Wakeboard Tower Speakers Buying Guide (Never Buy One Again Without Reading This!)

Wakeboard Tower Speakers Buying Guide

Music can certainly add more fun and excitement to your wakeboarding experience. However, the type of speakers you buy will determine the big difference between listening to good music from poor audio or listening to higher end speakers that produce great sound.

Regular marine speakers can be installed on your boat but this may not be enough. This is because an ordinary speaker system might not give clear audio or ample volume from your amplifiers. To add to that, typical marine speaker cannot cut through background noise while some lose steam due to a low RMS power rating. 

This is where the best wakeboard tower speakers come in. You can consider this as your sound investment (pun intended) that can make your entire wakeboarding experience a memorable one. Most wakeboard tower speakers are designed to cut through different noise caused by birds, other boats, and splashing water, among others. You don’t even have to worry about wakeboarding long distances because this speaker type can project clear audio. 

What are Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Wakeboard speakers are installed on your boats’ wake tower and they face aft so that they can project vibrant audio over long distance regardless of the typical background noises. They provide an excellent listening experience to you and even to the people towed by your boat. They are speakers that appear conical. They are sealed off in a weather resistant enclosure to protect them from all kinds of water situations.  

Choosing the right speakers can make a big difference between having a subpar audio versus outstanding music experience. Any boat activity can be more exciting with added music to spice up the fun. Investing in excellent wakeboard tower speakers for your boat is worth your money. 

What to look for in a Wakeboard Tower Speakers

What to look for in a Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Be on the lookout for excellence when buying wakeboard tower speakers for your boat. Look closely on the speaker’s appearance and the material use in designing the product. You have to get your money’s worth and enjoy the thrill it can bring to wakeboarding. 

Killer looking speakers can be impressive at first glance but you need to check if it can provide the impressive audio and high quality output projection of sound. Try to check the speaker if it has the following features:

  1. Woofer – The tower speaker woofer (or bass speaker, the one that produces low frequency sound ) can provide the responsiveness you are looking for. Take note that the woofer will have an impact on the output of your speakers. It should be made from lightweight yet durable materials to get the responsiveness that you need. 
  2. Woofer Surround – The woofer surrounding has standard performance and has long lifespan.A long lasting woofer surrounding is an ideal quality that you need to have an excellent audio performance from your wakeboard tower speaker. The best option is a rubber surround which can last longer than the ones made out of regular materials. 
  3. Sound distortion and crossover – The speaker system has crossover features that are aligned to your needs. Distortions are signals crossing through coated wiring and can create audio disturbance which can affect the sound quality of your speaker.  The more reason why you should choose an excellent quality speaker that has external crossover that can break up the frequency input and can lessen the audio distortion. 
  4. Extra Features – Some products have built in LED lights, included remote control, dome tweeter to produce high frequencies. Obviously you have to make sure they are marine rated. A marine rated sound system means the speakers are made from materials that withstand exposure to the sun and water.

A wakeboard speaker is usually made from marine grade components. They can withstand the damage caused by exposure to moisture and water at the same time produce high quality sound. Being waterproof, they can last for a long time. They come in pairs and will give your boat a surround feel as long as it is installed properly. 

These are the essential information you need about wakeboard speaker system. Don’t forget to check the power rating of the speaker to determine watts peak. Being exposed to the topmost part of your boat, they basically play backwards in the empty air in your speeding boat. You also have the option to use an adjustable mounting bracket in install the speakers sideways to spread the sound better. This can result in rapid sound dispersion. To combat this you need a speaker that have higher watts peak in order to sound their best. 

Wakeboard Tower Speakers vs. Home and Car Speakers

Wakeboard Tower Speakers vs. Home and Car Speakers

Most cars have the sound system installed to make driving less boring especially when you are alone. Having a car stereo system can enhance your cruising experience. If you also happen to be a boat owner, your watersport experience will be more satisfying while listening to your playlist blasting over your boat’s marine audio speakers. 

If you are planning to upgrade your car stereo system and thinking of using the same speaker that’s in your boat, there can be complications since they are both made differently according to their purpose. It would be safer to install a car stereo on your land vehicle, and wakeboard speakers on your boat. Their differences can be seen in the following:

1. Design and Material

Being constantly exposed to the elements of water and marine environment, marine speakers made for boats are waterproof and weather resistant. Most towers are made from heavy duty components that can withstand harsh water conditions. They are usually shaped like a cone enclosed in durable plastic to protect the speakers. Car audio speakers on the other hand, are made from simple paper cones since they are not exposed to the elements and are always indoors.

Wakeboard sound components undergo rigorous testing before being put up in the market. The speakers have rubber surround to protect its internal parts. Grilles used are made from tougher materials. Sealants are placed in the circuitry board to make it waterproof and enhance their protection from marine environment elements. Car audio speakers on the contrary, doesn’t use special waterproof sealant since they are installed in an already enclosed space and will not have issues with the elements. 

2. Durability

Wakeboard boss audio systems are equipped with aluminum voice coil because of its resistance and resilience to any weather condition. These speakers need to be anodized or have powder coating in order to prevent corrosion since aluminum is prone to oxidation. Speaker covers made from outdoor polyester fabric can add more protection.

A component car speaker set on the other hand, are made from basic materials including rubber and plastic thus they cannot withstand exposure to sudden changes in the temperature. They can also rust when exposed to humid and salty situation. This is one of the reasons why car boss audio system would not be a good music provider in your boat.  

3. Sound Projection

Car speaker systems are meant to be use in an enclosed, small area of your vehicle. They don’t have the ability to project sounds across a wider area. A wakeboard boss audio system however, is designed to disperse sound while the boat is in constant forward motion. If you are wakeboarding, you constantly move side to side without control,  the separately mounted speakers on the topmost tower can disperse the sound in a much wider area behind the speeding boat.

4. Obstacles

Since car audio speakers are installed in an enclosed place, they only come across fewer obstacles like a noisy engine which can be remedied by closing the windows to hear the music. Meanwhile, tower boss audio have more to overcome since it is located on the boat in open waters plus the wind, waves, seagulls, engine noise and sounds from other boats. In order to be heard, the speaker needs to have power handling and sound to be deemed enough to compete from the unwanted sound. 

Having quality speakers on both your car and boat can improve your mood and enjoyment. Just be sure that you use tower boss audio speakers on your boat and a quality car audio systems for your car.

Where To Buy The Best Wakeboard Speaker

Where to buy the best wakeboard speaker

If you plan to buy a speaker set with led lights, you need to gather all possible information related to the product. Checking product specifications such as frequency response or asking excellent customer service to help you choose is needed in order to know the features of exactly what speaker you need. 

You need to know if it can also meet your own specifications, given that it will be installed in your boat.  Are you going to use the speaker every wakeboarding weekend? Or just use the boat on rare occasion? If it is the former, then better splurge a bit and choose the durable, reliable audio components that can give excellent sound quality. If it’s the latter, then expensive ones is not the option (although you might want to give the expensive one a go just for the heck of getting more features and the best speakers boast audio experience). The key consideration is what you need and what your expectations are from the unit that you want to buy.

When you have searched and narrowed down your marine rated choices, consider some more options given the type of tower you have on your boat. This is where you’ll be mounting your audio speakerThe ideal mounting position can be on the topmost part of your tower or it can be on the sides depending on your preferences.

Take into consideration, however that although these speakers are encased in a protective housing and how they will hold up over time can depend on their mounting location. Some wakeboard towers have larger housing that effectively protects the woofer and tweeter from water and sun damage. 


The output capacity of the different speakers in the market today can be measured in watts. There are speakers that have 100 to 500 watts of output capacity. If you need louder output with no distortion, to blast your playlist all over the lake, then look for the high-watt speaker. High wattage speakers functions well on high decibels. If you want relaxing tunes spreading on the deck alone, then opt for regular watt speakers. 


The type of music you listen on your playlist can also determine your choice of the speaker. Consider what you will listen to most often so that you can choose the right wakeboard speaker for your boatSome high wattage speakers have powerful woofers that can deliver low bass tones. Larger tweeters that can hit high notes accurately. These can be trivial information but can make a difference on your preferences. 

Wakeboard speaker usually comes in pair of conical shaped items. Having two speakers would be okay for some people but others want maximum volume and opt for as many as they can install on their boat. Wielding out the audio power out of your speakers while your boat is running at top speed can be the determining factor for other boat owners to install not only two but several wakeboard tower speakers. 

Price Range

Inexpensive: In terms of prices, wakeboard speaker can cost around $60-$200 for the most affordable, inexpensive speaker. They are easy to install and can deliver good sound output. In terms of high decibel capacity, they are not at par with the expensive options. 

Mid-range: High quality wakeboard tower audio speaker cost between $200 and $400. They are capable of blasting your playlist to the highest level.

Expensive: This premium type of boat audio have the highest wattage and can be made from titanium materials that can prevent cutouts or distortions. They cost between $400 and $650. 

After considering your options and preferences, the next step you need to take is to buy the item. You can check online for stores that carry your preferred wakeboard speakers and go directly to that store if it is accessible to you. The advantage is that you can talk to the sales person and ask for more additional information regarding the product.

You can also choose to buy online as there are large online stores that carry almost all products needed by the consumers. It can be delivered directly to the address you will give them. You can either DIY the installation or hire experts to mount them to your boat.

Factors To Consider When Buying Wakeboard Tower Speakers From Car Speakers Stores

Factors to consider when buying wakeboard tower speakers from car speakers stores

The most important part of your boat’s audio systems is actually your speakers. So before you head on to a car audio shop to buy tower speakers, check out the following factors that you have to consider before making a purchase. 

Design and Materials

There are a lot of things that you need to determine if the mid and high frequencies speaker you want is really worth buying. You can start by checking out materials that are used in building the speaker down to its design. Remember that every speaker has its own features and the choice you make will depend on your preference.

If you’re up for loud titanium dome tweeters with good designs, then you’ll have to consider the price that you can afford. Take into consideration your boat’s design to match with the look of the speakers you’re planning to buy. Meanwhile, if you’re going for impressive audio and high quality sound projection, then speaker appearance may not be a big deal for you.

For those who are in for sound quality rather than looks, checking out the woofer and the woofer surrounding is a good thing. This is because the materials used for the woofer will determine the frequency response of the speaker itself. Generally your woofer will become more responsive if the materials used are more lightweight and sturdy. A commonly used material for the cone is polypropylene.

Woofer surrounding plays a big part in the durability of your tower speaker. We all know that your speakers are exposed to water splash, humidity and other natural factors while wakeboarding. Unfortunately all these natural factors cannot be controlled. But if you choose tower speakers that have a good woofer surrounds then you will have long lasting quality sound and high-performing speakers on your boat.

High-performing stable speakers are typically made with rubber woofer surroundings. Meanwhile, cheap speakers make use of foam and cloth surroundings which results in shorter lifespan and lowered performance. Aside from woofer and woofer surrounds, you have to check for crossovers and sound distortion which are also a part of the package. When you purchase a car speaker, external crossovers and extra speaker wire usually come with it. These work to lessen the amount of sound distortion of the speaker.


Check out if the speaker you want matches the interior of the boat you have. Remember that what fits the style of a speed boat may not go well with the style of a fishing boat.

There are a lot of different types of speakers ranging from subtle to the flashy ones depending on your preference. Marine tower speakers are usually either black or white. Customizing color options for these speakers are also available.  One thing is for sure – there will always be a tower speaker that will complement your taste. 

Mounting Hardware

The mounting brackets for every speaker varies for each type. But each one is designed to be flexible when it comes to their size. However, you have to take note that even if these are flexible, the mountings are not universal. That is why it is always a good idea to pay close attention to measurements before deciding to buy any tower speaker. Of course, no matter how good looking your speaker is or even if has the best sound quality, it will be of little or no use at all if it cannot be mounted properly or no mounting brackets can be used for it.


Traditional marine audio speakers weigh heavier than modern marine tower speakers. The traditional ones can weigh around five pounds while marine waterproof speakers are designed to be lighter. The modern ones make use of neodymium (NEO) magnet which makes it weigh around half of the usual speakers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wakeboarding is a sport enjoyed by a lot of water enthusiasts. The idea of spending a relaxing day under the sun is a cool way to relax. Having your favorite playlist booming while a party goes on in your boat can pump you up and completely make your day more entertaining. People towed behind you can also hear the music playing given you use the right speaker on your boat. 

Installing wakeboard tower speakers can boost your boat features. Picking on the best sound system for your boat can be a daunting since there are a lot of wakeboard speakers available in the market. After searching for the best and the loudest, one speaker stands up from the rest. 

What is the best wakeboard tower speaker?

Hanging out by the beach is fun especially when you get to enjoy it with your family and friends but you can take it to the next level by using your wakeboard. Wakeboarding is a fun water sport and you want to enjoy it even more with some music. It’s too risky using your usual Bluetooth speaker. Why not upgrade to speakers that are worth every dime? Here are some of the best wakeboard tower speakers that you can choose from:

1. Boss Audio Systems MRWT40 Wake Tower Speaker System

The best of the best speaker. Here’s why. Boss Audio Systems will guarantee the satisfaction of every customer. These speakers are quite pricey but worth it. It has a sophisticated but cool-guy vibe. The speaker is a dome shape that produces loud sound. You can enjoy your wakeboarding because of this speaker as it is made from a polyurethane which is a resilient, flexible and durable material that can be applied in various fields which has a longer lifespan.

The splashing of water on the speaker is never a problem since it is waterproof. The speaker can withstand different conditions and is UV resistant. It is definitely a boss for sealing the internal parts to avoid damage and will look good as new. It has dome speakers that amplifies and produces beautiful sound, comes in handy and waterproof that can be installed easily.

2. Pyle Dual Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

If you’re looking for cheaper yet water resistant speakers this will definitely suit your taste. These wakeboard tower speakers are created with the best materials to suit your marine adventure. It is designed to prevent rust from producing as it has water resistant materials and resin treatment.

Despite the small size it is potent. The sound booms and it’s crisp and clear because it is molded in a ABS plastic basket. It is durable, easy to use, and completely water resistant. It also has built-in led lights with adjustable mountain brackets for easy installation. The audio sound is huge and perfect but just be careful as this can overheat.

Marine WakeBoarding Speakers3. Rockville RWB65B Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers

This system will definitely rock your wakeboarding as Rockville speakers has an impressive sound function. It is water resistant for both fresh and saltwater. The durability of it is due to its steel reinforcement which is sealed tight. The flexibility and adjustability of the mountain bracket is one of its key features. It has a clear and crisp loud sound which everyone will enjoy during your wakeboarding experience. The speakers mounted with ease and have great sound at an affordable price.

4. Lanzar Four-way Marine Wakeboard Tower Speaker

There’s just something about this speaker that you just can’t resist. It has it all for you. It is made with marine grade materials which make the speakers waterproof and water resistant. It works well in different weather. The speaker has gold-plated plug terminals that have corrosion-free speakers and free from distortion that will provide you with the best music experience during your wakeboarding adventure. You get this great equipment with awesome speakers sound at an affordable price. Just be cautious because it can strain when frequency response is pushed to the limit.

5. Pyle IP44 Rated Waterproof Marine Wakeboard Speaker

Pyle speakers are great choices for those who want good sound at an affordable price. The price value guarantees you with quality sound, material and sleek design fit for your wakeboarding experience. It has color unique features but it is not the only cool thing about it. The mounting hardware comes with one mount that is good to save space. It also has LED lighting, can rotate 360 degrees with steel reinforcement.

When choosing the best wakeboard tower speakers, we consider a lot of things like the budget, sound, build quality and durability. Regardless of the choices a full wakeboarding-with-music experience will always be the best. Choose one that meets all your criteria.

What are the loudest wake tower speakers?

A lot of wakeboard tower speakers in the market today claim to have 400w of power levels when in fact they have a lot less than the exaggerated power number. Rockville 250 watt Marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers are twin speakers that comes booming with sounds rated by the RMS themselves. RMS watt or the Root Mean Square refers to the continuous handling of the speaker power of its output.

If you are looking for a high performance entertainment system to rock your boat, then choose the Rockville 250 watt marine Wakeboard Tower Speakers. They come with a 250 watt power level on each speaker, totaling a substantial 500W, combined maximum hz to 20 khz power level on both speakers. They come with a mounting bracket with reinforced steel. The waterproof brackets are made from durable plastic that are as strong as they come in any water condition. They have additional nylon reinforcement and are completely adjustable. 

Having marine grade components and materials is a great advantage especially since you expose the speakers to the water most of the time. Salt water and moisture will be a problem. The terminals are made of stainless steel and are rustproof. Note that terminals are usually the first to get damaged when exposed to the water. Additional waterproof coating is added so that it completely protects the speakers. 

Additional Coating on Marine SpeakersThese waterproof speakers come with mounting screws that are 1/4” longer than other versions to accommodate thicker mounting bars in some boats. These marine grade speakers are meant to be used for a long time. They can provide a great audio experience in any given water condition. Here are some of the stand out features of Rockville 250 watt Marine Wakeboard Speaker:

  1. 6.5 two-way High Fidelity Speaker System
  2. Built on a two-way crossover network
  3. Features a Polypropylene Mica Injected cone with Santoprene surround 
  4. Has an oversized 1.25”Kapton Voice coil
  5. Power Rating: 250 watts per speaker and have a peak power handling of 500 watts
  6. Contains Y30 high density magnets 
  7. Speakers are specially tuned for PA voice over
  8. Adjustable nylon mounting brackets with reinforced embedded steel.
  9. Water and rust resistant
  10. Fully maximized to counter fresh or salty water conditions.
  11. Rubber gaskets are used to seal in the terminals for added protection
  12. Includes large mounting screws to accommodate large roll bars in boats, and off-road vehicles like Jeep Wrangler and ATVs. These can be a really good car speakers for your boat and land vehicle. 

Do you need an amp for wakeboard tower speakers?

Music can exponentially increase the excitement of wakeboarding and boat parties. Having the right equipment installed on your sports boat can give outstanding audio output. Any speakers can do the job of playing music but if you have weigh your options and have chosen the best wakeboard tower speaker, then expect more clarity and volume to your musical experience. 

The best wakeboard tower speaker can project long range audio signals and capable of cutting through background noise. Most of the time, tower speakers play music out on empty air while the boat is speeding. On their own, they cannot play loud enough to be heard by the wakeboarder behind the boat. So yes, you have to amplify the sound in order to get the volume that you need clearly and without distortion. Without an amplifier, the rapid sound dispersion can garble the quality of sound coming out of your speaker.  

Amplifiers are devices that can turn low voltage signals from source device into a signal with enough gain to power a pair of speakers. Amps are powerful enough to do the “hard lifting” of turning gains to signals. You need amplifiers when your source doesn’t have maximum output. Its job is to increase the power output of your source, to the level that you want. The source device can be a laptop, smartphone or other devices. 

Using an amplifier, an wakeboard tower speaker can be amplified between 75% and 150%. These increased powers can be enough to make the best wakeboard tower speakers play louder and sound better. We live in an age where wakeboarding have taken over surfing. The thrill of gliding on the water and with your favorite tunes blasting out of the wakeboard tower speaker from your boat can, double the excitement that this water sport can bring.

Adding Speakers to Wakeboard towersHow do I add speakers to my  Wakeboard Tower?

Installing the best Wakeboard tower speakers, woofer or titanium dome tweeter in your boat can make a difference in your day on the waterThese devices are mounted in a sealed, conical weather-proof enclosures to protect them from the elements. Any activity with added music makes fun grow exponentially and can makes your boat boarders and skiers bounce to the rhythm on your playlist. 

When you have chosen the tower speakers for your boat, the things you need to take into consideration before installing them are: power, mounting and wiring.

Here are some of the basic ways to install your tower speakers:

  1. Feed them with enough power. Being out in the open water would mean lots of watts to power your sound. The speakers are mounted up high can disperse sound rapidly into the empty air behind the speeding boat. With more power, the louder they can play and the better they sound.
  2. The mounting spot of your speaker should be high enough for you not to knock your head when you are standing. Space the speakers apart to get the stereo separation sound quality. 

Mount the speaker to your boat tower using a set of rust-resistant clamps. Secure them with the bolts. The vertical angle can be adjusted to the direction you want and the clamps can make the speakers swivel to obtain the best possible sound dispersion.

  1. New towers usually come pre wired for speakers and all you need to do is connect the wires to your speaker. In case your tower is not wired for sounds, look for the channel in the crossbars where you can lodge the wires of your speaker. 

Towers are required to have safety lights installed. To help pull the speaker wire to the tower leg, you can use the existing light wire. Just make sure to lubricate the wire so that it can slide through easily in the channel. 

Another method in installing speaker wiring is to thread the speaker wires from the hole in the crossbar through the legs and into the boat. You’ll have to negotiate the bends and turns in the tower. You can use a roll of fish tape to thread the wire or use a wire coat hanger that is long enough. The pliable hanger can be of use to negotiate through the tower bend easily. 

Splicing your wires after that have they have run through the tower going to your speaker wire, you need to use a solder and heat shrink tubing. To avoid corrosion you need to solder your connections and seal them with heat shrink tubing and heat gun. Any remaining slack should be pushed into the crossbar before you secure your clamps. It there are cases of exposed wires, you need to cover them with loom. They will look more appealing but have added protection. 

Adding the best wakeboard tower speakers can bring a lot of fun to your boating and wakeboarding experience, not to mention the fact that it can totally add fantastic features to your boat. 

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