Can You Take Camping Chairs on A Plane?

Can You Take Camping Chairs on A Plane

If you’re considering bringing your chairs for your next camping flight, I imagine you’re wondering whether you can tag along with them.

The good news is you can take any camping chair, including folding chairs, beach chairs, desk chairs, and battery chairs, on a plane. You can carry the camping chairs as carry-on or checked baggage.

Most airlines usually have no restrictions covering the size or type of camping chairs.

However, it’s always good to check with the airline to see whether your camp chair is considered acceptable luggage.

Personally, I’ve flown from Texas to different camping destinations with my camping chairs, and to be fair, I’ve never had any problems.

And in the guide below, I’ll share my experience of carrying camping chairs on a plane.

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TSA Checkpoint

TSA Checkpoint

If you’ve been checking in at the airport, you already know how TSA can be difficult to deal with.

Fortunately, your camping chair won’t subject you to radiation machines, unnecessary detention, or confiscation of property.

Camping chairs are allowed at the TSA security checkpoint without any restrictions. You can carry them as carry-on bags or checked baggage.

But this isn’t a free pass to the plane.

You must check with your airline to see whether your camping chair’s weight and size limit is compliant with their luggage rules.

Can I Carry my Camping Chair as a Carry On Bag?

Can I Carry my Camping Chair as a Carry On Bag

Yes, you can carry your camping chair as a carry-on on a plane, but it also depends on the size.

While all types and sizes of camping chairs are allowed at the security checkpoint, you need to know whether it’s the right allowable size for carry-on bags.

Now, some camping beach chairs are small enough to fit inside your carry-on bag, while others are quite large to fit inside a bag.

Generally, for a camp chair to fit the description of a carry-on bag, it should be foldable and compact enough to fit the plane’s overhead bin.

The typical dimension of overhead bins for most planes, or the standard carry, is 9″ by 14″ by 22″.

In short, a camping chair is allowed as a carry-on if it can fold down to the size of a standard carry-on bag to fit inside the plane’s cabin.

Can I Take a Camping Beach Chair as a Checked Baggage?

Can I Take a Camping Beach Chair as a Checked Baggage

Yes, you can take your camping chair as checked baggage, especially if it’s too large to fold into a sizeable dimension that can fit the plane’s cabin.

Camping chairs come in different sizes and dimensions, and if you’ve a large chair, you can’t take it as a carry-on.

Instead, most airlines will demand that you travel with the chair as a checked bag/checked baggage.

However, understand airlines have different regulations for checked bags, but you won’t face any problems.

Or example, some airlines usually demand additional fees/additional cost for the oversized chair and won’t provide a complimentary bag.

I think checking in with your beach chair is probably the best way to travel with your chair because there’s no size, weight, or limit for the chair to carry.

It’s especially true if you’re flying with a normal chair, non-folding chair, or vintage camping chair. You simply need to wrap it and place it inside a box.

But if your camping beach chairs are minimalistic and foldable, I don’t see the need to check them as a checked bag/ checked luggage.

After all, why do you pay for the extra checked luggage fees if you can stash it inside the plane’s cabin?

When Would I be Restricted from Taking a Camping Chair as Carry-On Bags?

When Would I be Restricted from Taking a Camping Chair as Carry-On Bags

Generally, if your camping beach chair dimensions are larger than the permitted size or the plane’s cabin, you might not be permitted to carry it as carry-on baggage.

I’m reiterating that you should always check with your airline to see the size of chair permitted as a carry-on.

Also, you can’t take your camping beach chairs as a carry-on when:

1)      It’s a luggage item

You can’t take your camping chair as a carry-on if it’s a luggage item. Planes can’t handle the weight restrictions of the extra cargo, or rather they’re a safety threat.

While checking in with the chairs is still possible, it’ll come at an additional fee.

2)      The chair is too big for hand luggage.

If your camping beach chair is oversized and has more than the permitted dimensions, you can’t bring it as carry-on baggage.

3)      The chair is too heavy for a hand luggage

If your camping beach chairs exceed the 7kg weight limit, you need to check them in as luggage.

This is the same case if your camping beach chair has sharp edges and can double as a weapon or harm other passengers.

4)      Airline rules

If the airline luggage policy rules don’t allow flying with camping beach chairs, you can’t travel with the chair.

Understand that the airline reserves the right to allow or deny what items passengers can bring into the flight.

5)      Personal preferences

If you’ve a large chair and still don’t know whether it’ll be accepted as a carry-on, you can choose to check it as luggage.

It’s a good way to avoid last-minute disappointments.

What if my Chair is Too Large?

What if my Chair is Too Large

If the airline staff decides you can’t take your camping beach chairs as a carry-on, you can take a couple of actions.

They may agree to check your chair for free, which is great. However, they may also charge you an extra fee for the luggage.

Usually, the fee will depend on the size of the chair, weight, and the airline’s policy. It can be between $20 to $100.

If you’re not in a hurry, the airline may also opt to carry to the chair for free but on a different flight schedule.

Understand that it may lead to delays and frustration because the airline uses to put your chair in the baggage system.

The other option is to leave your chair behind and rent one. It seems convenient but can be super expensive.

Luggage Rules for Other Camping Gear

Luggage Rules for Other Camping Gear

With your camping beach chairs situation sorted, let’s shift our attention to a couple of other camping gear and see whether they’re permissible on a plane.

Stove and Fire-starters

You can bring a stove with you, but you should ensure it’s empty and without any fuel traces. Start by cleaning it thoroughly before you bring it on board.

Fire-starters and other flammable camping gear materials aren’t allowed on board.

Tents & Tent Stakes

TSA will allow tents, but some airlines may also deny them on their plane if they’re too big to fit.

Axes, Knives, and Poles

TSA goes berserk over anything sharp, so don’t even try bringing one on your next flight.

The exceptions may include plastic knives, but you should store them in checked bags.

Sleeping Bags

Bringing a sleeping bag won’t be a problem, provided it doesn’t exceed the carry-on weight and size restrictions.

Wrap Up

wrap up 1

The best way to determine whether your camping chair will be allowed is to check with your airline.

You can visit their website or give them a call to learn their baggage limits. Once you know the camping gear limits, you can decide what size of chair and duffle bag to bring.

And if everything fails, consider mailing your camping gear. If I can’t ship my camping gear with an airplane, I usually mail it, and I love it because it’s much cheaper than checking it.

It also makes my flying a pleasure because we only bring carry ones.

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