How To Make Yasuo For Cosplay

How To Make Yasuo For Cosplay

Have you ever tried playing League of Legends? This online game has gained so much popularity that almost everyone knows about it. The heroes or the characters of the game are also well-designed, making them a favorite among cosplayers. Among the many characters, Yasuo the Unforgiven has been a favorite pick. Let’s find out why Yasuo cosplay is a top choice.

Who Is Yasuo?

Who Is Yasuo

Yasuo is a swordsman who was accused of killing his master. He even killed his own brother to be able to defend himself. He was on a constant run as he suffered the consequences of something that he did not do. Later on in the story, Yasuo was cleared of the murder accusations after the true killer of his master was revealed.

However, this did not change Yasuo’s feelings of guilt as he was not able to forgive himself for not defending his master well enough.

Yasuo’s role in League of Legends is a fighter and his controls’ difficulty level remains high especially for newbies. Meanwhile, his abilities include “Way of The Wanderer” where his critical attack skill is heightened.

Another attack skill that this character has is the “Steel Tempest” where he can strike all his enemies in one line by thrusting forward. Then, there’s the Yasuo wind wall skill that allows him to create a moving wall. It blocks his enemies within a timeframe of 4 seconds.

Yasuo also has a skill that can deal with damages caused by magic. This skill is called Sweeping Blade which allows him to dash through his enemies. The skill on the Yasuo character list is the Last Breath where he is able to blink and cause damage to all airborne enemies and throw them all over the place.

Although it is not essential that you learn all these gameplay skills, it will be very helpful to know how to use them. You will be able to do Yasuo cosplay effectively if you understand his abilities that show up with the type of skin he is wearing. With that being said, you can improve how you portray the character if you experience using his abilities including his charge and attacks.

More Yasuo Related Topics

More Yasuo Related Topics

Are you looking to cosplay Yasuo? Check some facts about him and let’s get you more interested. Yasuo is among the champions in the infamous game, League of Legends. Who wouldn’t want to have his skills and fantasy power of the wind? I bet you would want to be like this swordsman who dashes through his enemies using his powerful blade.

Those who have been playing the game for quite a long time would have superior control of this hero. Meanwhile, newbies will find using Yasuo difficult which can cause their team some negative impact.

Yasuo has been hated and loved by many online game players. However, the Yasuo cosplay has gained popularity. The character has become so famous that it is usually included in the promotional posters and videos of LOL. This is the very reason why many cosplayers have given life to this character.

We can say that Yasuo’s most hated power is when he puts an attack to an end when he does the “Wind Wall.” A notable cosplay of this character was portrayed by Sennin Uzumaki where a subtle image of the swordsman’s defense was portrayed dubbed as the “Obstinance of the Wind.”

Knowing Your Cosplay Character

Did you know that cosplay isn’t just about flashy clothes and fancy makeup? It is also about how well you portray a character including their movements, reactions, and even how they speak. Most cosplayers will not only craft costumes and accessories; they will also learn every detail of the character to be able to effectively bring it to life.

Some even go as far as attending a manga activity or some anime acting sessions to be able to experience how to provide real-life character portrayal. Thus, knowing your cosplay character first is essential.

What Are Yasuo Skins?

What Are Yasuo Skins

What comes into your mind after reading the word “skins?” If you’re new to the gaming world, you might get lost thinking that these “skins” are real human skin. However, these skins are actually equivalent to what we commonly know as costumes. Heroes including Yasuo wear skins to match their skills.

Characters can perform an attack better or can level up faster using these skins. On the other hand, while the basic Yasuo skin comes for free while some you can earn as your experience go up, there are others that can you can receive from other players.

You can also send a Yasuo skin item or shop for a premium one. Credit card options are required to charge your payment. Different payment policies also apply so be careful when you add and checkout an item.

Choosing Yasuo Skins To Cosplay

Have you decided to do a Yasuo cosplay? If yes, you are in for a treat because there are so many Yasuo cosplay designs to choose from since this game character also has a lot of skins. Every skin has a different color so you will have a lot of options in terms of colorways to choose from.

There’s the Original Yasuo skin which is seen to be his most casual look. Then we have the High Noon Yasuo which shows the character to be wearing a sheriff’s hat and a red cape. Armed with his plasma-coated blade, you can also go for the Project Yasuo skin to cosplay where the character is seen wearing full-face armor with both shoulders wearing metal armor as well.

Had enough of Yasuo cosplay designs? Wait, there’s more. You can also choose the Yasuo Blood Moon skin to cosplay! This suits the game character pretty well because of his inner darkness. This skin includes having an insidious blade possessed by a blood-thirsty demon. Yasuo is also seen wearing full-face armor as well as shoulder armor with sharp edges.

Another dark Yasuo skin that you can cosplay is the Nightbringer Yasuo. He is seen wearing a headdress with full chest armor extending to his ribs. Meanwhile, the Odyssey Yasuo skin has less of a battle look but do note that this isn’t as casual compared to the Original Yasuo skin.

If you are up for some battle cosplay look, then I’d suggest going for the Battle Yasuo skin or the Damage Yasuo skin. For a calmer Yasuo version, you can go for the Spirit Blossom Yasuo skin to cosplay where he is seen sporting white hair. Moreover, calmer Yasuo skins to cosplay include Truth Dragon Yasuo and Dream Dragon Yasuo.

Bear in mind that the suggestions for cosplay designs I’ve included here are based on the character’s skin. Ready-made costumes for these may not be available at your local costume shops or they may be difficult to find online.

However, you can always go for a Yasuo cosplay DIY costume as armors can be created out of EVA foam. This makes materials easy to find so you can always work on it to create your Yasuo cosplay costume much like the skins you have viewed for this character.

Is Yasuo Famous?

Is Yasuo Famous

In the world of League of Legends, Yasuo is a well-known character. You can see him in various LOL ads especially when you watch game tutorial videos.

Did you know that you can actually get your settings to show ads that best suit your interests? Different app services pick user data every time they log in. So, if you happen to search or use the Yasuo character often, chances are you will see a lot of suggested content and ads showing things related to him.

This will include Yasuo cosplay shops and cosplay costumes. If you don’t want to customize ads showing on your screen, you can always go to settings and turn off cookies. This feature is available on Android and IOS so you are sure about protecting your data.

What are you willing to do to be able to cosplay Yasuo? If you ask cosplayers, they’d probably tell you to learn how to play League of Legends to better understand the character. You will be able to know the controls for Yasuo which will also give you an idea of how to emulate his movements.

The point is, the more information you have about the character, the better understanding you have to improve your character portrayal or change your costume.

Where Can I Get Yasuo Cosplay Outfit?

Where Can I Get Yasuo Cosplay Outfit

So, you’ve finally decided to cosplay Yasuo. However, you might be hesitant thinking this hero can cost a lot of cash to portray. for youWell, I have good news for you! Did you know that you have a lot of options to choose from? You can start scanning ads for some Yasuo cosplay designs or related topics that can help you get that costume you need for the next con.

Buying online can be the easiest option that you can go for but it won’t be a cheap deal. A Yasuo ready-made costume can be bought online for around $165 or more depending on which look you’re going for. It usually comes with a special instruction or label on how to wear the clothes and the hairdo. Meanwhile, accessories including footwear may not be included. This means you have to spend more on that.

Most cosplayers would go for DIY projects to deliver the characters that they want to portray. It requires inexpensive materials that you can turn into costumes. However, it will require your time, some crafting skills and will measure how far your patience will take you. Nevertheless, you will have full control on how you want your costume to turn out when you’re doing it the DIY way. Does that sound fun? Wait until we get to the next part!

Yasuo Cosplay Ideas

Yasuo Cosplay Ideas

How many Yasuo looks can you think of? You’re in for a treat as there are different cosplay outfits for this character. You can go for the casual look or the armored one. You can even try the calmer version or the Yasuo cosplay that’s on attack mode. Check out the next special instruction to get you started with that Yasuo cosplay.

Special Instruction For Yasuo Clothes

As we’ve mentioned, Yasuo is a fantasy swordsman with magic skills. This is why his clothes depict that kind of enchanted feel. This is why this League of Legends character should be portrayed with a touch of magic as well, especially when it comes to what he wears.

Although his casual look includes a light blue upper garment resembling a wrap-around scarf, you should be careful not t overdo it as can turn out to look like a half poncho of some kind. I’d go for a satin textile to get this done. You can get the fabric online which most stores can ship or you can visit a local store. Don’t forget your sewing stash as well.

Patterns for Yasuo’s upper garment can be found online. Most of these details are free as long as you measure your body accurately to generate pattern samples. You can also watch valuable cosplay video content that you can watch to be able to follow patterns and samples.

Did you know that you can sew Yasuo’s upper garment by hand? If you haven’t any machine, simply cut your fabric after figuring the pattern out and manually fold the seams. After that, you can carefully stitch it until all the edges are sewn.

This instruction has been working well with male Yasuo cosplayers but how about the female counterpart? Don’t fret as there are Yasuo female cosplayers who have chosen to portray this character.

Can A Female Be Yasuo, Too?

Generally, male cosplayers choose Yasuo. However, as the world of cosplaying is unlimited when it comes to style and imagination, anybody can basically be any character! That means a female Yasuo can be portrayed!

Yasuo is seen wearing a piece of blue garment worn over his head. So, if a female is going to portray him, you can wear a white sports bra underneath a bandage wrapped on your chest. This is the closest look that you can go for a casual Yasuo cosplay look. There’s not even a problem when it comes to the hairstyle of this League of Legends character as he is sporting long locks.

If you’re a lady with long locks, this will not be a problem for you at all. Meanwhile, if it’s shorter, a wig or some extensions would probably do the trick! If you don’t want to be seen as a female Yasuo version and would like to maintain the male appeal, you can throw in some black facemask. Cosplayers recommend this as a good covering for a female portraying a male character.

The Yasuo Shoulder Armor

The Yasuo Shoulder Armor

Cosplay armors can be bought from a costume shop but they can be pretty fun to make! Are you ready to take on this challenge? This will not only save you some extra cash from hefty price tags of ready-made costumes but will also give you a new activity to do.

The Yasuo cosplay armor can be made out of EVA foam. The character’s casual look requires armor placed on only one side of his shoulder. Thus, this will not be so difficult to do and will most likely take a shorter time to complete compared to waiting for an online order shipment that arrives in a week or two.

Generally, you will need basic craft tools including cutters, scissors, glue, tape, and craft foam. You will also need some markers, pencils, a rule to measure and paint. EVA foam products can be found in craft stores and are available in varying sizes. I’d suggest getting foam with appropriate thickness so it remains sturdy even when you cut the pattern out.

Aside from that, you don’t want to be burned out carrying heavy armor. Take note that this will only rest on one shoulder so you will have to be wise when it comes to your armor’s weight as this can cause you muscle strain or some lingering shoulder pain.

Crafting Yasuo’s Armor

Crafting Yasuo's Armor

Once you have a pattern to use, you can start to measure your shoulder and arm size. Lay your foam flat and transfer the pattern onto it. You can use a marker or a pencil and start drawing. Don’t forget to leave some space allowance and not draw near the edges.

You will need some space to close your armor later on or spaces to attach straps or bands. Once you’ve transferred the pattern, you can now start cutting. Craft foam is generally easy to cut so you don’t need so much time to figure this one out.

Materials Needed For Yasuo’s Armor

Yasuo’s armor may not be easily available anywhere. If you really want a ready-made one, you can also take the services of a professional costume designer to make it for you. But did you know that you can actually go for DIY cosplay outfits? You can do this by accurately taking your body measurements, preparing the needed materials, and starting with the crafting process. So, what exactly do you need? Check out the next information we share to learn how to craft Yasuo cosplay armor.

You will need 4 mm and 6 mm EVA foam sheets with varying thickness according to which Yasuo skin you are trying to turn into a costume. You can buy EVA foam sheets from malls or even online shops. They are perfect crafting materials for cosplay costumes and props. This is because they can easily be bent and shaped using heat.

EVA sheets are also available in various sizes and thickness which means you won’t have a hard time wearing them around during a con as it is not that heavy. With these features, this makes the foam a good choice when you’ve decided you’re going to make Yasuo’s armor.

Is there any difference between contact cement and hot glue to craft your Yasuo cosplay items? Both are considered adhesives and will work well with your EVA Foam. Although contact cement can better hold sides and pieces of your foam together, hot glue can also make bending and shape forming easier. Nevertheless, both work great in keeping your armor stuck together.

Tools Used To Accurately Measure Sizes

Are there are really special tools to help you measure armor sizes accurately? Although a basic tape measure will do the trick, you can also make use of a half-body mannequin. This will also be a big help when you measure your armor.

You will need this to lay your craft foam onto it so you can easily trace or carve your Yasuo design pattern. A ruler will also come in handy to accurately measure your League of Legends character costume.

Other Materials

You will need a small carving knife, basic scissors, tape, tracing paper, pencils, as well as markers. Sandpaper for polishing and painting will also be needed to finish your project. In making your pattern, choose a Yasuo look from various photos online and have it printed. If you can draw it directly on your pattern paper, that will also do the job.

A Step By Step Guide In Making Nightbringer Yasuo Skin Cosplay Armor

A Step By Step Guide In Making Nightbringer Yasuo Skin Cosplay Armor

Have you read our character skins section above? As mentioned earlier, Yasuo has a lot of skins that make his attack and animation differ from one another. It also allows players to control the character better as they play League of Legends. Take note that Yasuo’s skins can also be turned into a cosplay design. With skills and a lot of patience, you will be able to make a DIY armor following the Nightbringer Yasuo skin.

To start off, did you measure your chest accurately? You need to get both your shoulders’ measurements from one point to another. When you’re loading the League of Legends game, you can see that the Nightbringer Yasuo skin sports chest armor and a headdress. You can those too by using EVA foam to craft it.

Tracing And Transfering The Pattern

Do you have your pattern paper with you? If yes, then let’s get the next stage of our League of Legends project done! First, print the character’s photo. Lay your pattern paper flat on your work table and start copying the design. Take note that Nightbringer Yasuo’s cosplay shoulder armor has spikes on both sides.

This means you have to be careful when tracing the pattern out. Leave some space on the edges to easily cut it out later on. Then, measure your neck’s circumference to create the collar of the chest armor.

The armor is seemingly strapped around the armpits, leaving an open space along the chest area. You may use some velcro straps or adjustable belts to get this done. Next, from the tip of his shoulders down to his biceps, you will also have to create an armored cover for that area. Make sure you follow what you see in your pattern so your character’s costume will be closer to becoming a reality.

The Nightbringer Yasuo armguard is not difficult to make. Using the same EVA foam sheets, carefully draw your pattern according to the design you are following. This character’s armguard resembles streaks of flames so be sure to leave enough spaces to keep it sturdy once cut and joined together.

The final design pattern to make is the headdress. Nightbringer Yasuo wears a headdress that resembles a headband with its front tip reaching in between the eyebrows. You can also choose to draw your pattern directly onto the foam to save time. However, you cannot make any revisions should you choose to do this method.

Cutting And Joining The Foam Sheets

Using your base foam pattern, start marking and cutting using a sharp seam ripper or similar tools. Lay it against your cutting mat and follow the lines from what you’ve traced or drawn earlier. Carefully start cutting and be sure to keep your distance to prevent any accidental cuts or slices on your fingers. To prevent creating any beveled edge on your costume’s foam, hold your cutter or knife at the right angle.

Also, you have to spontaneously cut when you’ve already started the cutting process. If you cut and stop several times, you will be getting jagged foam edges. Take note that a sharp blade will help you cut through easier. That’s why as soon as you feel that your blade isn’t sliding smoothly anymore, it would be best to change it right away.

Get your contact cement ready or your hot glue as you join the foam sheets that you’ve cut together. And remember to accurately measure your pieces to deliver quality results. If you don’t measure the sheets well enough, chances are your costume won’t fit and you will have to readjust it once more.

Contact cement is a good choice because it perfectly closes seams, leaving no gaps in between. This is also a good way to seal foam to prepare it later for painting. Once you’ve joined the foam pieces together, leave it for a while to dry completely. You can use a hairdryer to get it dried up faster or you may leave it in your workspace for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure there is good air ventilation to avoid any unwanted odor suffocating you or someone else while you work.

The Nightbringer Yasuo cosplay design has intricate layers. So it is best to have a mannequin where you can fit the armor you are crafting. It will also allow you to measure easily and to have better control of laying foam sheets onto one another. Once you’ve laid your base flat, it’s time to put the layers on as well as the mirrored pieces.

Heat Shaping Method

EVA foam sheets will remain flat even when you’ve already joined the pieces together. It may look thick but you will need to shape it to give it an extra boost. Giving it a shape will allow your Nightbringer Yasuo cosplay armor a sculpted look. Start the shaping process using a heat gun.

Keep it about 4 inches away from your foam and start to move it around. By doing so, you will notice that the foam becomes shiny as it gets soft. Here’s a quick tip: If you already notice little bubbles or tiny droplets of foam, that means you are overdoing it so you will have to stop.

On the other hand, Nightbringer Yasuo’s cosplay shoulder armor and arm guards have sharp edges. To be able to achieve this, you will need to heat the foam and bend it on table edges to create those sharpened designs.

Talking about the layers, it will always be best to bend the pieces first before you glue them onto the base. After you’ve shaped all your pieces to your desired look, you can achieve smoother results by using sandpaper.

Gluing The Foam Sheets

Are you excited? I bet you are! We are almost nearing the completion of our League of Legends character item. So, you’ve already shaped the foam pieces. The next step to this is to glue foam sheets together. If you are gluing the bigger pieces, you can simply lay them flat. However, if you are gluing curved pieces, simply glue them as is to preserve their form.

Remember that there are instances where you will have to repeat the shaping, sanding, and gluing process several times. This will allow you to get the required shape and fit so your armor will look as close as possible to that of Nightbringer Yasuo.

Painting The Armor And Its Final Touches

The Nightbringer Yasuo colorway plays in the hue of metallic gold or bronze and red as the character is seemingly blazing. You can get a metallic paint color and start painting once the foam sheets are completely dried from gluing. Painting makes armor pieces more durable and look attractive.

However, if you do not want to do so, you can always find foam sheets that are already colored similar to that of the character’s skin. This will save you time in painting the costume as well. On the other hand, once the painting is done and all finishing touches are well and good, you can start fitting your armor and arm guards.

Nightbringer Yasuo Accessories Guide

Nightbringer Yasuo Accessories Guide

Have you completed your armor and arm guards? It’s now time to make the Nightbringer Yasuo cosplay accessories. If you take a look at Nightbringer Yasuo’s skin, you will notice that he wears a headdress and he also has a golden belt that looks like chains wrapped around his waist.

Making The Nightbringer Yasuo Headdress

To craft the headdress, you can use the same materials that you’ve used when you crafted the armor and the arm guards. Make use of the excess foam sheets if you still have some left. Carefully trace a pattern and transfer it onto the foam.

Nightbringer Yasuo’s headdress resembles a stretched-triangle crown with protruding edges that seem to be pulling his locks up. Once you’ve drawn the design and you’ve transferred the pattern on your foam, carefully cut it. You can close it using elastic straps or adjustable belts so you can put it on and take it off with ease.

Making The Nightbringer Yasuo Accessories

Do you have some old belts lying around the house? You can repurpose them as your base and get foam sheets attached to it. You can simply glue Nightbringer Yasuo’s belt design onto the foam to create that buff as seen in the character’s costume. The faux chains can also be created using foam sheets. Don’t forget to heat shape your foam to create a sculpted effect of chains. Then color them later with metallic paint to make it look more realistic. The same is true when making his blades.

As EVA foam is such a versatile material, you can also create a faux blade using the same that you’ve done with your faux chains. The only difference will be the type of design cutout that you will be doing. Nevertheless, the gluing and the painting process will still remain the same.

Have you seen the Nightbringer Yasuo shoes? He’s actually wearing a pair of knee-high boots with some protruding flame-like elements on them. You can make these shoe accessories and designs using EVA foam sheets, too. Simply cut out a flame-like design pattern and trace it onto your foam.

After that, you can start heat shaping it to create that sharp edges. Then, you can glue it directly to the leg part and all around the calf part of the knee-high boots. Do this on both shoes and you’re all set!

How To Do Nightbringer Yasuo Hairdo And Makeup

How To Do Nightbringer Yasuo Hairdo And Makeup

So, you’re done with the armor and armguards. You’re also done with the headdress and your accessories are all set. This is when makeup will come in to make you complete and ready to portray the Nightbringer Yasuo. As you know, this skin in the game depicts the chaos and the inner darkness of the Yasuo character. Thus, your makeup should also have a strong appeal.

Aside from doing the face makeup, you will need to put on some bodypaint because of the character’s skin tone which is almost close to looking bluish or dark ash grey. Don’t forget to paint eyebrows on because your real eyebrows may not be seen due to the darkened skin tone you will have after applying body paint. Once done, you can put on some red contact lenses to complete the look.

Wait! How about the Nightbringer Yasuo locks? The color of the locks in this League of Legends character plays around black and violet. If you have enough time, you can put an ombre color onto your locks or simply put on a wig. This will make the hairstyle part easier for you and the wig is less toxic for your mane, since you will need to bleach it first to achieve real color should you wish to have it dyed.

There are a lot of salons offering these services so you can always ask around for the best technique to use. You can also turn your ads settings on your app or browser to be able to get suggestions about where to get cosplay wigs.

Other Yasuo Cosplay Outfits

Other Yasuo Cosplay Outfits

So, we’ve talked about how to craft the armor and all the other essentials to make Yasuo cosplay look a reality. However, other related topics to consider are his cloak and pants. Yasuo was actually wearing a type of cloth around his neck covering one part of his shoulders and exposing his chest. He is also wearing a pair of pants clipped together by his belt.

If you are a woman who wants to portray Yasuo but are worried about which undergarments would go best to cover your chest area, we would suggest wearing a wrap-around bandage type of covering. You can also wear a skin tone inner shirt and later on paint too it as you paint your body. This should solve the issue proving that anybody can portray whichever character they choose to cosplay.

Cosplaying The Spirt Blossom Yasuo

Cosplaying The Spirt Blossom Yasuo

I’ve already guided you through the Nightbringer Yasuo skin and given you tips on how to turn it into a costume for the next con. As there are a lot of Yasuo skins to choose from, let me add another one for you to consider. Here’s another favorite Yasuo skin that can actually be turned into a Yasuo cosplay outfit.

The Spirit Blossom Yasuo is a calmer version compared to the Nightbringer Yasuo look. There’s a big difference as the former does not wear any face armor and he isn’t wearing his attack boots. We can see The Spirit Blossom Yasuo wearing white locks that seem to show his spiritual side. His skin tone is also fairer which we can say is in a relaxed or calmer state.

There are also several color variations with shades of purple dominating this look. The Spirit Blossom Yasuo is also seen wearing headgear similar to a headband with an emblem in the middle of it. His white locks are also tied in a ponytail with an accessory looking like a huge flattened flower.

Although The Spirit Blossom Yasuo does not have any face or chest armor, he does wear shoulder armor that is colored whitish purple. The details are intricate with the armor having three overlapping layers featuring curved edges. Yasuo is wearing a half-sleeve robe with a long-sleeve undergarment.

However, this only covers the left side of his upper body and leaves the chest area open. Meanwhile, the other side of his figure is left uncovered with his right arm exuding a blue aura. If you want to translate this into a costume, then I suggest using body paint to portray this glowing power instead.

The Spirit Blossom Yasuo does not wear long pants compared to the skins; instead he is seen wearing baggy half-pants reaching to his knees. He is also seen wearing a pair of open-toe sandals with his legs covered in armor with a purple gem showing in the middle of it.

Then there’s The Spirit Blossom Yasuo blade which is colored white. You can make a faux blade with EVA foam using the same method as to how you made the Nightbringer Yasuo blade. Another notable accessory to complete the Spirit Blossom Yasuo’s look is the necklace he is wearing with a big purple gem in the middle. He is also seen posing seemingly biting a purple leaf which can also be added as an accessory. For additional clothing details, you can also add some tassels to the side of the pants to make them closer to the character’s overall game skin.

As The Spirit Blossom Yasuo character is calmer, you can practice his movements and actions easily. I also think this is easier to portray compared to Nightbringer Yasuo who is on attack mode. However, you will also have the choice because Yasuo skins are too many to list down and you can always pick one and craft outfits depending on your preferences.

More Yasuo Cosplay Notable Looks

More Yasuo Cosplay Notable Looks

Have you made up your mind yet? You input your log-in details on League of Legends and browse Yasuo skins to cosplay. Remember that the Yasuo cosplay look is not limited to what the character game skins really look like. You can also modify and make Yasuo looks more modern or you can stick with how he really looks in the game.

For ladies, among the best Yasuo cosplay examples to portray is the @chouk.cosplay rendition of the Ionian Wanderer, as seen in this cosplayer’s Instagram account. You will see the accuracy of how the winged pauldron and blade were crafted.

If you are looking to be edgier, you can take that Yasuo cosplay looks to a whole new level and craft the samurai look while incorporating the cyborg features. This transforms the traditional Yasuo look into a whole new perspective as cyborgs and technology features were integrated. You can get more tips on how this is done by checking out @davidsons League’s Project on IG.

Another notable cosplay Yasuo concept is the High Noon Yasuo. If you are looking for a more laid-back Yasuo outfit, then this is a good one for you to consider. The High Noon Yasuo portrays a character similar to a town sheriff where he is protecting the townsfolk against bandits and outlaws.

Like a regular sheriff, you can simply wear a cowboy hat, and put on those standard cowboy tools as accessories. The only standout feature of this outfit is Yasuo’s hybrid sword which has a dual feature.

If that isn’t enough, try copying @sd_cosplayfit’s Yasuo cosplay concept. This works best for those cosplayers who are buff and are doing workouts on a regular basis. If you feel like you want to show more skin in an upcoming con through a Yasuo costume, then this concept is definitely for you!

This look shows all of Yasuo’s muscles and abs exposed with some straps holding a shoulder armor on one side. The cosplayer made use of long pants accessorized with ropes on the side. His footwear was seen to be an open-toed sandal with some elastic bands extending just above his ankles. Furthermore, he is also seen to be carrying a metal sword.

So, if you’re going for the Yasuo cosplay look but are still hesitant thinking it would be very expensive to achieve, give it a second thought and try the numerous looks we’ve suggested. The diversity of this character is amazing so there will always be one that would also fit your personality best.

Always remember that cosplaying isn’t all about getting in an expensive costume and wearing those flashy gems and makeup. It is also about how creative you can be and how much heart you are willing to show to the craft. Above all, always have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Yasuo Cosplay

Frequently Asked Questions About Making Yasuo Cosplay

Is Playing League Of Legends A Requirement For Yasuo Cosplay?

The answer is a resounding no. Generally, you don’t need to be a League of Legends player or even a pro-gamer to be able to cosplay a character. However, it does help that you know League of Legends and its characters to be effective in your portrayal.
After all, it always pays to have first-hand experience and knowledge about what a character is in order to be able to deliver effective as well as accurate portrayal. On the other hand, if playing online games such as League of Legends is not your cup of tea, then you can also check out a review by a cosplayer who has tried cosplaying a particular character from this game.
It would be very helpful if you check a review about Yasuo so you will get to know him in depth. There is also a lot of information about Yasuo online including how he became a wanderer protecting himself from those who have accused him of killing his master. All the data that you will come across will help you get valuable tips to start crafting your costume and accessories.

How Do You Get Information About A Game Character?

A game character can be best studied once you use them in a game. This is a very effective way to review their movements, learn about what items they have and how they look in their entirety. As for Yasuo, you can get information about him online or from a League of Legends site.
There are also other fansites that display information including those that show full costumes. There are also videos shared online that show different cosplayers portraying Yasuo cosplay designs. You can get different tips that you can use from the content that these people share.

Are There A Lot Of Gamers Using Yasuo?

With the skills and abilities of this hero, it is no wonder why a lot of gamers would want to use it. However, not everyone can do so because of its difficulty level when it comes to controls. You have to be an advanced League of Legends player to be able to effectively use this character.
On the other hand, the intricate designs of the Yasuo skins made this character a favorite among many cosplayers to portray. The cosplayers who are also gamers can most likely relate to the character, which makes it a good pick.
Meanwhile, you can measure character popularity by looking at ads showing or suggesting the character. You can have these ads turned on or off through advanced controls settings that collect player or user data.

How Many Yasuo Skins Are There To Choose From?

According to available data, there are a lot of Yasuo skins that are offered to players. They can be obtained for free, earned, sent as a gift, or bought through the game’s marketplace. Depending on your user settings, you log in and browse available skins through the gaming app’s services.
On the other hand, you can also see Yasuo skins featured in videos. These videos are often released as ads when new skin is set to be offered. Fan-made videos are also available to help you determine the latest Yasuo skins that can give you enough tips for a Yasuo cosplay look to portray.

Is A DIY Yasuo Cosplay Difficult To Make?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there may not be a lot of ready-made Yasuo cosplay outfits available in stores or online. The good news about this is you can always take the DIY route and start crafting your own costume.
So, if you are wondering about DIY difficulty, that will highly depend on how much work you are willing to put into it. You see, if you want to deliver great results then you will have to do a DIY Yasou costume project with enough time, a lot of patience, and endless creativity.
Most of the materials to start a DIY craft are available so you won’t have a hard time finding items to use.

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