Arbor Pilsner Review : Everything You Need To Know!

Arbor Pilsner Review

Are you looking for a standard skateboard where you can both jump and slash while at the same time cruise around the campus or city for hours? Not all regular skateboards can give you that but is it even possible? Well, if you are looking for that kind of skateboard, then you may want to check out Arbor Pilsner.

Did that pique your interest? If you haven’t heard of the brand Arbor Collective, then you might be missing a lot. So, here are a few things you need to know about the company and its Pilsner skateboard.

About Arbor Collective

Arbor Collective has been in the industry for 25 years now and was founded by Bob Carlson. The brand started in 1995 with snowboards as its first product. Soon after, they decided to include skateboards and then expanded to soft goods too.

In the 90s, Arbor was considered a hippie brand, which at that time was not considered a compliment. The reason for this is because they were into sustainable manufacturing, which most people don’t fully understand during that time. But fortunately, that time is over and they are grateful for their customers who understand the importance of preserving the planet.

Arbor was the first company to use wood veneer on snowboard tops which were originally made of plastic. This did not only help lessen the use of plastic but also greatly improved the performance. They were also the first ones to use bamboo, bio-plastic, reclaimed, and other recycled materials for their snowboards. They were always searching for renewable alternatives and with over 20 years they were able to provide the highest quality snowboarding products while incredibly minimizing their environmental footprint.

You can guess by now that they did the same thing with their skating line. They had repurposed old snowboards and turned them into skateboards that were excellent for bombing hills. Arbor was also the pioneer in using bio-urethane. With the addition of the skating line, they continue to expand the use of responsibly sourced bamboo and other woods and of course other recycled materials.

Their love for product quality and sustainability did not stop from snowboards and skateboards. Arbor also introduced its soft goods line wherein they use sustainable fabrics. Continuing their mission to promote and provide premium lifestyle products and at the same time reducing their impact on the planet.

Arbor has a wide range of products for its snowboard, skateboard, and soft goods line. The brand has something for everyone at very reasonable prices.

An Overview on Arbor Pilsner

An Overview on Arbor Pilsner

The Pilsner is one of the many products of Arbor under its skating line. This particular skateboard had garnered a lot of attention from many riders due to its versatility. Having a smaller size than a regular-sized skateboard, this one is big on performance.

The Pilsner has street trucks that allow you to maneuver even in tight spaces like you do on a traditional skateboard. What’s even better is that the cruiser wheels on Pilsner let you ride comfortably not only around town but cover longer distances, too. Something that you won’t experience from a street board. Plus, you can also perform street tricks with this deck.

This classic popsicle-shaped board has a wider aspect ratio and a narrower and smaller nose. It has a big kicktail, that somehow makes its shape directional and asymmetrical, which is not surprising because it’s designed for cruising.

What makes Pilsner very comfortable is its wide-standing platform and a wheelbase that is the same as big skateboards. It has 61mm wheels which is a bit large for its small deck and even to a standard skateboard. This only shows how suitable it is for cruising.

The Pilsner is reasonably priced as you can get a skateboard complete between $130 to $160. The price depends on the version you’ll get. The graphics are rather simple but stylish. Most of them have a top wood finish.

Features of Arbor Pilsner

Features of Arbor Pilsner

Deck Construction

The Pilsner’s deck is handmade and has 7-ply Hardrock Maple wood. Some version has a combination of Hardrock Maple and premium Palisander wood or carbonized Bamboo, making each deck very strong and durable. The deck can last for years as long as you don’t use them in the wet season.

Using bamboo for their deck had made it a bit lighter but has the same durability and strength. Another advantage of adding a layer of bamboo is it gives more flex which added more pop. The deeply flared wheel wells prevent wheel bite even with its bigger wheels.

Mellow Concave

The mellow concave works well when doing freestyle as it gives your feet more stability when riding at high speed and sliding. But still allows you to perform flips and kick tricks comfortably. A mellow concave is also suitable for beginners.


Since the company uses recycled materials on its products, the Pilsner has a spray-on grip that is built from crushed recycled glass. It added a great look on the deck and it somehow lasts a long time.


This cruiser complete has a traditional kingpin, with 129mm Paris trucks. Having a TKP for trucks makes the board more responsive compared to longboard trucks that use RKP trucks. It also gives the board a tight turning radius and makes it very responsive when doing hard turns on inside bowls and small inclines. This is because of the short wheelbase and narrow traditional kingpin.

The Paris street trucks are known to be very durable and strong since it was built for hard landings. Riders who enjoy doing kickflips will enjoy these trucks. The bushings on the trucks can be tough at first use but they will soften over time.


The wheels that come with Pilsner stock are 61mm Bogart wheels and have a durometer of 78A. The wheels are soft and big enough to give you a good roll. These wheels are made to immediately give you speed while riding down hills and can also overcome small cracks and obstacles, giving you a smoother ride.

Compared to some mini cruiser wheels, Pilsner wheels roll smoother even on rough surfaces but still easy to slide sideways. This is because of its wider contact patch and somewhat offset core.


You can either find ABEC 7 and ABEC 5 bearings with spacers on Pilsner cruiser complete depending on the version, although most have ABEC 5 bearings. These bearings are known to be decent enough to last long and give you a decent ride.


The graphics of the decks have several versions, but they all look great and sophisticated. Most riders like the wood finish on most of the decks, especially the Bamboo version. Most of the decks are wood finish on top and have stunning artworks at the bottom.

Pros and Cons of Arbor Pilsner

Pros and Cons of Arbor Pilsner

Are you now considering getting a Pilsner for yourself? Don’t go adding it to your cart yet, check out the list of its pros and cons first before you decide to purchase one.


  • Sturdy deck construction

Arbor has been known for creating a quality board that can last a long time. With the kind of materials, they use like Hardrock Maple, Carbonized Bamboo, and premium Palisander wood, there is no doubt that it can withstand everyday riding even with hard landings.

  • Paris street trucks for tight turning

The trucks on Pilsner offer a lot of turns even on small inclines since it is very reactive. They are also ultra strong and are built for hard landings.

  • Big and soft wheels for fast rolling and smoother ride

The Bogart wheels have just the right size and durometer which pick up speed nicely even on bumpy rides. This cruiser skateboard has wheels that you won’t find on another mini cruiser complete.

  • Deeply flared wheel wells

Since this city cruiser has bigger wheels for its board size, the deep wheel wells provide better support compared to a street deck. The wheel wells prevent wheel bite even on tight carving.

  • One of a kind cruiser complete

This cruiser complete is not just great for cruising around town but also great at street riding and on the skatepark. It has a size smaller than a standard skateboard but also gives you a longboard feel when riding.

  • Sustainable manufacturing

This manufacturer is the pioneer in using recycled materials and minimizing the use of plastics on their snowboards. Even with their skateboard and soft goods line they used repurposed materials. They are serious about keeping the planet safe and for future generations to continue to enjoy.


  • Non-replaceable grip

Since the company supports sustainable manufacturing, instead of the regular grip tape on their board, they used spray-on crushed recycled glass. They may be sticky but they cannot be replaced when all worn out.

  • Not for wet or rainy conditions

The deck is sturdy and is known to last long, however, using it often in wet conditions may lead to early chipping or breaking.

How Does Arbor Pilsner Compare to Other Boards

How Does Arbor Pilsner Compare to Other Boards

Do you think the Pilsner cruiser boards are able to live up to your expectations? Are they better than most cruiser boards out there? Having more than two decades of experience building boards for skating and snowboarding, they have brought a lot of joy to many riders.

The specs on their Pilsner had made cruising even better as the board can also be ridden on downhill ride and skate on skatepark comfortably. The deck’s weight is generally light for its 7-ply hardwood Canadian wood and Bamboo.

It may be shorter than a cruiser skateboard but its wider deck allows riders to provide stability. It has just the right height from the ground for long-distance riding without much effort. The bearings that come stock are durable enough compared with other street board with the same price.

The TKP trucks are responsive and are designed not just for cruising but also for getting air in ramps and when flipping the board. Something that you don’t normally see on a regular cruiser board.

Aside from its great specs, it also has a nice deck graphic design. Most decks are wood finish on top with interesting and nice illustrations at the bottom. Pilsner is relatively affordable which is good news for a rider who is just starting to learn to skate.

Just like any other skateboard, it also has its weaknesses like the crushed glass for its grip, which is hard to replace in case it deteriorates. Although, based on a number of reviews, it seems to be durable and may not need replacing at all. Another downside is it needs to be kept dry at all times and not suitable for wet sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Arbor skateboards good brand?

Generally, the brand is one of the most respected for both snowboarding and skateboarding. They have a wide array of skateboards that are suitable for every kind of rider.

Is Arbor Pilsner good for beginners?

Yes, it is one of the best skateboards for beginners. They are a breeze to ride and beginners can do a few tricks after learning the basics.

What are the best cruiser skateboards?

Some of the best cruiser skateboards out there are Landyachtz Dinghy and Tugboat, Arbor Pilsner, Globe Big Blazer, and Comet Cruiser.

Are Arbor longboards good Reddit?

Their longboards seem to have great reviews on Reddit.

Does Arbor offer a warranty for their skateboard?

Yes, they have a 2-year warranty for their skateboard. You may find their warranty guidelines on their website.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

So, what’s your final judgment on Arbor Pilsner? It sure is a sweet skateboard that can get you around everywhere even on rough terrain. It is heavy-duty, solid, and lightweight that is also perfect for freestyle tricks. It’s great value for your money especially for beginners who want to enjoy a comfortable ride on the city and campus and at the same time ride on skateparks.

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