Ultimate Review of The Best Camping Tables in 2023

Best Camping Tables

Dining on a camping trip doesn’t need to be messy. While you might be enjoying the natural  surroundings of rustic living, simple luxuries can elevate your camping experience from great to outstanding.

For instance, having a sturdy camping table can help make dining outdoors more memorable when it comes to mealtime.

See, while a tent or a camping oven might be first on your camping checklist, bringing a camping table will add a new angle to your camp kitchen.

With a camping table, you can also forget about squatting over a precariously balanced stove and the headache that can bring. They are also good for holding refreshing drinks.

And camping tables aren’t just for eating and drinking – they can be the perfect spot to bond with your family as you watch the sunset, play a round of cards, or even read a book.

But with plenty of camping tables on the market, choosing one for your adventure can be challenging.

To help you decide, we’ve researched and compiled our top five choices of camping tables.

In A Hurry? Here’s Our Choice

All the listed options are fantastic, and most of them will address your camping needs.

However, if we were to pick only one product, we would recommend the Coleman 4-in-1 Folding Table.

We feel it ticks all the right boxes and has everything desirable in a camping table.

For starters, it’s a foldable option, so a convenient and portable item. While not exactly a backpacking table, it’s lightweight and can be moved easily.

However, what won over our hearts is the 4-in-1 feature; it can be broken up into four different types of tables to suit your needs.

Additionally, it features three adjustable height settings, allowing you to adjust the table to fit your height needs.

But, all in all, your personal needs will ultimately determine your camping table. For instance, if you’re looking for a camping table for backpacking, Trekology is definitely an inspiring choice. On the other hand, if you need a table exclusively for cooking, nothing beats the GCI.

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Quick Comparison Table!

Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 folding table


GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold camping table


Trekology portable camping side table


Camp Chef Sherpa Table


ALPS mountaineering dining table



The Best Camping Tables For The Money

The Best Camping Tables For The Money

#1 Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 folding table - EDITOR'S CHOICE


If you’re searching for a versatile, multi-use table, you can’t get much better than the Coleman Pack-Away 4-in-1 table.

Coleman’s design offers the maximum bang for your buck, as it lets you configure it to four different styles. Plus, each style is adjustable to three different heights, so the possibilities with this camping table are nearly endless.

But, is it the right camping table for you?

Features and benefits

4-in-1 design

Coleman Pack-Away is more versatile than first appears, and that’s one of the reasons it earned the coveted top spot on our list of the best camping tables.

It’s an ideal option for campers who can’t decide on the particular type of table they want.

The 4-in-1 constructioon lets you mix and match its components based on your needs and where you plan to use the table.

Set it up as a slimline buffet table. Enjoying meals with friends? Configure it as a regular dining table. Going solo? Separate it into two and leave one half at home–the choice is yours.

Coleman’s versatility makes camping life much more comfortable as you don’t have to buy different tables for different events.

Build quality

The polished aluminum construction not only keeps the weight of the Coleman to a minimum, but also enhances the overall durability and sturdiness of the table.

It’s a heavy-duty option, with a generous weight capacity of 300 pounds. So, yes, it’s easy to store masses of your camping gear on top.

Unfortunately, it lacks heat resistance, so don’t use it as a cooking stationfor your camp stove, or leave a hot pan resting on the surface without proper protection.

It it also not waterproof, something we’re a little concerned about. After leaving it in the rain it doesn’t show any weakness or rust, but the materials get soaked, making the table unpleasant to use.

And since the upper layer is coated with a mosaic type lamination, it’s not recommended for use in continually wet conditions. However, it has a plus side, letting you effectively clean the table without any problems.


The versatility of this Coleman table goes beyond functionality and extends to its ease of use.

The table is adjustable to three height settings for effective use with a variety of camp chairs. Likewise, the feet are adjustable to promote stability at all times, regardless of the terrain.

Stability is also off the charts, as the durable brackets ensure the table remains solid even when used under pressure.


The tabletop, which is roughly 31.5 inches square, is easily big enough for four people.

Space saving

Storage is a doddle with the Coleman as it folds compactly into its very own storage case.

At just over 13 pounds, the Coleman Camping Table is similarly lightweight, and pretty much anyone can carry the table when unloading the car.



#2 GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Camping Table - Best Cook Station Option


The GCI Outdoor Camping Table is everything you need when cooking outdoors.

It resembles a standard outdoor BBQ grill and features plenty of well-designed counter space.

Features and benefits


When you unfold the GCI Cook Station, it’s easy to forget you’re using a fold-up camping station.

It boasts four fold-out shelves, all housed in a clever, one-piece design. The table stands approximately 32 inches high, among the tallest units in the market.

The GCI Slim-Fold has the heart of a backyard BBQ grill and this makes it a perfect piece of kit when cooking is a priority. Whether at the beach, in the woods, or at a tailgate party, this table offers a robust cooking station with ample shelf space and convenient features to create a functional kitchen away from home.


The X-frames, which come complete with strong locking braces, offer a stable and pleasing cooking experience.

Unlike other camping tables with a wobbly design, the Slim-Fold doesn’t sway, and users are impressed by the unparalleled design. However, we did find a small downside to the super-stable design. Some amount of flexibility is useful to allow a table to adapt more effectively to uneven ground. This isn’t the case with the Slim-Fold.


The sturdy steel frames of the Slim-Fold have additional drawbacks; notably, increased weight.

Now, while the frame’s sturdiness is welcome, many users felt the table was a bit cumbersome to move.

Its portability is not as a result of its size, but rather its weight.

However, weight aside, the Slim-Fold compacts easily, folding up as thinly as a briefcase and has a handle for easier transporting.


The powder-coated steel frames alongside the heat-resistant aluminum tabletop extend the table’s ruggedness, letting it withstand hard use and the elements.

Ease of Setup

For its width and height, it’s easy to think setting up the Slim Fold woud be tricky. We  thought so too.

But, to our surprise, the Slim-Fold is really easy to set up and breakdown.


Beyond the weight, another major concern with this cook station is the narrow cooktop. At only 21 inches wide, it can sometimes be a bit limiting when trying to accommodate the larger stoves and fuel containers.



#3 Trekology Portable Camping Side Table - Best for Backpacking


The Trekology Portable Camping Side Table, in our opinion, is simply the perfect match for backpackers and camping enthusiasts who want to save weight, price, and size.

This camping table from Trekology is one of the most ultra-light and inexpensive options on the market.

Features and benefits


The greatest appeal of Trekology is its lightweight and compact design.

Trekology has a generous space offering of 23.1 x 6.3 x 2.5 inches when assembled, ideal for use by two people. At the same time, the surface is compact enough to be easily transported, folding straight into its carry bag for enhanced portability.

However, note that Trekology is much smaller than most of the camping tables. It also sits lower to the ground, meaning if you plan to use it as a stand for your gear, you might need to bend down a bit.


An ideal option for backpackers, Trekology weighs a mere 2.6 pounds, and is by far the lightest camping table on our list.

The lightness also adds to its appeal for hikers as it is incredibly easy to stash and carry the table in a backpack.


Despite the small stature, Trekology is a strong table and will effectively hold most of your gear away from the wet ground.

It has an average weight capacity of 50 pounds – a far cry from the Coleman table – but it should be more than sufficient for normal usage.

The aluminum construction gives the table the durability and sturdiness to support the weight. The construction also allows the table to withstand most weather conditions, meaning it will hold up even when the weather turns bad.

Different sizes

As you might have noticed, the Trekology Camping Table is available in various sizes to suit various users’ different needs.

However, the low profile design remains the same, ensuring it can be used with the typical camping chair.

The largest of the tables weighs just 3.8 pounds.


Trekology has an impressive set of features, but it similarly has a share of downsides.

One of them is the low height; while the 16 inches might still be usable when dining, the table is a little short, especially for some taller individuals. If you’ve also used any other table on the list, it might take some time before you adapt to this option.



#4 Camp Chef Sherpa Table - Best Organizer Table


The Camp Chef Table is unique among camping tables. It’s an organizer’s dream, complete with color-coded storage compartments.

However, like the GCI, it comes at the expense of portability. But if having all your camp cooking needs in a single place is convenient for you, then it’s truly worth it.

Features and benefits


When fully assembled, the Sherpa forms a crate-like structure, measuring 25.5 x 16.5 x 9 inches.

Inside the table, you’ll find organizational fabric cubes in different colors. The storage compartments can further be customized to hold larger items such as camp stoves.


The sturdy aluminum frame, along with the 600 denier fabric, affords the Sherpa a head start on the stability test. Also, the crate-like design prevents swaying, even when loaded.

The table remains pretty upright, even when loaded unevenly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand very high even when the legs are fully extended. It’s both a flaw and a benefit because it indirectly adds to the overall stability.


For its size, Sherpa’s weight is impressive. It’s not the lightest, but for such a complex tool, the 13 pounds are manageable.

Additionally, the table has two padded end handles, which further help with portability, allowing up to two users to carry the table, depending on the weight stacked inside it.

While weight isn’t a concern regarding portability, the sheer size can be daunting, especially regarding storage. Once the legs are retracted, the table expands to 27 by 17.5 by 18.5 inches, which, in all fairness, is pretty large.


Sherpa is a well-built and robust storage table, but we feel there are more durable options on our list.

This is because a large portion of the table is covered with fabric, and our concern is that all the seams are single-stitched, potentially adversely affecting the long-life usability.

Ease of setup

For its size and weight, Sherpa is easy to set up. Out of the box, the table is simple to pre-assemble; it just takes a bit of time. But once all the parts are connected, the only setup required at the camp is telescoping the table’s legs into place.



#5 ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table - Dining Table


The aptly named Mountaineering Dining Table, this camping table from ALPS offers the perfect dining space for camp meals.

But is it the right camping table for you?

Features and benefits


ALPS Dining Table is available in three different sizes (regular, square, and extra-large), allowing you to choose the perfect design for your outdoor adventures.

All the table designs are worth your money, but we prefer the rectangular-shaped table, a mid-size option that can accommodate up to four campers comfortably.

We also like that this camping table lacks supports, so you’re less likely to bump or scrape your knees.


With dimensions of 28″ W x 43″ L x 28″ H, the ALPS Mountaineering table is pretty large and will provide plenty of space for various applications from dining, to playing a game of cards, to storing gear.


I love the dining table’s super simple setup. With the fold-up top, there’s no fiddling around.

You simply need to extend the legs, put on the top, and voila!

Setting the table up also doesn’t take a lot of your time, meaning you’ll be left with ample hours to gorge on a BBQ or toss the frisbee around.


With aluminum construction, the Alps Mountaineering table is both lightweight and sturdy.

Additional stability is achieved by the X-Frame legs, which prevent wobbliness from ruining your meals.


This table isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Due to the quality, build, and size, the table comes at a higher price tag.

It’s not a deal-breaker, though, considering it will last for several seasons.



Best Camping Tables Buying Guide

Best Camping Tables Buying Guide

In the text below, we share some of the tips to follow when choosing a camping table.

But before we do, let’s look at the various types of camping tables in the market.

Types of camping tables

There’re numerous types of camping tables, but finding the right option for you requires that you first understand your needs.

The three popular types of camping tables to pick from are:

  • Utility: Utility tables are a one-piece table, simple in design, and don’t have any real features for cooking. They’re mostly flat and popular with beginners and those who simply need a place to store a few things.
  • Dining: They perform exactly as they’re named-for dining. The dining table sits slightly higher, letting you comfortably get your legs underneath. The tables are also slightly longer and bigger for greater comfort when dining.
  • Cooking: Lastly, there are cooking tables, which are more intricate than the other three options. The cooking tables are versatile and can be used to house your portable grill or even your camp kitchen base. Some premium options also have advanced features such as utensil holders.

What to consider when purchasing the best camping tables

Now that we are familiar with the various types of camping tables let’s look at some of the critical features to consider in your next selection.

Construction material

The material the table is constructed from determines the overall durability and longevity of this important piece of equipment.

Aluminum is one of the popular options because it’s lightweight and can help you withstand adverse weather conditions.

Steel is a little more durable than aluminum, but slightly heavier. Sometimes, it might not come coated, leaving your table vulnerable and exposed to the elements.


Weight determines how easy it is to move your table, which is essential when camping.

The lighter the table, the more you can do with it and makes it possible to move the table with much more ease.

Generally, the standard for camping tables is around 15 pounds. However, cooking tables can be much heavier, but remember; they’re not designed to be moved around a lot.


Beyond weight, some other factors contribute to the portability of a table.

For instance, some tables have rolling wheels, which can later be locked when you need the table to be static.

Others have ergonomic handles to promote easier lifting, while still others can be folded for easier storage.

Set up mechanism

While most of the camping tables are fairly easy to set up, you might occasionally find one or two with a few problems.

The trick here is to find a unit that is easy to set up by checking on the instructions and ensuring they’re easy to follow.


Durability is debatable, but you always need to keep in mind what you plan to do with your table.

For instance, if you’re cooking on the table, you need heat-resistant features.

We also prefer seeking out a table with water-resistance because the weather might take a turn for the worse at any moment, and you don’t always have the time to fold it.

Table size and surface area

The surface area of the table is also crucial, especially for those who need a dining table.

When picking a table, check to see the recommendation and how many people it can accommodate.

Normally, standing camping tables can accommodate four average-sized people, though some larger options will accommodate a bigger crowd. However, the latter options are more expensive and might be bulky.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity refers to the amount of weight your camping table can effectively hold without compromising its integrity.

Generally, a standard camping table has a weight capacity of 30 pounds, and unless you are placing heavy items on the table, I don’t think there’s a need to go any higher.


It helps if your camping table has a few extras for convenience.

For instance, having storage compartments makes it easier for you to store some of your food away from bugs. The storage compartments can also give you additional space to work with by storing some of your luggage in the compartments.

Others come with lantern holders, which make it easy to use the camping tables at night.

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