with them.

Camper and RV Glamping

Camper and RV Glamping

If you prefer to have your own mobile glamping experience, camper trailers and RVs can be excellent options for those who want to build out their own experience.

One of the best options for glamping style campers is to get a fully loaded 5th wheel trailer. 5th wheels (also known as goose neck trailers) are incredibly long and spacious inside. In order to tow one, you’ll need to have a heavy-duty truck that is capable of towing over 20,000lbs. 

These trailers come fully loaded with all of the accessories that you’ll need to thoroughly enjoy your glamping experience. Full bathrooms, large bedrooms, and full-sized kitchens essentially turn 5th wheel campers into mobile houses! 

If you want to limit how much truck you have to drive around and would prefer to tow your drive around vehicle instead, an RV would be the better option for you. RV’s basically are luxury busses that have many of the same features as 5th wheel campers. You can get all of the bells and whistles that you get with 5th wheels, but you can tow a much smaller vehicle behind you to drive around in once you’ve parked your RV in a camp spot.

Both of these options take a lot of money upfront to purchase. Some options basically cost as much as a small mortgage! So in order to decide whether this style of glamping is for you, consider renting out a luxury camper or RV to try out for a weekend. 

Outdoorsy.com is a great website to find a variety of camper rentals. You can find campers and RVs that fit your needs easily by filtering out what you need for your RV rental. Scan through the photos and read through the reviews to see which RV/camper will offer you the best experience. 

The best part is, that once you’re done all you need to do is return it to the owner! No finding storage. No making monthly payments. Just rent and forget!

Tent Glamping

Tent Glamping

Do you need to spend a lot of money on glamping rentals or on an RV or camper to experience glamping? Not at all! You can absolutely build out a glamping experience with a tent no problem. It’s all about mindset!

Think about President Teddy Roosevelt. He was able to experience glamping in 1903 with canvas tents and luxury bedding and food. To mimic that experience, try to think about items that you use on a daily basis at home.

Your bedding should be soft and comfortable, while not skimping on warmth. Your tent should be large enough to stand up in and walk around. Cooking should be easy to do for each meal, as should clean up. And getting clean at the end of each day should be an enjoyable experience!

But what sort of items should you bring with you in order to build out your own tent glamping experience?

What are the Must Have Items for Glamping?

What are the Must Have Items for Glamping?

Building out a glamping set up for yourself can be a bit overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! If you break down your glamping experience into different categories, you can easily find items that will make your experience luxurious, especially compared to traditional camping. Check out the following categories and the gear in each one to get some good ideas on how you can build out your own glamping kit to take with you wherever you go!


One of the first things you need to consider when putting together a glamping kit of your own is your shelter. It’s going to keep you dry, safe, and warm, but should also be spacious enough to essentially use as an outdoor studio apartment.

The most affordable and spacious option for a glamping tent is going to be the REI Kingdom 6 tent. The Kingdom 6 is amazing because it is incredibly spacious inside. It comes with tons of interior storage options, which makes organizing your things incredibly effective and simple.

Floor space is not a problem in the Kingdom 6. With 83 square feet, you’ll feel like you’re inside of a tiny home! That’s plenty of room to set up a queen-sized mattress for peaceful outdoor slumber.

You’ll also enjoy the 29 square feet of vestibule space at the back of the tent. The rest of your camping gear will be fully protected inside of the vestibule. And if you need more storage space, the Kingdom 6 can also be outfitted with the optional garage that adds additional storage space to the front of the tent.


After your shelter has been taken care of, it’s time to turn your attention to your bedding. One of the hardest things about camping is laying on the hard ground. There’s a much better solution to this for building out your glamping experience!

Queen sized cots are a great way to get off of the ground, which makes it easier to lay down and get up at night. You’ll have the comfort of home living in an easy to set up and take down package. Whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, you’ll enjoy being elevated off of the ground inside of your tent.

Glamping bed

Topping the cot with a futon mattress is the next step in building out your tent glamping kit. A trifold futon is an excellent option as they offer tons of support but can easily be moved around inside of a car. For maximum comfort, purchase a trifold mattress that is at least 4 inches thick. You’ll drift off into sleep in the outdoors as if you’re still at home, which is what luxury glamping is all about!

Outfit your mattress with an easy to make and clean zippered bedding set. It’s like a cross over of a sleeping bag with traditional bedding, making it easy to slip on over your bed. When you get up in the morning, all you have to do to make your bed is zip everything up and presto! A bed that looks as if you spent half an hour making it in literally less than 30 seconds!


Camp food doesn’t have to be bland and burnt. Most people don’t realize that they don’t have to cook over a grill or campfire when camping. They miss out on a great opportunity to bring luxury culinary experiences because they think that they need a full-sized kitchen to do it.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to bring along a two-burner propane camp stove. You’ll be able to cook just about anything that you’d cook at home on your own stove, which opens up tons of meal opportunities! 

Spaghetti and meatballs? No problem! How about street tacos with roasted corn? Absolutely! And for breakfast, enjoy actual bacon and eggs with your stove!

To keep all of your food items cold, be sure to also bring along a roto mold style cooler. Roto mold coolers are amazing because they are constructed to offer tons of insulation to keep your ice frozen for days on end. 

Some roto mold coolers even have optional baskets for interior organization similar to refrigerators. And for how long they keep food cold, they almost act like portable refrigerators without the electrical power! 


What would luxury glamping be without the ability to relax at camp. There are tons of options for camp seating, but which one is the best?

Hammocks offer tons of relaxing benefits that anyone who wants to kick back and enjoy their glamping experience will enjoy. You can easily hang hammocks up in the outdoors using trees. If you happen to camp in an area that doesn’t have easy access to trees, you can bring along a hammock stand to set your hammock up no matter where you go!

If hammocks aren’t your thing, no worries. Take a recliner instead! Now I don’t mean a full-sized recliner from the living room. I mean a folding recliner! Yes, you can absolutely purchase and use a folding recliner now.


Ultimately, the reason why we go glamping is to recharge and entertain ourselves. Be sure to bring along the following items for countless hours of entertainment while you go glamping:

  • Generator
  • Movie Projector
  • Large white bedsheet or inflatable movie screen

Set up your own drive-in movie experience when glamping by bringing the drive-in with you! The generator will help you run your projector so that you can show any TV show or movie you’d like while camping. If you’re in an area with plenty of trees, you can create your own screen by hanging a bedsheet up between trees to show the movie on. If you’re in a treeless area, never fear! You can purchase an inflatable movie projection screen to project your movie onto.

The generator can also be used to power electric popcorn makers and string lights. Create a luxury movie experience when you go camping by bringing these 3 easy items!

Glamping women

Final Thoughts

Glamping is a great way to bring all of the comforts of home with you into beautiful places. And the best part is that you can do it in so many different ways! 

You can rent a glamping experience by searching on glampinghub.com. Browse through the thousands of listings across the world and find the option that is best for you and your camping group. Know before you go by reading over the reviews and looking at the pictures!

If you’d like to be a bit more flexible with where you go glamping, you can rent out a camper or RV easily on outdoorsy.com. Select your preferred method of camping and then go wherever you’d like to set up camp. After you’ve tried it out, think about buying your own RV or camper and build it out to your liking!

And if your budget doesn’t allow for renting a glampinghub experience or buying a camper, build your own tent glamping experience. Get a big tent to set up a bed inside that will rival your own bed at home. Take along the camp kitchen of your dreams to make any sort of food you’d like. And don’t forget to bring along a generator and plenty of comfy chairs to watch movies in the great outdoors.

The only limit to glamping is your own imagination!

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