How to Choose a Wakeboard Tower (Not As Difficult As You Probably Might Think!)

How to Choose a Wakeboard Tower

Do you love water sports and are looking for a way to integrate your passion into your boat? Are you thinking of upgrading your new boat so you can enjoy more time in the water? Whatever your reason is, installing a wakeboard tower to your boat can make a big difference not only with your boat’s overall look but also with its functionality.

Choosing the right wakeboard tower for your boat may be a bit more difficult than you think. There are a lot of things to consider and the options are endless. To help you out, here is a guide on how to choose the best wakeboard tower for you and the whole family to enjoy.

Wakeboard Tower Buying Guide

Wakeboard Tower Buying Guide

Determine the Size of Your Boat

When buying a wakeboard tower, you need to consider the size and style of your boat to make sure that it can hold your wakeboard tower properly. To do this you need to get the exact measurement of your boat’s beamwidth. To measure the beam width, you may need to ask for someone to assist you.

Get a measuring tape and search for the widest part of the boat and measure the hull’s outer edge from one side until it reaches the other side. Make sure your measuring tape is placed on the outer edge of both sides. Keep the measuring tape taut and avoid any obstructions to get the exact size of your boat’s beam width.

Many wakeboard towers are adjustable, and if you decide to get an adjustable one, be sure that the beam width falls in the minimum and maximum widths. This is to avoid purchasing a tower that will not fit on your boat.

Planned Activities

Wakeboard towers can be expensive so before buying one, you need to consider what you plan to do with it. Although towers are not necessarily needed to do watersports like wakeboarding, surfing, and kneeboarding, they will make these activities more fun and exciting. Adding wakeboard towers can increase your tow point, plus they can offer more air than a low tow point.

Those who love performing tricks may find wakeboard towers very useful as they can get more air. It would be easier for them to go higher when jumping to execute their tricks. Aside from that, you can also hang lights on your towers for added safety and better visibility when you go out boating at night.

Materials Used

When choosing a tower, you want something that can last a long time, not just because of the amount of money you’ll spend but also for the safety of everyone and to avoid damage to your boat. Most towers are made of aluminum but they still come in different qualities. You may want to consider a tower that is made from 6061-T6 Aluminum. It is aircraft-grade aluminum, a high-grade alloy.

Apart from being a strong metal, aluminum is lightweight and is less prone to corrosion, plus they are easier to clean. The weight of your tower is important since it can have an effect on your boat’s performance and stability. Plus the lighter the tower, the easier it is to install.

Aside from aluminum, stainless steel is also used by some wakeboard tower manufacturers. They may be stronger than aluminum but they are also heavier and more expensive. And since the weight is centered right above, it can have a negative impact on the boat’s stability.

Woman with a wakeboard

Pick the Right Finish

There are several finishes available for wakeboard towers and the kind of finish you choose will have an impact on the overall look of your boat. However, aside from that, you should also consider the required maintenance and care to keep it looking nice and new.

Common Finishes for Wakeboard Towers

Powder Coated

Black powder coat is what most manufacturers offer, but you can always change the color if you’re not into black. Some boat owners prefer a powder coating but want a different color usually opt for a polished aluminum finish then have it powder coated with their preferred color. Many towers finished with powder coating are easy to clean. All you need is a microfiber cloth to wipe it.

You can also find some polishes and cleaners made particularly for powder-coated towers. But it is not necessary to polish it after every use. You can do it once a year provided it was a thorough polishing and cleaning.

Polished Aluminum

This is the most popular for many boat owners with wakeboard towers, because of being low maintenance. Aside from they look great, all you need is clean water and a nice microfiber cloth to clean them. But to maintain its shine and get rid of atmospheric dirt, you may want to use aluminum polish once a year.

Anodized Aluminum

This is commonly used on boats that are normally used on saltwater. This type of finish looks matte and protects the metal nicely. However, it may be hard to maintain as it needs specialized cleaning products. Even if you use the right cleaner but in the wrong way, it can easily stain or scratch the finish.

Anodized Brushed Aluminum

This type of finish is very distinct, and the same as what you commonly see on bathroom fixtures. They may look great but a bit impractical for a wakeboard tower. They are prone to scratches which are almost impossible to remove even if you try repairing them.

The polished aluminum and powder coated are both great options for a wakeboard tower. Both are easy to clean and maintain, plus if they get damaged, they can be easily repaired or fixed. What’s more, you can always change the color of the powder-coated finish to match your boat.

Style of Boat for wakeboarding

Consider the Style of Your Boat

Pontoon or party boats owners should get a tower specifically designed for that kind of boat. A wrong kind of tower may not mount properly to the pontoon hull. Pontoon boat owners should check the tower model and see if they will fit in their current boat. Some tower manufacturers provide a way to let customers check tower models and give them an idea on how the towers will look on their boats.

Evaluate Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Wakeboard towers are not just for your water sports activities but also to enjoy great music while having fun. You may already have a speaker installed on your boat, but most wakeboard tower speakers are waterproof, larger, and directional. They can be installed easily through the hollow tubing on your tower.

Since the speakers are mounted overhead, the entire crew can enjoy the music even those in the water and your fellow boats. Installation is easy as you can simply wire the speakers to the tower tubing. When selecting tower speakers choose something that is high-quality and has good sound output. Most tower manufacturers include speakers in their tower package and you may want to consider this option.

Aside from that, appearance is another consideration. Of course, you would want something that will match the overall look of your boat. You can evaluate speaker options, adding LED lighting will give your boat a whole new look. Wakeboard tower speakers with marine-rated material are also recommended for durability. Choose a reputable speaker manufacturer to ensure quality and get the best value for your money.

Consider your Budget

Wakeboard towers can be expensive but there are also affordable ones that offer the same functionality and are of good quality. You can find a wide range of wakeboard towers, from entry-level to premium towers. Most entry-level towers are cage style, mid-level has more finish options are more curved. Premium towers are the most expensive ones, but they have more options when it comes to style and finishes.

You can find several options at Monster Tower. They have something for every budget. All of their wakeboard towers have a swivel tow point, corrosion-resistant, cross-sections are hand-welded, and they offer a 5-year warranty.

Decide Whether to Get Manufacturer Original or Aftermarket Wakeboard Towers

Some may think that aftermarket wakeboard towers are of less quality compared to original manufacturers, but that is not always true in most cases. Aside from many aftermarket wakeboard towers are more affordable, some have better quality and have more options.

If you cannot decide whether or not to get from original manufacturers or aftermarket towers you can compare them based on the following:

  • Design, finish, and materials used
  • Tower packages and if they offer discounts
  • Clean and easy installation
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • How their customer service responds to queries
  • Reviews from other customers
  • Folding capability

Wakeboard Tower Accessories and Racks

One of the advantages of having a wakeboard tower is that you get extra space for your boat. Adding racks to your tower can give you more space not only for your stuff but also if you want to bring a large crew with you. You can use the racks to store your wakeboard, wake surfboard, kneeboard, and ski. Towers come in different styles as well, so you can find something that will match your wakeboard boat.

Most racks may only fit with specific towers, so be sure to choose something that will work with your existing tower. If you do not have a tower for your boat yet, you may want to check the shop if you can include racks on your new wakeboard tower package. This way, you can be sure that your wakeboard racks and tower are matching equipment.

Additional Safety Features

You can never tell what can happen in the water, so best to take extra precautions by adding additional safety features for your boat. You may want to include tower mirrors, especially if you need to pull someone behind your boat.

LED lights are another safety feature you should consider. You can be easily spotted when you go cruising after dark. You can choose LED light bars or speakers with lights for your new boat.


Decide whether you will install your new tower by yourself or let a professional do it. Many customers install their own towers so they can save money. But others prefer to have it installed by a professional when they do not have time for it or if they find it hard to install on their own.

Style of Mounting Feet

This is another important feature to consider when buying a wakeboard tower. Find something that is well-designed as they are easier to install and can protect the fiberglass hull. They are also more flexible and are tighter.

Benefits of Installing a Wakeboard Tower

Benefits of Installing a Wakeboard Tower
  • The right tower can help you save space for your boat since you can add as many racks as you like as long as it is suitable for your tower and boat
  • A competitive wakeboarder can perform more challenging tricks
  • If you don’t have an existing bimini, you can add one to your new wakeboard tower
  • It can increase the value of your boat in case you wish to sell it in the future
  • Most racks can be used as handles to hold on and keep you from falling while cruising around
  • It adds safety features for your boat

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a wakeboard tower used for?

Wakeboard tower is used to elevate the tow point of a wakeboarder, which is crucial for wakeboarding. The elevated tow point provided by the tower allows for a higher upward rope pull for the wakeboarder, making it easier to get up on a wakeboard and less likely to faceplant.

A wakeboard tower also makes it easier to perform aerial tricks and maneuvers. Wakeboard towers come in different shapes, sizes, and styles and are an industry standard for modern wakeboarding

What are the best wakeboard towers?

Some of the best wakeboard towers are Monster Tower MTE Wakeboard Tower, Big Air Cuda Wakeboard Tower, and Aerial Airborne 2.0 Wakeboard Tower. But it still depends on your needs and preference.

How do you measure a wakeboard tower?

To make sure the wakeboard tower will fit your boat, you need to measure the length and beam width of your boat. To get the length you need to measure from front to back and beam width from side to side.

Does a wakeboard tower make a difference?

Yes, wakeboard towers can make a big difference in your boat and water sports activities. You can jump higher when wakeboarding allowing you to do more tricks. Plus, the overhead mounting maximizes the space on your boat leaving more room for people and other things.

How much does it cost to install a wakeboard tower?

The installation cost varies depending on your chosen boat shop. Additionally, they can charge extra fees for other accessories you want to install. You may spend around $1000-1500.

Which is better, collapsible towers or fixed towers?

Many boat owners prefer collapsible towers because they can easily be stored and fit into a boat garage. Fixed towers and some custom towers do not have the capacity to collapse.

Is extended pylon the same as wakeboard towers?

Both can increase the heights of the tow rope for better wakeboarding and other water sports experience. However, wakeboard towers have more functionality compared to extended pylon, but they are more cost-effective than a tower.

Is Monster Tower a good brand for wakeboard towers?

Yes, Monster Tower is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to wakeboard towers. They have a wide range of styles and sizes, prices, and they can also help you install your tower.

Can you pull a wakeboard without a tower

Yes, you can pull a wakeboard without a tower. However, a tower offers a higher rope attachment at the boat stern, resulting in an upward rope pull for the wakeboarder, making it easier to get up on a wakeboard and less likely to faceplant.

A tower also makes big airs easier. So while it is possible to wakeboard without a tower, it may be more challenging to get up on the board and stay on a plane, and you won’t be able to get as much air on jumps

Can you put a wake tower on any boat

It is possible to put a wakeboard tower on any boat, but it is important to make sure that the boat is structurally sound enough to support the weight of the tower and any riders who may be using it. However, not all boats are compatible with wakeboard towers, and many boats can only be retrofitted with towers if the necessary modifications are made.

The compatibility of a boat with a wakeboard tower will depend on its design and structure, and consulting with a professional who specializes in wake tower installations can help determine the best mounting option for the boat 


Are you ready to go shopping for your first wakeboard tower? Whether you are a weekend warrior or an occasional wakeboarder, adding the right tower for your boat has all the benefits. A tower is not just a secure point that you can attach to a tow line. Finding the right wakeboard tower suited for your boat can make your cruising and time with your family more enjoyable and memorable.

Just remember to get the correct beam widths, the kind of boat you own, and how you want to use your boat in order to get the right tower. If you own older boats, check the boat’s year model and ask the manufacturers if there are any towers suitable for it.

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