Ultimate Review of The Best 4-Person Tents in 2023

Best 4-Person Tents

If you wish to enjoy a camping adventure with family or friends, you’ll need a tent to accommodate everybody.

A multi-person tent is an obvious pick for a couple with a kid or two or a group of three to four friends.

The good news is the market is inundated with duo and three-person tents. However, if you’re outfitting for a group of four, it can feel like slim pickings.

See, the 4-person tents aren’t always a popular shelter solution for camping trips. They immediately seem small compared to the 6-person tents and rather bulky than the 2-person options.

However, they’re a great pick if you’re only two, but with much baggage and need to spread out. They’re also an inspiring shelter solution for a family of four, and while they won’t offer a lot of wiggle room, they will accommodate your family comfortably.

Unfortunately, as we had mentioned earlier, the 4-person tents aren’t as popular as other options, but that should be the least of your worries.

Picking a 4-person shelter option with the right features is even more important.

There’s a need to consider several factors that determine the tent’s practicality as an outdoor shelter solution for any true camping tent. This includes choice of fabric, waterproofness, strength, weather resistance, packability, and so much more.

It can be challenging to factor in all these options but were here to help.

In the review guide below, we shall look at the top 5 options in the market. And as a bonus, we shall also present you with a comprehensive buying guide to help with the purchase process.

Quick Comparison Table!

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent


Napier Backroadz SUV Tent


Kelty Grand Mesa Tent


Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL4


Nemo Losi Backpacking Tent



The Best 4-Person Tents For The Money

Best 4-Person Tents for the money

#1 ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent - EDITOR'S CHOICE


Our top pick for the best 4-person tent is the Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent.

We feel this tent is among the best tents for a family of four for several reasons.

First, it’s a durable 3-season tent that can withstand a lot of abuse. It’s also a spacious option, and for its size, you’ll be surprised by how much it can hold.

It’s also lightweight and labeled for backpacking, so a great option for backcountry campers.

But there’s more to this tent, and here’s why it’s making waves among the backpacking enthusiasts;

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

The build quality should be one less thing to worry about on the Lynx.

This 4-person tent has an excellent build quality in almost all areas. The lightweight aluminum poles and stakes are sturdy, while the guy line work just fine.

The floor is also tough, and forgetting to use a footprint/tarp in an area full of thorns or sticks should be less concerning as nothing will poke through. Also, the floor isn’t easily pierced by your dog’s nails, so it’s easy to tag along with your furry friend.

The zippers are also of high quality and don’t look like they’ll break anytime soon.

Weather Resistance

A lot of tents claim to be waterproof, but it turns out to be completely bullshit.

This is not the case with the Lynx.

With a waterproof index of 2000mm on the floor and 1500mm on the walls, Lynx is seriously waterproof and will see heavy wet snowfall and days of straight rain without a single drop of rain making its way in.

You’ll love how the fly goes all the way to the bottom, completely covering the tent and ensuring your living space remains dry as a bone, even in the torrential downpour.


Another reason we choose this option as our first pick is spacious accommodation.

With a living space of 64 square inches, Lynx has enough sleeping space for a family of four.

A queen-size mattress will most definitely fit into the tent and leave some extra room for your kid’s sleeping bags, your gear, or your pet.

However, I prefer having more space in my tent, and I like Lynx’s sizes as a 2-person tent.

The tent is also tall enough, and with a peak height of 52 inches, it will allow the tall individuals to sit right without touching any walls.

Storage Pockets

We always look out for a camping tent in the storage area, and this option doesn’t disappoint.

It comes with two internal pockets and a gear loft, making it easy to store our smaller camping accessories such as flashlights and phones.

It also features a stitched loop for hooking the overhead storage net, though it’s a bit flimsy and poorly stitched.


I prefer a lightweight camping tent, and with the Lynx, you might just get tempted to bring it along on your backpacking trip.

It’s not the lightest tent, but at 8 pounds, it’s lighter than what I’m used to in this size of a tent.

And that’s not all!

I knew it would be light when this four-person tent stuffs in a compression storage bag, the same size as my two-person tent.



#2 Napier Backroadz SUV Tent - Best for Car Camping


Unless you’re backpacking in the mountains, you’ll probably have your vehicle with you.

And why not optimize on that convenience.

SUV tents mix camping in the rugged outdoors with the convenience of your vehicle.

The biggest convenience, though, is you don’t have to unpack all your gear, as you can leave most of your gear in your car and allow for more space in your tent.

Napier was the first company to introduce truck tents, and today, they offer a range of SUV tents to suit any camper’s needs and budget.

And today, we shall look at one of Napier’s offerings, the Napier Backroadz SUV Tent.

Features and Benefits

Suitable for Any Car

Many of the car-camping tents come with specs that will only fit certain models of cars, but not the Napier.

The Backroadz SUV tent features a universal and flexible vehicle sleeve that can attach to any kind of SUV, Mini Van, or CUV.

So, whether you’ve an Isuzu Rodeo, CRV Honda, Crossfit, or the larger Grand Jeep Cherokee, you don’t have to worry about whether or not the specs are right for your car.

Build Quality

There’s a lot to love about Napier’s overall build quality.

Everything screams quality on this tent from the choice of material, stakes, guy lines to the sleeves.

In particular, the tent makes it super easy for you to achieve an airtight seal when connecting the sleeve to your SUV.


The Napier is a spacious camping tent with a footprint area of 9 by 9 feet; it boasts a sleeping space of up to 5 adults.

It could easily fit three queen-sized air mattresses on a tight fit, but I would suggest that you use the tent for 3 to 4 people max.

Napier would be a great option for a couple with two kids and still leave some extra space for gear.

The tent is also tall, and with 7 feet height, the tall users can stand comfortably without touching the tent’s ceiling.

Weather Resistance

Weather resistance isn’t the greatest asset of this tent.

The polyester construction is suited for the mild weather, and it sometimes gets chilly for cold nights, though nothing that a sleeping bag won’t fix.

We were concerned that the windows on two sides that aren’t on the door or SUV tunnel lack a solid zip-over cover. They’re mesh only and won’t tolerate the heavy downpours, though pinning a rainfly might help.


The Napier is a classic example of a 2-in-1 tent that can transform into a standalone tent to double as a backpacking tent.

We love that we can detach the tent and leave the tent staked to the ground, so you can drive off and come back later without going through the hassles of setting it up afresh.



#3 Kelty Grand Mesa Tent - Best Backpacking Tent


Kelty might be famous for their backpacks, but anyone familiar with the brand knows they also produce quality tents.

The brand has models ranging from 1 to 8 person tents, but today, we shall look at a popular 4-person model popular for couples and individuals.

The Grand Mesa Tent is a lightweight and practical shelter solution perfect for those who need a perfect backpacking option.

While it lacks the frills and frays of some of the high-end models, it has everything you would need to stay protected in the woods.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

Simplicity is never a bad thing when it comes to a tent, and the Kelty tent is one of the frills-free and reliable tents that will perform as expected.

The tent’s quality is decent, and though not the best, it was a surprise considering it’s a budget option.

While it won’t hold up to the heavy wind, snow, or extreme temperature, it works well as a great lightweight pack tent and will put up with light to moderately inclement weather during your camping trip.


Kelty isn’t the most spacious option on our list, but it’s comfortable once you settle in.

It’s dedicated for two campers, although it can accommodate up to four users, though on a tight fit.

Like most of the list options, the 30 square foot area can accommodate two adults and two kids, so the perfect choice for a family of two.

It also has a generous vestibule area, and if you feel your gear won’t fit inside the tent, you can as well leave it in this area and spare more room for comfort in the interior.

The top height is also limited, and at 43 inches, it means you’ll have to crawl pretty much when making your way in and out of the tent.

Weather Resistance

Despite the small size and inexpensive purchase, this option has awesome weatherproofing capabilities.

So far, users haven’t complained about leakage or wetness, largely because of the polyester construction.

The material will take on Mother Nature abuses like a champ and will keep the interior bone dry.

Though the floor isn’t a bathtub style, the folks at Kelty utilize a powerful seam taping closure to keep you dry in all but the worst rainstorms.

You’ll also love Kelty’s streamlined shape design, which goes far in improving the overall stability in high winds and easier shedding of rain.


It’s easy for the interior to get stuffy for a small-sized tent, but not on the Kelty.

While PU coating and rainfly keep out moisture, the double-wall with No-See-Um mesh delivers plenty of airflows to keep the interior fresh and reduce condensation.

It’s the perfect option for the warm summer sleeping nights when the temperatures soar high.


The greatest benefit of the Kelty tent is the lightweight and compact design.

With a lightweight and compact construction, it exceeded all my expectations of a backpacking tent.

It’s easy to stash it into your backpack and even carry it for miles without feeling fatigued or wearing down.



#4 Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL4 - Best Three-Season Tent


If you need a true three-season tent that will stand up to anything Mother Nature throws, you can’t go wrong with the Bug Agnes.

But toughness isn’t Agnes’s strongest point; it’s also a spacious option and will comfortably accommodate your entire family and leave space for your gear.

It’s also lightweight, and combined with the easy packability; it’s easy to see why this tent is an inspiring option for backpackers.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

Every component of the Agnes is built to perfection.

From the choice of materials, design to craftsmanship, Agnes is a reliable shelter solution, which isn’t easily compromised by Mother Nature’s abuses.

It’s also durable, and from the user reviews, Big Agnes will see you through several seasons without the need for a replacement or repair.

For me, I’m not the most careful camper, and so far, I’ve not encountered any problems with the tent: no tears, no holes, pole, or zipper failures- or failure of any kind.

Additionally, the tent’s floor comprises a proprietary ripstop, which the folks at Big Agnes claim to boost the strength by 25%. It’s a great addition to the tent as it inhibits any form of puncture by dry grass, sticks, or other sharpies during pitching.

Weather Resistance

Big Agnes is rated as a three-season tent, and true to word, it will ward off the heavy spring rainstorms, wind, hail, and snow.

While not completely waterproof, the rainfly helps keep the interior bone dry, while the waterproof tub prevents water leakage.

It’s possible to survive the downpours and multiple days of rain without a single drop of water set into the shelter with the tent.

The only department where Big Agnes faltered was wind resistance. The tall profile allows one side of the tent to bow into the interior space during gusts of winds, but nothing to threaten the tent’s overall integrity.


A quick perusal of the Big Agnes Tent gives away its spacious internal environment.

With a floor area of 67 square inches, it will easily accommodate a couple and their two kids and leave some extra space for gear or their furry friend.

And that’s not all!

It has a generous two by 14 square foot vestibule and a 50-inch head height, which will combine to extend the overall space offering for this tent.

Overall, it’s one of those tents that seems to be honestly designed for use by four campers.


The mesh on the tent does a great job of keeping the interior airy and free from condensation.

It was still to become an issue; the two doors create an even better cross-breeze that will keep you cool during the hot months.


When your camping trip is over, and it’s time to put away the Copper Spurs, you’ll love how it packs down as you would expect for a lightweight tent.

It goes easily in a stuff sack, and combined with the measly 5-pound weight; you shouldn’t have any problem using the tent as a backpacking option.



#5 Nemo Losi Backpacking Tent - Best for Headroom


In designing the Losi Tent, Nemo started on the inside and worked their way out.

The result is an award-winning backpacking tent with a unique pole configuration that optimizes the living space and delivers the most headroom.

Features and Benefits

Build Quality

Coming in with a polyester shell and ripstop nylon rainfly, there’s little damage that can be meted on this tent.

From the user reviews, this tent will handle all the backpacking roughness and abuses of nature without compromising its integrity.

It doesn’t develop holes or tear even when pitched on rough grounds with tough grass, piercing obstacles, or other sharpies.

Weather Resistance

Typical of polyester tents on our list, the Nemo Losi is one hell of a weather-resistant tent that will stand up to the elements.

In particular, the nylon rain fly prevents the seepage of water and will keep your interior and its bones dry even during the worst downpour.

Hail, storm, and wind also do little to no harm to the tent and will guarantee a haven even when the weather turns out for the wild.

Space and Storage

Space is probably the greatest asset for this backpacking tent.

First, it has a floor area of 60 square inches. Not as high as our editor’s choice, the Alp Mountaineering, but far more generous than most of the tents.

While it will fit two to three queen size air mattresses like most options, it’s a more spacious offering and will offer plenty of wiggle room and still leave extra space for your furry friend and gear.

And that’s not all!

It also comes with a generous headroom of 61 inches, allowing tall users to make their way in and out of the tent without a hassle.


To prevent stuffiness and condensation during the hot sunny days, this tent features several mesh openings to allow free airflow.

And if you still need more of the airflow, you’ve the option to open the door for a nice and cool breeze.


Weighing a measly 5 pounds is a true backpacking tent and will tempt you into hauling it on your back during the long treks.

It also stuffs into a dump pouch easily and combined with its lightness, it’s easy to carry it for long distances without feeling fatigued.



Best 4-Person Tents Buying Guide

Best 4-Person Tents buying guide

There’re several critical factors to consider when purchasing the best 4-person camping tent. They include:


Often, when a tent is advertised as a four-person tent, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will comfortably fit four adults.

See, manufacturers have a different idea of an adult’s size, so the square footage of a tent changes from brand to brand.

Ideally, a 4-person tent is best for a family of 4 with two adults and two small children.

The best way to determine the actual capacity is to look at the square footage and consider if you’ll have older kids with you or want to put an air mattress or gear inside.

If you’re looking for an option that will fit four adults, we would recommend you size up and get a tent for six adults.


It’s also essential to consider a tent’s weight, especially if you need backpacking or backcountry/trail camping.

Of course, the weight won’t be much of an issue for a car camping tent, but if you’re looking for strictly a backpacking tent, we recommend you stick with buying a tent weighing less than 10 pounds.

Weather Resistance

All of the best camping tents are water-resistant, though it’s a good idea to pay attention to the waterproof rating.

The waterproof ratings range from 800mm to 10,000mm, determining the millimeters of water it can hold before soaking through.

However, the waterproof rating isn’t the only factor determining the weather resistance of a tent. The shape also affects the weather resistance, particularly the wind.

It’s important to note that the higher the waterproof rating, the heavier and more rigid a tent is, and not a good thing is for the backpackers.


When choosing a 4-person tent, consider an option with a vestibule where you can store your dirty boots or shoes, so you don’t have to bring them inside the tent.

While the presence of a vestibule isn’t necessary, especially if you’re RVing or car camping, it’s of the essence if you’re backpacking.

If you’re going to be backcountry camping, we recommend buying a tent with a vestibule so you can have a place to store your gear in case it rains.

How important is Ventilation?

Having adequate amounts of ventilation is crucial when looking to purchase a 4-person tent.

See, there’s nothing that can put a damper on your camping as getting stuck in a stuffy tent.

So, when choosing a tent, ensure it has sufficient air spaces for ventilation.

Bells and Whistles

Beyond the essentials such as weight, size, and waterproofness, many campers often look for a certain type of tent that fits their needs.

Some of the extras that campers often look for include adequate storage space, adequate ventilation, and waterproofing.

Other extras include a tall tent that campers can stand up in, plenty of storage pockets, ease of set up, and an affordable option.


You need to consider the type of season you’ll be camping in when choosing a 4-person tent for you.

While most people camp when the weather is nice and warm, others look for an all-around option that can withstand heavy rain, snow, and strong winds.

2-seasons tents are ideal for nice and warm weather. Generally, these tents are characterized by lighter materials. Fewer poles and more mesh for easier setup and greater ventilation.

While the 2-person tents will stand up against the rain, they may not protect you against the downpours. They’re also cheap.

On the other hand, the 3-4 season tents are more reliable, and their thicker materials and frames will stand up to extended use even in downpours.

Most of these will stand up to Mother Nature’s abuses and will hold up to the extreme and harshest conditions.

Wrap Up: Our Choice

Best 4-Person Tents wrap up

Our list of the best 4-person tents has some exciting models, but we feel the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent takes the cake.

It’s among the practical options on our list, but the greatest draw on this option is the large space offering. It provides a generous space for you and your family and will still leave extra space for your gear or your pet.

It’s also a durable and tough option, with the taffeta polyester construction helping the tent survive Mother Nature abuses.

For all its performance, it’s highly portable, and you’ll love how it packs easily into a duffel bag, nearly the size of a two-person tent bag.

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