Landyachtz Dinghy Review : (Updated For 2023!)

Landyachtz Dinghy Review

Do you think Landyachtz Dinghy has the best skateboards for cruising? Or are they just the same as other brands? With all the different boards and brands out there, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to get for yourself.

But what makes a good skateboard anyway? It can be confusing, especially if you are a newbie or someone who can’t seem to find the right one to use. Nonetheless, let’s see if Landyachtz Dinghy has all the features that make up a nice and functional skateboard.

Landyachtz Dinghy

Landyachtz Dinghy all started with a group of skateboarders who enjoyed skating around campus in between classes. It was their way of making school more fun and a chance to create their version of skateboards.

Soon, they started traveling and riding not only on campus but also on places where they can further enhance their skateboarding experience. The environment soon became their playground with endless possibilities.

The brand takes pride in its passion for innovation and meticulousness which makes them stand out in terms of value, quality, and the excitement that skateboards bring. With their more than two decades of experience, they did not stop until they were able to create the best skateboard they can offer.

During the ’90s, they found that most boards were not equipped to withstand the forces that long, winding and steep roads bring. The boards were not strong enough to bear the damage of regular use and faster riding. This is why they pushed their limits until they were able to come up with high-quality, functional, and fun skateboards.

Landyacthz Dinghy believes that to come up with the best skateboard, all parts should come together. You may have the perfect deck but if the trucks or wheels are not compatible, it will not work out the way you want them to. 

Over the last 20 years that they spent developing skateboard completes, their hard work paid off and was able to create the perfect completes. The thing about Landyachtz Dinghy is that they always try and ride their products and push them to the limits. They believe that this is the only way they can manufacture the perfect boards.

Most of their boards are made from Canadian Maple, although they also use several various materials. Over the years, they have learned that each tree is unique and some were not meant to be used on skateboards.

Through years of manufacturing and testing, they were able to have a deeper understanding of the kind of tree they exactly need to come up with strong and high-quality decks. They handpick the trees that will be used for each of their board.

The brand acknowledges the environmental impact of cutting out trees to make their boards and made sure that they protect the environment through their sustainability mission. They are committed to ensuring that future generations get to enjoy this precious resource and the preservation of the earth.

An Overview of Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboards

An Overview of Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboards

Landyachtz Dinghy is one of the few and oldest skateboard brands that was able to keep up with time and continue to be more and more popular each year. It has a great reputation among skateboarders for its quality, high-efficiency shape, price, and design.

The brand has a wide variety of skateboard completes to choose from. They have cruisers, longboards, ATV, dance, surf skate, race, and freeride boards. All come in different sizes, shapes, and are made for different terrains. 

All of its skateboard completes had undergone rigorous testing. Each part was engineered in a way that no other brands can match. From decks to wheels, all had been tested and were all taken out for a ride and push them to their limits. 

The brand’s dedication to quality and thoroughness had brought about numerous improvements and innovations in its products. Its 7-ply Canadian Maple deck is not just made from any kind of Maple wood. All of the trees had undergone thorough inspection and even harvesting techniques. 

This is to ensure that all woods are the right kind and are sturdy enough for their boards. The trucks and wheels on their completes are also designed and manufactured by Landyachtz Dinghy. You can be sure that they are also of high-quality.

The price is affordable for the quality. For only $140 you can get yourself a high-quality skateboard. The designs are attractive even the simple ones are eye-catching. They also collaborate with artists like Priscilla Moreno.

Features of Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard

Features of Landyachtz Dinghy Skateboard

7-Ply of Handpicked Canadian Maple Wood

Most brands make use of Canadian Maple wood, just like Landyachtz Dinghy, but what makes them different is their woods are handpicked. They don’t just use any kind of Canadian Maple wood, they make sure that each one is the right kind.

They understand that each tree is unique and some do not have the same characteristics that they need to come up with a sturdy board. With their years of experience, they had learned that different factors affect the wood structure.

Deck Flex and Grip

Most of the decks are stiff which provides better pop and suitable for sliding. The concave is generally mellow, which allows better foot positioning. The clear grip provides better traction but still makes it easy for the feet to turn. Some models have a foam layer to make each ride more comfortable.

Polar Bear Trucks

Landyachtz Dinghy manufactures their own trucks and they call it Polar Bear Trucks. Just like their decks, they had also undergone testing so you can be sure that they are high-quality. Bear trucks are known to have high tolerances and this helps to lessen slop. The axles on the trucks are heat-treated to prevent them from spinning symmetrically.

Hawg Wheels

You can expect the same thing from their wheels which they call Hawg Wheels. The wheels have unique cores, shape, and their own urethane compounds make all the difference. Hawg Wheels provide easy rolling and sliding on all types of terrains. As the owners say, they want to produce mind-blowing wheels to give riders a different kind of riding experience.

Bear Spaceball Bearings

Just like the other components of their completes, their bearings are not the usual unbranded ones. They are ABEC7 bearings that are better than those generic ones that other brands use. The bearings keep the wheels aligned and prevent them from wiggling. It keeps the wheels rolling for a longer time and even with a lot of popping tricks, you will find that the bearings are strong enough to bear them. 


Many riders find Landyachtz Dinghy’s designs very cool. They even have a collection where graphics are engraved on the wood. The brand also collaborates with artists, one example is with Priscilla Moreno. 

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Now, do you think Landyachtz Dinghy has a place in your skateboard collection? Before you purchase one, find out first its strengths and weaknesses. 


  • Quality Deck

Their decks are not just made from ordinary Canadian Maple wood. Having a deep understanding of what makes a good wood structure should be, they made sure the ones they use are strong and durable.

  • Well-engineered Skateboard Completes

Unlike other brands, all the components that come into each of their completes are high-quality and above standard. The wheels, bearings, and trucks are well-engineered and had undergone rigorous testing.

  • Experienced Riders and Innovators

Has more than 20 years of experience in riding and creating high-standard products. In the last 20 years, they had tested, tried their skateboards on different terrains, conditions, and speeds. Over the years of failures and success, they have improved and innovated all their products by giving extra attention to detail and their commitment to quality.

  • Reputable Company

Even after all those years, the company has maintained positive ratings from its users. They are one of those brands that keep getting better and better each year. It is one of the most trusted brands in the skateboard industry.

  • Provides Smooth Rides

Whatever terrain you are riding on, Landyachtz Dinghy’s skateboards provide smooth rides. This is due to its wheels structure. 

  • Responsive Trucks

The completes have very responsive trucks providing quick turns and making them very agile.

  • Versatile

Having a light concave and the shape of its nose and kicktail make it flexible to any kind of riding experience.

  • Comfortable Ride

Some of their boards have a thin layer of foam grip in between decks to provide a more comfortable ride. 

  • Cool Graphics

Their choice of designs is very cool. Not the usual graphics you see anywhere; the graphics are attractive and  definitely stand out.

  • Affordable

Landyachtz Dinghy is affordable considering all the quality of each part. Most decent skateboards on the same price range have generic components, but with Landyachtz’ you can be sure that all parts are high-quality.

  • One Board One Tree

They believe in preserving the beauty of the environment to make sure the future generations get to experience them as well. For every board they sell, they plant one tree.

  • Offers Other Products

Aside from boards, they also sell skateboard parts like trucks and wheels. They also offer shirts, slide gloves, hats, and other accessories. They have almost everything you need to complete your skateboarding experience.


  • Not For Beginners

New riders might find it hard to keep their balance as the boards tend to be fast and spinny. They may try to look for other boards first while they practice and improve their skills.

  • A bit on the heavy side

Some boards may not be as lightweight as other boards, especially since they are made of Canadian Maple wood, unlike boards that are made from bamboo.

How Do the Landyachtz Dinghy Compare to Other Boards?

How Do the Landyachtz Dinghy Compare to Other Boards

Does Landyachtz Dinghy live up to its reputation? There’s definitely a lot to love about the company and they have proven to be one of the best. All the hard work and testing, trial and error had made them one of the leading skateboard brands not just in the past but until today.

Their commitment to creating a skateboard that has been tried and tested to its full potential has taken the skateboarding world to another level. Their decks, trucks and wheels are incomparable to most brands.

Compared to other completes, the ones from Landyachtz are ready to be enjoyed, no need to tweak them, or at least just minimal adjustments are needed. 

What sets their board apart from others is that the woods they use are carefully selected. They are not just ordinary Canadian Maple wood, they study the fiber structure, environmental conditions, and even the right technique in harvesting.

They also make their wheels and trucks. They have spent a lot of time perfecting their wheels and trucks for each of their boards. The brand also makes sure that all parts fit together. They carefully match each part to create the best skateboard.

The price is very affordable for the quality that they’ve put into their products. You get more than what you paid for. Even if you try to build your own set of skateboard, they are still relatively cheaper, plus again the quality is incomparable.

You’ll find their graphics to be unique and attention-grabbing. They are not your typical skateboard designs. You can also find engraved graphics on some of the boards. 

However, most of their boards are not intended for newbies. Beginners might find it hard to balance and ride with stability as they tend to move fast and a bit spinny. Some also find the boards a bit heavier than other brands.

Verdict - Final Thoughts!

Verdict - Final Thoughts

So, what are your final thoughts on Landyachtz Dinghy’s boards? They do have a deep understanding of what it takes to come up with a great skateboard. The years they have spent practicing and testing their products had been fruitful as they were able to improve and enhance the features of their boards. Making them suitable for almost any kind of environment and terrains. Plus, they made sure that their products are affordable that will appeal to all types of riders. 

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